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Our Success Blueprint

I believe in simplicity and work or business should also be simple, in my personal opinion.

During my trainings to do what I do – “I help people to achieve success and confidence in their lives, and double their results in half the time”, in these hours of learning and rediscovery I learned a concept that revolutionised my world for ever and that concept was:

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The Book Of Esther: A Woman of Courage

One of my greatest compliments came from Georgia Ann, my cousin, she said “when I think of you I think of Esther, that is who you remind me of.” What a generous compliment and so I read the book of Esther… Esther could be compared to a chess game. 6,338 more words

Actress: Can’t Buy Me Love. A Life Coach

How Persuasive Are You?

Persuasion is humanity’s way of getting what we want. Some use it to manipulate, and others use it to communicate to captivate, yet deliver value as promised. 200 more words

Art Of Persuasion

Why are YOU Single?

Yes, I know. It is a straight-in-the-face question. It is unfair.

I know that we all seldom come up with reasons to support our conditions. It is human nature to protect our states, inner conflicting stories, and outer conditions. 251 more words


The Day I Learned To FLY...

I did not believe that I had an issue with self-love; I had so many positive things going for myself. I walked and spoke confidently – that meant that I loved myself, right? 849 more words

11 Morning Habits That Can Change Your Life

Your morning can be that make-or-break time that sets you up for a good day or a bad day. Here are 11 habits you can establish that will put you on the path of stringing together good day after good day. 1,921 more words

Actress: Can’t Buy Me Love. A Life Coach

Imagine Who You want to Be


          Earl Nightingale stated, “We become what we think about.” These are very powerful words because they are telling you to realize that the person you want to become can be created in your mind through the use of your imagination. 176 more words

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