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Episode 119 - What Would You Change First: Your Circumstances or Yourself?

I continue to share the different activities included in this team assessment tool I use with clients when they are looking for a fun way to deal with their challenges. 597 more words


Episode 118 - True or False: What You Want Creates Your Results

I continue to share from this amazing assessment tool.

Today, it’s a debate activity.

Whether you agree or disagree with the statement is up to you. 700 more words


Episode 117 - One Kind of Feedback Worth Asking For

Today, I present to you one of the tools I use to assess teams and develop action plans to improve performance.

It uses entertainment as a way to discuss subject that otherwise wouldn’t be openly brought up in conversation. 546 more words


Episode 116 - You Wan't To Help? Stop Telling Others What To Do

I have been sicked for a few days and didn’t feel like coming up with an idea so I decided to read some quotes and see which one inspired me most. 515 more words

Success 2 Significance

Episode 115 - This Simple Decision Making Technique Can Save You Hundreds of Dollars

This is one of the exercises I use with my clients. It’s used all over the place but the rarely use it as a tool to design the life we want. 749 more words

Success 2 Significance

Episode 114 - Myth? Where You Are Is Where You Are Supposed To Be

I was in a coaching session a couple days ago and I said something that I never really considered before.

It relates to this classic positivism advice that “we are always at the right place and where and when we are supposed to be.” 702 more words


Episode 113 - You Don't Need Everyone To Support Your Dreams

In 2013, when I started pursuing to passion of becoming a leadership trainer, I started a blog with the expectation that everyone had to like what I wrote. 765 more words

Success 2 Significance