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Getting Only Changed Files from Subversion (SVN)

Ever been frustrated trying to get only the changed files from Subversion (SVN) so you can copy/deploy those files and not the entire branch to another environment? 51 more words



Written by: Kasfia Nahreen Arittri


Eyes wide open, emotions jumbled up
Afraid to fall
Colors washed up, everything
Black and White,
I try to see, but my vision is blurred. 138 more words



If you are reading this, then you need to understand that Obama is the first open dictator of the United States.  This is not hyperbole.  It is not opinion.  496 more words

Logic And Reason

Leggings are a Privilege Not a Right

More often than I would ever like to admit I have been guilty of outfit and food shaming other women. When walking by a curvy woman wearing leggings I would whisper to the person next to me “Ugh, leggings are a privilege, not a right.” Meanwhile I was wearing leggings as well. 615 more words


Week Two - busy busy busy - research and life drawing

The second week of my MA has been fun, but busy.   I have a pile of books to read and loads buzzing in my head, which has meant a couple of sleepless nights – not in a bad way, but just to buzzy to sleep, or waking up early keen to start the day! 505 more words


Vol #1, Col #11: ‘In Jest’ You Say?

Ethel Barrymore, of the “royally-”deemed acting clan, once said, “you grow up the day you have your first real laugh…at yourself.” While Ethel was no psychologist, her words contain undeniable wisdom about human nature and the road to maturity: 974 more words

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