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Calling all Blogger's: You should be using this!

Us blogger’s should be using affiliate marketing to monetize our sites. Why not make some extra money while your concentrating on your core business the reason why you started in the first place. 40 more words

3 Important Tips to Get Back into Your Workouts

There you are, just cruising along in life with your new exercise habit, when BAM! – you get sidelined. Whether by an injury or an increased demand on your already sparse time, this type of setback can be especially disheartening. 478 more words



In one of my former writer’s groups, I was the only member who focused on poetry as well as fiction and essays. Yet, I was stunned when one day at the meeting another woman read a poem, turned to me and asked where she should send it. 356 more words

Joy or not? How to declutter

Look at what you own, your possessions, your stuff, how much of do you keep yet never use?

Our wellness is massively enhanced mentally and consequently physically by having a clutter free living space. 105 more words

Philip Dodson

Role Models Are Not One Size Fits All - Day 6 of 30

I just want to say before I start I apologize for not posting yesterday. I have decided I am only going to post Monday-Friday so that I can get a break on the weekends to spend some relaxation time with the family. 531 more words

Thank You, REALLY?!?

I have run into an “interesting” trend lately. Several of my friends, colleagues, and people I coach are struggling with “impossible” individuals in their work, school, and life. 80 more words