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Determining Your Own Fate!

It is common to fall into the hands of statistics, becoming a martyr, and following a predetermined destiny.  Many individuals look to see how likely those from the lower-income class are to go to college, what the statistic is for women to move from middle management into the executive level, or what the differences are of various cultures, races, and backgrounds when it comes to success later in life.  525 more words


Dare to dream

I have an idea that would change the tech world! I want my designs to be showcased on the runway of New York fashion week! I want to be an extremely successful entrepreneur! 619 more words


#Wisdom from jenleemiller

We’re both feeling exhausted and overworked so far this week with some long hard days at work. We totally do it to ourselves .. no is not a word in our vocabulary…. 19 more words


#Wisdom from yahyabakkar

Ain’t this the truth. Bob Marley was and still is such a legend. What doesn’t kill can make you stronger or you can choose to let it kill you and eat you up inside. 22 more words


#Wisdom from tavonadenise

I have been thinking A LOT while I’m out here at Be the Change and one of the biggest things that gets in our way is the LIE that we are not —— enough. 88 more words


#Wisdom from roadtosuccess1

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