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#Russia can't Google

The GRU have 130 spy satellites. They have 350,000 specialists (which is ten times that of the FBI). They have 25,000 Spetsnaz troops. They… 457 more words

Not Russia

Seeing Much And Understanding Little

We live in an interesting age.  Daily, it seems, the news brings details of a society in which satire no longer has a place, because reality is far sillier and stranger than anything that the mind of even the cleverest satirist could conjure into being on paper.  1,078 more words

Why The Internet Is Fun And Informative

Hypocritical Subversive Politicians

Without mentioning names , Kenyan politicians hellbent on remaining relevant after losing elective posts cry foul when the State responds appropriately to their overt subversive activities as they infringe on the freedoms of other citizens seeking to go about their business . 124 more words


Mueller & KGB Subversion

Two recent events highlight the importance of G2.0.’s motivation. The first is the recent analysis suggesting that it’s likely G2.0’s documents were altered in timezone… 746 more words


Internet wars: U.S. plans to overthrow the Cuban Revolution with new technologies - Via Cuba Solidarity

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In this modern era of cell phones, the internet, and social networks, it is easy to forget that the U.S. has been using communications technologies to attack Cuba ever since the age of shortwave radios and the emergence of television. 968 more words

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Above from When I Grow Up And Other Mantras.

In 1971 Doug Henning received an invitation from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation to perform Christmas shows for troops stationed “400 miles from the North Pole.” 338 more words

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