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Quote by Tony Robbins on taking responsibility

A quote by Tony Robbins on taking responsibility is the topic of this blog post.

“Whatever happens, take responsibility.” Tony Robbins

“This quote by Tony Robbins is something that more people need to read and take to heart.  137 more words

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Top Success Quotes by Harsh Malik

Harsh Malik is a Renowned Career Counselor and a successful entrepreneur. He is an author of a popular BOOK named “What to Do After 12th… 25 more words

What To Do After 12th

Don’t Measure Your Life Based On What Others Value

Just because we are told that something is how it is, does not mean that we should always share the same opinion. It is perfectly alright to have differing or even opposing views. 81 more words


Put A Brick Over The Other Every Single Day

We are used to seeing results. That is how the culture of our society has been conditioned to look at things. Media articles will only report on a ‘story’ when it has an outcome or an anticipation element to it. 186 more words


Fight For What You Believe In

To be able to believe in something is a gift that many people overlooked. To them it is something that is just one of the many norms of life. 115 more words


What Else Are You Waiting For?

You have heard the stories. The hard work, sacrifices and dedication of the greats. The tales of their efforts that they have to put in to achieve their success is worth repeating time and time again. 74 more words


Embrace All Of You

You are not just one or the other. You have different sides to you. Society works in a way that it forces you to pick a side and fit in. 204 more words