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Quick Tip: Subversion Change Logs For Files

Yesterday I needed to determine who last edited portions of a file with subversion, and came across a couple great suggestions on stack overflow which I’d like to share here. 84 more words



This is a very long article, but well researched and documented.


It does mention the training of certain American radical subversive Communist groups, but does not mention the subversive American “Vinceremos” brigades (Google. 143 more words


Exporting the Revolution is simply Shiite Colonialism

Tehran is rightly deemed the “King of the Meddle East” for its continuous efforts to meddle in the affairs of its neighbors. It has done so in… 835 more words


The Sewing Circle

The Sewing Circle
by Leslie Noyes

Friends of a feather
Gathered closely together
Nimble fingers poised

A work in progress
Stitches in red, white, and blue… 20 more words


Subversion Revert with Externals

Disclaimer: I know Git rocks, but people still use Subversion :) !

Let’s say you have a Subversion checkout containing externals. Now you’ve made changes in many places within the folder structure and you want to get back to the original clean state. 148 more words


Wreck What Came Before You

I will always be attracted to wierdos, outsiders and outliers. As a cinephile, my heroes are subversive artists that challenged academia, the industry and the aesthetics of their time. 123 more words

Hussein Soetoro Refuses to Fade into Background; Will Stay around to Criticize Trump

The ego of Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Soebarkah is of such magnitude that this man cannot stand the idea of leaving the White House to drift off into obscurity after living the lifestyle of a “rock star.”  Most presidents, who complete their time in office, typically return to their home to pursue other endeavors respectfully refraining from criticizing their successor or trying to influence the new leader.  832 more words