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When people enslave they are forced to become liars - especially after the slaves are freed.

The situation of slavery forces people to work beyond human endurance while subsisting on resources inadequate to support life. Those who survive can work harder than anyone else, sustain worse conditions, and become innovative at solving problems with inadequate or unsuitable resources, and work smart. 442 more words

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By now you will have figured out what all the surveillance is about. It is not necessary to surveill every citizen in order to prevent crime or terrorism. 142 more words

Enrique Enriquez and I discuss the Orbifold, Part 4: Sabotage and Subversion

Continuing from structure and randomness

E.E: The first metaphor in tarot happens when we shuffle the tarot. There is a carnivalesque stance in this debasement of hierarchies. 1,208 more words

Orbifold Tarot

China’s NGO Law: Countering Western Soft Power and Subversion

China has recently taken an important step in more tightly regulating foreign non-governmental organizations (NGOs) inside the country. Despite condemnation from so called human rights groups in the West, China’s move should be understood as a critical decision to assert sovereignty over its own political space. 2,341 more words


Terror Engineering

From Benghazi to Turkey, the ISIS “supply lines” are directly from NATO-controlled territory, and apparently it never occurs to the minds of Western media to ask where, in fact, the so-called Islamic State obtains their arms. 1,357 more words


The Friend of Your Enemy Is...

As the afternoon phased into early evening, a group of Jews gathered around the Messiah. An expert of the law, a religious fanatic, stood up and asked Jesus a familiar question, “What must I do in order to enter the Kingdom of God?” Jesus gently smiled and replied, “Well, what do you think?” 784 more words