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Believe In The Power Of Young People

Many assume that with age comes wisdom and knowledge. Well that might be true in those times where information were not easily accessible, you can’t really make such arguments at this day and age. 113 more words


You need no title to be a leader

5 rules that you should follow for 1 week and I am sure you will feel positive and more motivated.The… 77 more words


Be Willing To Have Skin In The Game

If you truly believe in something, show it. It is not enough to just say it. But show it. Be willing to have skin in the game. 87 more words


Never Abuse Your Power

Power. The ability to do something is one that all of us have. Admittedly, its magnitude varies from different individuals but the fact that it creates an impact remains. 135 more words


Know What It Is That You Seek And Persist In The Pursuit Of It

Clarity is something that we all seek but very few people take the time to find it. It is quite unfortunate to see many simply exist and let life run its course. 63 more words


Keep Your Unsolicited Advice To Yourself

You know how it’s like – you care about the person and you want him or her to do well so you offer your advice. If you are not so lucky, most of the time those advices are never well received. 118 more words