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Catch The Train – Beginning, Middle or The End

You know how there are times when you think to yourself that perhaps joining a cause or getting on board with a good movement is better done in the beginning times rather than late. 102 more words

A Smiley Face And A Good Attitude Win Hearts

We all know that to win a heart is no mean feat. But here is a highly proven tip – a smiley face and a good attitude. 141 more words

Quotes of the Week

I’m going to bring back sharing my favorite quotes of the week. The quotes that are motivating me, inspiring me, or are resonating with my soul. 97 more words

Life Inspiration

Always, Always Be Grateful

In every situations, we need to remind ourselves to be grateful. Sometimes we forget to do so. But we need to make an effort to consciously be grateful for all the blessings and trials that have been brought upon us. 62 more words

Like It Or Not, You Are An Ambassador

You are an ambassador. I am an ambassador. We might not have ‘official’ titles, working for the government, representing our countries in the effort to maintain diplomatic relations but that does not mean that we are without ambassador duties. 145 more words