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An Epic Secret


Amanda Crumley – Creator of An Epic Secret 

The secret is a secret indeed. It is very hard to figure out how to get it to work for you… 73 more words


Meet The King of the Positive Mindset: Darius Hines

The leaders of Dynamic Marketing Acquisitions, along with our fellow entrepreneurs across the country, have learned the importance of ‘mindset’ during these trying times. A strong mindset can get you through the hardest of times, and a stronger mindset can always spot the light at the end of the tunnel. 689 more words


Why You Need a Growth Mindset To Build Perseverence Amidsts a Global Cricis

I hope this post serves to inspire you that COVID 19 is not the end; it CAN be the beginning of a mind-blowing personal transformation: 448 more words


Stop Comparing Yourself To Others And Focus On Your Own Healing, Relationships, And Successes 

Focus on your own journey. Stop comparing yourself to everyone else. Stop telling yourself that you’re a failure, that you’re falling behind, that you have… 511 more words


The Obstacle Made Things Better, Go Figure

I had a CareerCast  interview planned for Monday and I was set and ready to go. I really love doing these podcast episodes. I logged on and then the technology just didn’t work – it was the interviewee’s mic and my wifi – not at the same time, but back and forth. 168 more words


Self-Confidence, the shortcut to Your Dream Life

Everything that you have in your life is the result of your beliefs, in yourself and in what is possible.

Learning to believe in yourself will open up countless possibilities in your life. 494 more words