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Go Large

When I trained last month in Osaka Shudokan, Hayashi Kozo sensei introduced us to a method of practising kiri-kaeshi slowly with suriashi footwork. He explained that the objective of the exercise to learn to use our shoulders in a relaxed way whilst concentrating on correct tenouchi and hasuji. 379 more words


Lows, highs and more suburi

I seem to have dragged myself out of my slump. I’ve been very low of late, and not simply in relation to Kendo; I’ve had very little enthusiasm for anything other than sitting about with the missus. 427 more words


Reconstructing my Kendo.

I’ve been told of instances where people have started at the bottom again, and rebuilt their Kendo from the ground up. It’s what I think I need to do. 695 more words


Sweat the small stuff

Many years ago I visited a new dojo in a fairly remote part of the UK and watched the only two members run through a two hour kihon geiko session, practicing almost every technique in the kendo repertoire. 392 more words

Chiba Sensei

Fight on!

Entrenamiento casero:
Tiempo: 10 días
Meta:1000 suburis, 1000 mano izquierda

50 corte men- uchi adelante
50 corte men- uchi adelante- atrás
50 corte a sayu- men adelante… 44 more words


Getting lost in the moment

We are away on holiday at the moment and for some reason the TV in our room seems to default to NHK. We watched a programme about Japanese pottery and how both professional and amateur potters lose themselves in the process of its creation. 380 more words

Chiba Sensei

I've been neglectful of this blog

Therefore, I’m a very naughty boy.

After getting over my cold I never managed to get back into the kettlebells – just can’t seem to find the enthusiasm for them at all. 306 more words