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Don’t Do Anything Half-Ass

If only you realise that time is never on your side, the way you do things will be different. Well, it should. Most of us have all too often wasted this valuable commodity doing two things – that which do not make them happy and not giving their best when doing something. 283 more words

The ‘Unlimited Potential’ Trap

The idea that one has an unlimited potential is a blessing as well as a curse. On one end, the ‘sky is the limit’. However on the other side, because it is not defined, and most do not do so, it becomes a crutch. 66 more words

You Cannot Control What Others Do With Their Life

Regardless of how well set and equipped you are in your personal life, wishing the same upon others is entirely different. The ability to control what others do with their life is only possible if you are their creator. 247 more words

Your Tests Are There To Make You Be Better

Life is very much similar to a game. The only difference between the two is that the stakes on the former are real. Think about your favourite game. 244 more words