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A successful Git branching model

In this post I present the development model that I’ve introduced for all of my
projects (both at work and private) about a year ago, and which has turned out… 2,414 more words


Rene Guenon on the End

Whether the world will go with a bang or with a whimper is the great question of modernity. T.S. Eliot’s famous line on “broken jaw of our lost kingdoms… 1,076 more words


A meteor in the dark night sky


I have been trying to establish the connection

between the light that blinds me and the meteor that fell yesterday,

the one gazing back at me is a unique creature… 218 more words


Teaching to Subvert

Perhaps it’s because I finished reading bell hooks’s Teaching to Transgress last week or maybe it’s just because I started teaching Contemporary Literature this past week, but I’ve been thinking about teaching as subversive this week.  695 more words

Apache 2.2.11/Subversion memory leak

We are running a small-medium site with about 150 svn projects in a old server windows 2003/apache 2.2/svn 1.6.6. Some users reported us that the SVN server goes down.  265 more words


November 23rd 2014 Story: "Reluctant I," NC-17, Read Warnings

Reluctant I
Pairing: None
Rating: NC-17 for implied violence/torture/subversion
Word count: Approx. 700
Notes/Warnings: TRIGGERS, mentions of torture, dismemberment, insanity, and death.
Summary: Written for the prompt(s): Write a first-person story in which you use the first person pronoun (I or me or my) only two times—but keep the I somehow important to the narrative you’re constructing. 776 more words

Unversion svn to unlink working copy from repository

Here is how to remove versioned working copy from subversion repository, so you can get clean copy from your svn (no pristine folder, no hidden .svn, no garbage files,etc) 66 more words