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Managed Dialectics and the Liberal Imperium

By: Jay Dyer

The hyped and engineered “race war” the existing establishment in the United States desires is a long-term strategy of tension with numerous historical precedents. 638 more words


Guénon: about the Materialistic Man, the subversion of the Traditional order and the destructive Western diffusion

“Wanting to bring everything to the measure of men, taken as an end in itself, we are ended up with the fall, step by step, until the level of what there is of most inferior, and with only seek the satisfaction of the needs inherent to the material side of human nature; research, tough, really illusory, as it creates more and more artificial needs, that can’t satisfy…on the other hand, more needs has a man, more lickely he is to lack something and then of being unhappy. 576 more words

Modern World

Trump Is Telling World Cruz Is Correct To Distrust Him, But Trump Supporters Refuse To See Anymore Than Obama's Or Hillary's

My last post explained how logic dictates that those Trump supporters who booed Cruz for urging people to vote for those who will uphold the Constitution actually demonstrated they do not care about principles, the rule of law or the Constitution.  468 more words

Logic & Reason

ISISrael's Terror & Subversion in Bangladesh

Source: Makow, by Salman An-Noor Hossain

The Masonic Jewish banksters are instigating terror attacks in Asia to prove that the world is under attack by radical Islam and not by Cabalist Judaism. 1,075 more words

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies

LESSONS IN LOGIC: How To Spot The Insanity Sweeping The Western World

The attack in Nice, France was an act of Jihad by a devout Muslim — period!  Anyone who disagrees is either ignorant, part of the greater Jihad or a victim of the insanity which has gripped the Western world for nearly a century, if not more.  1,845 more words

Logic & Reason

Writing Crime

Driving home from a research mission yesterday I heard Peter Robinson discuss his new novel, When the Music’s Over with Samira Ahmed on Radio 4’s… 456 more words



“OMG” is how they mock me.

Stupid kid, with no degree.

“Kids these days”, sprayed so loosely,

same rhyme, but more biting tone.

“Worst generation yet” they say, 389 more words