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Be Prepared For Rejections

Rejections are a part of life. There is no other way around them. You need to embrace that fact. What matters is how you face them and what you do after being rejected. 81 more words


You Save To Invest

There is a fundamental reason why the rich and successful have amassed such wealth and continue to do so while others do not. And that is because of their financial management. 159 more words


1 Thing All Successful People Do

Reading is a hobby of mine as well as a powerful tool. Last week I was reading a great book, so great in fact, that I could hardly put it down. 261 more words

You’re A Rojak (Mixture) Of Everything You Add Into Your Life

I believe that we are each curators of our own lives. We are what we let into our lives. We have the power to choose what pieces we let into our own space, be it mentally, physically, internally and externally. 103 more words


Quote of the day!

“A bad attitude is like a flat tire.  You can’t go anywhere until you change it.” -Anonymous

Self Improvement

Be Worthy Of The Recognition

It seems a trend now to be recognised, famous and popular. Before, it was secretly coveted but now, it is an open goal of many, either personally or business-wise. 106 more words


Curiosity Is A Powerful Tool

The way we figure things out is by being being curious. Sometimes it brings us tremendous gains and other times, it might just bite us back. 86 more words