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The March of Folly – 12. Kabir Hashim’s selfish sense of dignity

I must confess to a sense of déjà vu in reading about the disappointment Kabir Hashim has expressed about the recent changes in Ministries. Two articles on the subject present very different perspectives, which together suggest that he is being the classic spoilt child, upset about his own powers and dignity – since he ‘cannot suffer the ‘indignity’ of an emaciated Ministry’. 1,778 more words


Google Denies Science With "Gender Neutral" Policies

James Damore, now a former Google employee, caused outrage within Google Inc when he circulated a manifesto on Friday, 4th August complaining about this Tech monolith’s “ideological echo chamber,” while also asserting women have lower tolerance for stress, and that ‘conservatives’ are indeed more conscientious. 597 more words


Subverting the Patriarchy Before it Was Cool

Subvert – to undermine the power and authority of (an established system or institution).

The idea of subversion is on the rise in many popular culture sources today. 2,026 more words

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McMaster CALLED OUT: He 'opposes everything the president wants to do'

(National SentinelWest Wing: President Donald J. Trump may soon have to make yet another personnel change to his inner circle, and his second change at national security adviser. 480 more words

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Tehran's selective terrorism

Iran is an active partner in the fight against ISIS, and as a result boasts that it is a “champion against terrorism”. But, observing its record on the sponsoring of terrorism reveals that they do not have a problem with terrorists, they have a problem with terrorists who are not on their side. 312 more words


Deflection and Subversion: The Logic of Trump's Presidency

In the world of politics, events have been considered an evil. There should be a modification to this statement: events one does not control are an evil. 688 more words

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Subversion to Github - move your code

A Step By Step Guide to Moving Your Source Code

The goal is to move source code from Subversion to Github retaining the history, release tags ,and  authors and removing any passwords… 536 more words