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How to Perform an EFT Basic Procedure - Issue dealt with - Fear of Public Speaking

In this video, I illustrate how to administer an EFT basic procedure. Link to video is –  https://youtu.be/l3zc15Gjqnk

The issue I use to illustrate is “fear of public speaking”. 53 more words


Get a Mentor 

This was a huge game changer for me. I do not personally know anyone whose life is successful enough to mentor me, so instead I collected the books and materials of everyone I could think of who has succeeded in areas I admire (such as business, psychology, fitness, health, and love) and I studied how they did it. 586 more words


6 Proven Steps To Dissolve Negative Feelings - Regardless Of Intensity

This is an audio recording to help one deal with negative feelings.

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What Are you Missing out in The Present Moment? (An EFT Session is included)

The wise ones advise that being in the moment is the most powerful mind tool to attain peace. Being present has many benefits including:

1. … 227 more words


Live the Life You Want


Live the life you always wanted?

Forget all the negative ‘stuff’, leave the bullies behind and finally become the you that YOU always wanted to be!  183 more words


Celebrate your life!

Celebrate each day like it is a new day of independence and liberation!

Liberate yourself from self-defeating thinking:

  • Have more patience and acceptance of yourself and others.
  • 310 more words

It's All About You.

It is not selfish to say that it’s all about you. It’s actually empowering. Remember that you are the most important treasure for your life… 227 more words