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The Keys to Success #13: Resilience Among Sheep

It may be an overused, generic expression, but the whole be a lion as opposed to a sheep metaphor holds on wholly powerful message.

If it’s success that you’re after, then you must avoid being or becoming a sheep. 642 more words


Six steps to quieten the chatty, negative little voice inside your head

I (still) have a very active and chatty live voice who lives inside my head. To be fair, he (as I’ve given him a gender) is quieter now than ever before. 591 more words


Reflections with Wilbert R. Mutoko
12 January 2017
The school system has its pros and cons.
We all know the pros of the school system, such as enlightening our minds, socializing etc. 108 more words

"UNSTOPPABLE Entrepreneur: 12 Changes That You Should Make To Attract Success"

I recently had a conversation with a very close friend of mine and a question arose that really got me thinking. We were discussing the state of entrepreneurs today and if they are headed in a very bright direction for 2017. 1,726 more words

Lorenzo L Sellers

Manage Your Inner Voice & Self Talk!

Every action has an equal or opposite reaction: if you’re planting negative suggestions in your mind don’t be surprised if you getting negative results ! Many people agree that a negative mindset can make you ill & unwell. 236 more words

Graham Keane

Do you have a PMA?

 To be successful, you need to have a positive mental attitude, or PMA.

We need to continually feed our  mind with positive thoughts to create success. 98 more words

How to avoid the spiral of self-doubt.

I was a girl.  I was not worthy – WRONG – I am a girl and I am totally worthy.

I was 9 and it was my brothers 11th birthday.  742 more words