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Innovation in Business-- Why is it Important?

NEW– many people perceived this word as intimidating, not easy to cope with, interesting but doesn’t have enough courage to do so. Most people fear change because we don’t like the feeling of not being able to anticipate the outcome. 570 more words


Chase The Happy Not The Wealth(y)

You can’t fix regret! Do you want to wake up one day and find out you’re 80 years old and know everything there is to know about all the celebrities, fashion brands & Netflix shows, but kept your vision on hold, because you didn’t want to waste time pursuing a… 1,387 more words

Stop wasting money

With money you can buy a lot of products and you can also miss out on a lot if you waste your money on expensive items that you can’t afford. 281 more words


Conquer Procrastination

Like many others, I too have struggled with procrastination in the past. Procrastination, in my opinion, is a habit of the mind. If we allow such a habit to take control of the way we conduct ourselves we will soon find that we are left feeling quite overwhelmed. 307 more words

Reducing Anxiety

Simply make a commitment at reducing your anxiety levels and learning to love your life again. It starts with only a choice… -Tara Sutphen #tarasutphen #tarainsight http://www.tarainsight.com


Life situation

Our life situation is in the mind and is time-based, made up of past, present and future. Rarely is the mind focused on the present, it is always in the past or the future. 172 more words