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Step back also should be shared

Generally we the people upload cheering and celebration pics on social media… Start up, innogration, success all events which shows progression are shared on facebook with V shaped fingers… ofcourse it’s nice idea and I do too do the same thing… But what’s about failure, defeat, loss in the bussiness, shutting down the project, step back??? 65 more words

Dr. Anilkesar

The Window Of Opportunities

​Started way back

But I guess there is no end;

From the blistering dust to the silent sand.

Dreamt too big

As any innocent kid would had… 137 more words


Heart of a Child

I really enjoy the holiday season. No, it’s not because I enjoy receiving gifts. I never have an expensive wishlist. I enjoy this time of year because I love to unleash my inner child. 176 more words


No One Knows What They're Doing

What do you mean you don’t know what you want to do with the rest of your life? 583 more words


How Success Used To Define Me

I always defined success in terms of money and career.  The more money I made, the better I felt about myself.  Career was always my main focus, even after my kids were born.   806 more words


I Have another WAY to deliver my SUCCESS

Bagi mahasiswa yang di kira patung karena telah lama ngediem di kampus belum bisa keluar keluar dari kampus emang agak sensitip kalo di tanyain lulus kapan , wisuda kapan , sidang kapan dan yang paling bikin resah dan gelisah sudah sampai mana nyekrip (ngerjain skripsi, lebih enak nyekrip haha). 171 more words