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Yoga and Successful Aging

When discussing lifestyle changes with my patients, I often recommend practicing yoga as a successful aging intervention. Many times patients without exposure to yoga feel intimidated to go to a yoga studio. 391 more words

Naturopathic Medicine

Is running the fountain of youth?

Running has a reputation for having a short shelf life, with older runners often encouraged to give it up in favour of an activity that’s easier on an aging body. 774 more words

Diet & Fitness

Six Tips on Successful Aging - Harvard

Eat less; move more; live longer.

The object of this blog is to eat healthy, exercise regularly and live a long and healthy life with our mental faculties in good working order all the way to the end. 451 more words


The Best is yet to be by Bill Storie

By Bill Storie

“Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be.”

Robert Browning (1812-1889)  

English Poet and Playwright


This very inspiring characterization of old age fits with the concept of “successful aging,” provides the view that it is possible to enjoy your later years in a way that exceeds your expectations. 571 more words

Quality Of Life

Have You Had a Good Day? Why - or Why Not?

Good days…..bad days – we usually have our share of both, but have we ever really stopped to think about why or what makes a good day “good” or a bad day “bad.” Possibly some of the elements that cause our days to be either good or bad are within our control. 418 more words

Successful Aging

The Successful Aging Plan

The “Baby Boomers” have arrived! We are now at the age at which our parents, grandparents, and so forth called retirement. But for us, that is a misnomer. 1,971 more words


Strut your stuff

Performing that peacock strut proudly, one rolling stone still gathers no moss.

Though Mick Jagger did pick up many new fans this week when he rolled through Minnesota. 448 more words

Baby Boomers