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Focus on Your Potential in God

You probably don’t realize the potential you have in God. Although you can’t accomplish some things in your own strength, you can accomplish anything in God’s strength. 119 more words

The Bible

How to Handle Stress

I’ve noticed that some Christians can’t handle stress or adversity in their walk with the Lord. As long as everything is going fine and the devil isn’t exerting too much pressure on them, they’re okay. 931 more words


Where is North?

I saw a speaker once who started his lecture by asking the audience to point to where they felt North was. There was some discussion and laughter as people raised their arms and started pointing every which way. 485 more words

Random Thought Bubbles


As soon as I began writing this piece, my mind flashed back to when I was in secondary school particularly about a friend of mine named Johnson. 671 more words


Dealing with Disappointment | Success Resources

Have you lately felt disappointment in any form, shape or size? Or perhaps, you’re anticipating some kind of disappointment in the future? Not to worry, here’s what to do when the odds are not in your favour. 891 more words


Moving on from the Past

The New Year has begun, and it rapidly speeds ahead rather like a fast car.

The problem is if we aren’t careful we drag along the problems of the old year into the new and wonder why we aren’t getting anywhere. 759 more words

Whose eyes? I’m talking about the eyes of people in our lives—the ones we talk to face-to-face. Do we look at them as they stand in front of us when we talk or listen? 191 more words

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