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TortoiseSVN Externals

I know that I’m going to forget this within the next couple of weeks, but it’s worth remembering. When adding dependencies to your SVN projects, use externals. 141 more words


Liberal-Democracy as Illiberalism -- the Subversion of Liberty

The Specter of Soft Totalitarianism

By Daniel J. Mahoney

Alexis de Tocqueville ends his classic work Democracy in America (published in two volumes in 1835 and 1840) with an evocative description of a new “species of oppression” that he believed would menace the democracies of the future. 1,370 more words


Sam Adam Reply to Modern Thespians

Sam Adam Reply to Modern Thespians

The moral ineptness of those who claim to be proponents of art are fallacious in the attempts to impact cultural conversion. 1,451 more words

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Subversion Windows Deduplication Bug

Windows Server 2012 introduced a valuable Data Deduplication feature to reduce physical storage needs on storage volumes where muliple copies of identical data reside. Unfortunately, the way this feature is implemented is visible to client programs in the form of “reparse points”. 518 more words

System Administration

Using TV to subvert North Korea?

Two interesting pieces that argue that music and media that is smuggled into North Korea on a regular basis now could in fact be the key to… 34 more words

A Subversive Helping Hand

A Subversive Helping Hand

Want to really be subversive and kick back hard against the sickening world of corporate greed and inequality? Want to deviously challenge the consumer led individualistic society big business has spent untold billions trying to mould and shape through advertising ? 463 more words