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Jessica Jones - AKA You're a Winner! (Review)

AKA You’re a Winner! is certainly a much better standalone episode than AKA 99 Friends.

Of course, the episode is tied more tightly into the arc of the season around. 4,420 more words


(subversive?) self care

Its really difficult to talk about self care generally because everyone needs something different, but I also think sharing self care experiences is a useful thing to do. 465 more words


She’d watched him all night dance with his companions and indulge himself in idle conversations with irrelevant ladies. Salome had done nothing but wait for the opportunity to approach John. 1,433 more words


Glamorizing Catastrophe

“We never tried to wake our children up on weekends: the more they sleep, the less they eat.”


Recently, the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet got flooded with personal photographs from the 1990s.

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Grassroots Activist Tells Court: I Committed No Crime Trying to Subvert the Communist Regime

By Wang Mo, published: November 22, 2015

On October 3, 2014, Chinese activists Xie Wenfei (谢文飞, a.k.a. Xie Fengxia 谢丰夏), and Wang Mo (王默, real name Zhang Shengyu 张圣雨) held banners in the streets of Guangzhou, expressing support for the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong. 1,635 more words

Rule Of Law

The FALSE Alternative Media/Resistance: "Bomb Mecca Off the Face of the Earth"

The subverting zionists that advertise themselves as defenders of the people often show who they really are when they take off their masks.

WND is such a house of cards where zionists preach their filth to the gullible truthers who foolishly perceive it as outstanding patriotism. 258 more words