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Subway station with a sense of humour

Now where do you think you’re going? – taken 07/March/2015

I have a love/hate relationship with the subway here. On one hand, I am so very grateful that there is an extensive 24-hour subway network that pretty much gets you anywhere in NYC. 159 more words

New Yorker

Being Overweight In Public Is Not The Same As Manspreading

The other day a friend of a friend posted a photo of an overweight woman on Instagram. She was on the subway, wearing a red-and-black checkered coat and holding her purse on her lap. 532 more words


Solidarity with New York Teachers

From one city of Pittsburgh school teacher to the teachers of New York-

I met Megan as we were getting on the subway shuttle today.  She teaches Middle School Special Ed. 155 more words

New York City

Never Gonna Grow Up

Yesterday my roommate, Michelle, and I were taking the subway back to our apartment. Due to lack of seating, we plopped ourselves down in two separate rows, diagonal from one another. 809 more words


Are New Yorkers A Bunch Of Rude Idiots Who Need Schooling?

I have a super long commute. Sometimes, when the Long Island Rail Road and New York subway systems are off kilter, my round trip takes upwards of 5 hours. 613 more words



Dear Daykeeper,

Thou art my sun.
Thou hold the beginning,
of where life has begun.

Winter in NYC

I apologize for the lack of posts, I’ve been so busy with school! I’m graduating college this May so you can all imagine how busy & stressed & generally overwhelmed I am. 420 more words