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Manifest Disney

As we mark another Independence Day in America, it’s worth reflecting on the meaning of our country’s much-trumpeted exceptional status. Our land is indeed beautiful and blessed in many ways, home to millions of kind and generous souls. 612 more words


Too Dark

Sean Lahiff

2015 Revelation Perth International Film Festival Short Film

Team Charm loves subversion in all forms so it’s no surprise we enjoyed Lahiff’s pisstake of ‘pursued victim’ horror tropes, but the best thing about this film had to be the dialogue. 97 more words


PRINCIPLES OF NATURAL LAW: The Social Contract (Constitution) Has Been Irreparably Violated

Last week, the men and women who sit in the building that once housed the Supreme Court of the United States completed the Second American Revolution.  1,205 more words

Natural Law

how to exclude files from svn exactly like we do with .gitignore

cd to your directiry where svn is checked out

create a file .svnignore

add there the things you want to ignore for example:


… 43 more words
Tips And Tricks

Yum (RPM) equivalent for APT (Debian)

In RPM based Linux (RH,CentOS,Fedora) we can use YUM for all our package related activities.

But in Debian we use APT-GET for the same, unfortunately we cannot use apt-get for all, for ex. 125 more words


LESSONS IN LOGIC: Slavery Was A 'Civil' Right

I keep hearing people proudly proclaiming that gay marriage is now a civil right.  It reminds me of a line in the movie, “Princes Bride:” 307 more words

Logic & Reason

Blind Squirrel (Rush) Finds Nut -- Then Walks Away And Leaves It

To my Republican friends: did you notice Rush finally came right out and said I have been right for years: we only have one Party pretending to be two?  499 more words