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Never doubt yourself

Doubts kill more dreams then failure _ suzy kaseem

Doubting yourself or self doubt often lead to lack of confidence and opportunities

Ask yourself some questions.Are you passionate about your goals? 258 more words

A Few Words on Success

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There are always winners and losers, right? He who dies with the most toys wins. Must we always climb over the bodies to reach the top? 578 more words


Ctrl + Alt + Del

Control Yourself

Alter Your Thinking

Delete Negativity

Have you ever heard the phrase, time waits for no one? If you haven’t, let me be the first to tell you that this claim checks out to be true. 363 more words

Meet Kevin McClain - Homeowner, Entrepreneur, House-Flipper, and Real Estate Investor

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“Figure out what you want and go get it,” Kevin says when talking about how he began building his personal empire and diversifying his real estate and financial portfolio. 858 more words


Banish Problems! Spell

Banish Problems Spell
By Tara Sutphen
4 White Candles
set North, East, South & West
3 Problems Written on small paper with ink pen 44 more words

Write down your to do list if you want to see success

Imagine this, you are getting into your bed after a busy day and then you remembered that you forgot to do something. That would be really annoying, right? 972 more words

Personal Development

Innovation in Business-- Why is it Important?

NEW– many people perceived this word as intimidating, not easy to cope with, interesting but doesn’t have enough courage to do so. Most people fear change because we don’t like the feeling of not being able to anticipate the outcome. 570 more words