Episode 111 - Looking For Peace of Mind? Try This

If you are in my Balance Success & Passion Facebook group, you probably saw me do this in a FB Live session.

It helped me tremendously is finding a calm assertive state of mind and I want to share it with you. 954 more words

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JOOC - Ep 110 - The Wheels of The Bus Go Round and Round...

If haven’t listened to yesterday’s episode, please take a moment to listen to the story I shared. It serves as the foundation for today’s thoughts. 783 more words


Episode 109 - It All Comes Back To You

We seem to spend a lot of time thinking the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. What if the color of the grass was all a mirage created by our own view of the world? 755 more words

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Episode 108 - If You Don't Do This, You Are Missing Out

We spend too much time thinking about the future and planning days.

It seems the only reason why we look at the past is to remember the good old days, criticize our mistakes, or regret missed opportunities. 606 more words


Episode 107 - Work & Life Balance 103

In the prior 2 videos, I talked about identifying the causes of the problem, and a 4-step method to determine what to do to regain control of life. 744 more words

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Episode 106 - Work & Life Balance 102

Too many people I help do not truly know what they want. They seem focused on what they are trying to avoid.

But, if you don’t know what you want, then how would you be able to get there? 868 more words

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Episode 105 - Work & Life Balance 101

If you have seen the Work/Life balance miniseries, then you know I don’t believe in balance as the optimal situation.

The question that follows is how do I achieve work & life integration? 976 more words