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Winning Matters

The Importance of Doing Well

In our culture, there is far too much emphasis place on the virtue of failure. Sure, failure can be valuable is you can ascertain the exact reason for failure and learn from it, but the truth is that we don’t always know why we fail and there are often many causes for failure, not all of them being recognized as part of not failing endeavor. 732 more words

Staff Spotlight - Jeremy Sedeño

Jeremy Sedeño – Senior Academic Counselor

My name is Jeremy Sedeño, and I am a local homegrown gentleman. I graduated from Coronado High School, and had my first two children, Lorenzo and Makenzie, before venturing in to the United States Army. 377 more words

Texas Tech

Why successful people meditate

Why do highly successful people meditate?

I once heard someone successful (well, what I consider successful) say, emulate what you want to be in life.   911 more words


The Secret of Success : Panupong Tejapaibul

Striking the right chord in the marketplace is about luck and timing.
But It is also about kinetic energy and strong work ethic, confidence and determination, laser sharp focus and being in sync with trends, all traits that Panupong has in abundance. 4,315 more words


6 Real Reasons People Delay on Achieving their Goals

We all have dreams; aspirations that we only wished could happen now! We have visions of where we would want to be or get to in life. 953 more words

People Development

Simple Success

Succeeding in life is easy:

  1. Determine what is important, what does success mean?
  2. Figure out concrete actions
  3. Prioritize: decide in which order and when you perform these actions…
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