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“Ich hab selber mal in Dortmund in der Jugdend-Mannschaft gespielt. Aber dann hab ich mich verletzt und war fast ein Jahr weg aus dem Team. Damit war meine Möglichkeit schon weg, ein Profi zu werden.” 34 more words


Keep Our Heads Up

On this ominous day I try to remember that there will always be a light. A light from the street in the subway; over our heads from a lamppost as we walk through the night; a neon sign under the pizza place; the hand to hold ours in moments of grief; a stranger to hold the door when you’re late; a partner to pick you up when you fall (in my case, literally!). 136 more words

10 More Things We Hate About the TTC

Random facts and lies about Toronto’s much maligned transit system from the experts who brought you 10 Things We Hate About the TTC.
10. TTC publicly discourages you from yelling out “It’s TTC time!” every time you enter a bus, streetcar or subway car. 276 more words
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