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Fitness: Boomers — set your sights on successful aging

As baby boomers move into their 60s and 70s, they’re slowly facing the realities of aging. While the previous generation was counselled to slow down once grey hair and wrinkles took hold, the advice for this group will be different because new evidence suggests slowing down actually speeds up the aging process. 774 more words


"Super-aging" seniors retain healthy memory abilities - Study

Because I have both Alzheimer’s and dementia in my family, I am extremely sensitive to this kind of news about the aging brain and memory. Check out my Page – … 716 more words


U.S. Seniors need to move more - CDC

I write regularly here about the benefits of exercise on both the body and brain. Because we are, in fact, organic machines, I believe the law of the body is… 255 more words


12 Tips on staying inspired - Infographic

The word inspired has a second definition of breathing in. I wanted to share this infographic with you because, like the air that we… 108 more words


How much longer to live - Infographic

Since the object of this blog is to live past 100, I thought this infographic with the obstacles in our way causes of death might be useful. 46 more words


Age-related declines start early … WSJ

As a 76-year-old, I am totally aware of the age-related declines in my body. For starters, I don’t hear so well, I need bigger print to read comfortably and my hair gets thinner by the day. 328 more words