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Toad for Oracle - Integrations with TFS, GitHub & Subversion

With the upcoming 12.9 release, Toad is taking a confident step toward greater leadership in the DevOps space.  A significant portion of this effort rests on the power of the available integration between Toad and popular version control/configuration management providers.  58 more words


Poison Comes in a Bottle


The following is an extract from “The Consumption Cleanse” chapter on Soda and Bottled Drinks.


“Have a Coke and smile.” — 1976 Coca Cola marketing slogan… 2,678 more words


Git for Subversion users

First of all: GIT is NOT Subversion. The commands are NOT the same and the behaviour of the same commands are different. A “commit” has NOT the same meaning in the two software. 820 more words


Programming Chaos: The Arab Spring

Thanks to an advantageous geographical position set between the world’s two major oceans, Americans have been in large measure immune to the consequences of war, upheaval and terror in the Eurasian Great Game. 1,303 more words


How to configure svn of Redmine using Basic Authentication?

Basic Authentication option of configuring Subversion in Bitnami Redmine for Repositories access control.

1. In Bitnami Redmine Stack, click the Manage Servers tab and choose Apache Web Server then click Configure button to continue. 87 more words

Windows Server

Tianocore transitioned to Github

Jordan Justen of Intel announced the transition of the Tianocore EDK2 project from Sourceforge to Github. Transition began Friday February 2nd and is apparently now complete. 80 more words

Islam: Assimilation or Conquest? Britain's lessons

Do followers of Islam who come to America wish to become Americans?  To assimilate is to “become” American.  One can immigrate, not assimilate, and therefore remain “alien.”  Americans are individuals who agree with, believe in, support, and wish to further the foundational principles of our nation.   945 more words