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The Shot Heard Around the World

As we remember April 19th and the Shot Heard Around the World concerning the Battles at Lexington and Concord; it is imperative to consider the Message from my friend and Harvard classmate Samuel Langdon. 5,949 more words

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Iran is King of the Meddle East

Tehran’s stance on Yemen is cynical to the point of schizophrenia. On the one hand, it is obvious to all that it is meddling in Yemenite politics by supporting the Shiite Houthi rebels to exchange the current Saudi-supported Yemeni government with one that is more sympathetic to Iran and to the Islamic revolution. 721 more words


SVN - Merge trunk revisions into branch

While working on one of our projects which uses SVN for version control, I had to merge in some changes from trunk to the branch. I did this as explained below: 103 more words


The Subversion (SVN) - SCM tool

SVN is one of the original and probably the best know Source Control Management product. SCM’s manage file versioning for all sized projects.┬áIt is available to install on most operating systems. 461 more words

Finding the Mime-Type of a File in Subversion

I’m not a fan of Subversion but it exists in my life nonetheless. To that end, sometimes you may need to write tools against it. Sometimes these tools may need to differentiate between binary and text entries. 147 more words


How to ignore files and directories in SVN

It is easy to ignore files and directories in Git or Mercurial. Ignore files can be maintained at both the user and repository levels. Git or Mercurial automatically ignore the files and directories that match the… 184 more words

End-Times Buffoonery

Politics and religion all too often assume odd and distorted forms in America. The United States has long been the home of a wide assortment of bizarre and eccentric sects and cults, most being harmless, or at least lacking the ability to do any serious harm outside of their immediate proximity without large-scale followings nor serious political access. 2,080 more words