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Researchers Reverse Cognitive Impairment in Mice with Dementia

If you have been reading this blog for a while you are aware that I have a particular focus on the brain afflictions – dementia and its move common manifestation, Alzheimer’s. 736 more words


Exercise trumps weight loss for heart patients - Study

It seems to be that sedentary is fast becoming a dirty word when it comes to a healthy extended life. The more we act to remove it from our lives that better off we will be. 1,120 more words


Active Social Life May Preserve Memory and Slow Brain Aging

Eat less; move more; live longer remains the mantra of this blog. However, according to this latest study from Ohio State University – interact with friends more – might also be added. 888 more words


Deciding between home rehabilitation and healing at a facility

Recovery after an accident or medical procedure can take some time and an elderly person will probably need some extra assistance before getting back on their feet. 84 more words

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You don't have to be 'strictly vegetarian' to reap the benefits

For the record, I was a vegetarian for five years in my middle 30’s. At the time I did yoga daily and lived a generally active lifestyle. 640 more words


How much exercise slows the heart's aging?

I hope you enjoy fine tuning as much as I do. Yesterday, we learned about the value of activity coupled with exercise. Today, we look at the significance of how much we exercise. 547 more words


How Old Are You Really?

This article was first published in Rotary News in April 2018.

There are two aspects to ageing. Your chronological age is the calculated number of years you have lived. 927 more words


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