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"Super-aging" seniors retain healthy memory abilities - Study

Because I have both Alzheimer’s and dementia in my family, I am extremely sensitive to this kind of news about the aging brain and memory. Check out my Page – … 716 more words


U.S. Seniors need to move more - CDC

I write regularly here about the benefits of exercise on both the body and brain. Because we are, in fact, organic machines, I believe the law of the body is… 255 more words


12 Tips on staying inspired - Infographic

The word inspired has a second definition of breathing in. I wanted to share this infographic with you because, like the air that we… 108 more words


How much longer to live - Infographic

Since the object of this blog is to live past 100, I thought this infographic with the obstacles in our way causes of death might be useful. 46 more words


Age-related declines start early … WSJ

As a 76-year-old, I am totally aware of the age-related declines in my body. For starters, I don’t hear so well, I need bigger print to read comfortably and my hair gets thinner by the day. 328 more words


Aging may drive progress - Study

I am guessing that everyone who reads this blog subscribes to the idea of living past 100. Well, if/when we succeed, things will be changing. 606 more words