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The State of Success

Success is the ability to define your state in your current situation, no matter what is happening.  I am confident that we would agree that accomplishments without the experience of a lasting positive state (happiness, joy, power) is not really success, or at best it may provide a fleeting taste of success. 375 more words


Denyse Bauer

Title: Success, Life and Health Coach

Company: Successful Living Strategies

Location: Harkers Island, North Carolina, United States

Harkers Island, North Carolina, June 1, 2017, Denyse Bauer, Denyse Bauer, has been recognized by Elite Women Worldwide, for dedication, achievement and leadership in educating others in health and personal strategies. 11 more words


Are you ready to stop playing small and start living your dream? Coaching can help provide clarity and identify self-limited beliefs or habits that keep you from playing full out. 66 more words


Do What Makes You Happy

It’s Saturday! It’s Easter Weekend, and whilst I am all about the hustle (i’ve been hustling throughout the night and this morning – have you seen my NEW aligned banner for this page? 150 more words


Do You Believe in Your Dream?

It really only comes down to belief. In order for you to take action towards your dreams, you HAVE to believe in yourself. You have to believe that your dream is possible. 210 more words


What Do You Believe You Deserve?

For the past month I’ve been working intensely on my money mindset. In that time I’ve noticed just how much I’ve grown and what my mindset once thought as ‘that will never happen for me’ has now become ‘that WILL happen for me’. 297 more words


The Keys to Success #13: Resilience Among Sheep

It may be an overused, generic expression, but the whole be a lion as opposed to a sheep metaphor holds on wholly powerful message.

If it’s success that you’re after, then you must avoid being or becoming a sheep. 642 more words