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Episode 86 - One Straightforward Strategy To Transform Yourself & Your Country

It’s so ridiculously simple that you’d realize you already know it.

The difference? You are probably not applying it because it’s so simple that you think it’s easy. 1,109 more words


Episode 85 - What If We Were All Pets?

One of the most challenging concepts to implement is the idea that we don’t have to do anything, we just have to be.

I have a hard time explaining it because it doesn’t make any sense. 693 more words


Episode 84 - One Interesting Exercise To Neutralize Stress

Just wanted to share an experience I’m going through right now that is different from what I have heard before and it may be of benefit to you. 626 more words

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Episode 83 - The Real Meaning Behind Challenges & Failure

It’s counter intuitive and also it’s part of the way the universe works.

Every guru mentions it, we all seem to accept it as a fancy quote but very few actually internalize it and believe it. 755 more words

Success 2 Significance

Episode 82 - When There's a Void, Negativity Fills It

Jon Gordon takes the credit for the title of this episode. Napoleon Hill is the source of inspiration for its content.

“POVERTY is attracted to the one whose mind is favorable to it…” 623 more words

Success 2 Significance

Episode 81 - Your Success Rides On This One Thing

It’s not how can I do it but how much do I want it.

I’m coming to realize that it all comes down to willpower. The power of the will fueled by the intensity of our desire. 788 more words


Episode 80 - If You Don't Have This, You Already Failed

The more I understand the principles of personal growth, the easier it is to accept we are meant to be tested.

There’s a little truth to the phrase “if it were easy, everyone would do it.” 627 more words

Success 2 Significance