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10 Bible Verses Leaders Must Pay Close Attention To For Success

The bible is the most resourceful book ever written that gives us strategies of how leaders can remain successful after they are elevated to such high office. 1,044 more words

Successful Living

A Child Can Lead Us

Recently, I took my granddaughter to the Orthodontist.  While waiting for the assistant to call her back to the dental chair she played her favorite game Minecraft as if she didn’t have a worry in the world.. 325 more words

Successful Living


The people we surround ourself with have a big influence on the story of our lives. Lucky people end up having great friends whereas unlucky people end up with a negative circle. 487 more words


Process is The Path (why you can't skip it)

Hello – thank you for joining me :)

This post is about The Path a.k.a Process and it’s a real ‘Aha’ moment in my workshops. People attend these because they want  change in their life; ranging from comparatively small ‘tweaks’ to  larger and far-ranging transformations. 721 more words

Successful Living