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After massive Corbyn victory Labour should now back Brexit 

Corbyn’s massive victory over Remain fanatic Owen Smith should signal a switch in Labour Party policy to openly back Brexit.

There is little point in Corbyn maintaining this ridiculous facade that he supports Remain, when in fact his entire career was spent campaigning against the EU. 558 more words

Article 50

Migrating from subversion to mercurial

Note: The below was in draft for quite some time. We actually moved to git so I didn’t follow this to it’s ultimate conclusion. I effectively aborted this after the conversion to hg consumed the 220GB of available disk space before it manage to completely convert the entire svn repo. 1,686 more words


Understanding Subversion: Considerations for our special operations forces

By J Michael Waller, September 14, 2016 (h/t Patrick Poole)

Paper & lecture delivered by J. Michael Waller at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center, Fort Bragg, NC, September 12, 2016. 2,804 more words

Counter Jihad Report

Greenies Make No Sense

God created man, and gave him dominion over the earth, and the animals, and the creeping things of the earth, and all the plants that inhabit the earth. 29 more words


How to implement socialism in Brazil? Strategy and tactics from workers’ party and its communist allies

The information that we will read in the following lines is a summary of the conspiratorial actions that have been performed in Brazil since 1980s. These actions grew up dramatically of intensity when workers’ party supported by communists, socialists, leftists, unionists, populists, corrupt politicians, and Gramsci’s followers arrived to the power in 2003. 785 more words


Cleaning up unversioned files in Subversion

svn status | grep ^\? | cut -c9- | xargs -d \\n rm -r

’nuff said.


Iago's Subversion of Venetian Aristocracy

What makes Iago’s methods as effective as they are has more to do with the social structures Iago applies them to, than Iago himself. This social structure is primarily the aristocratic Venetian society. 898 more words