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Taking the "Red Pill"

​In the cult sci-fi movie called “The Matrix”, the main character is presented with a choice. He could swallow a blue pill and continue to experience the world as a fantasy that has been imposed on him by others, or he could swallow a red pill and experience the world as it really is, without the superimposed “matrix” of fantasy. 281 more words


Why So Much Violence?

One of the old adages of parenthood is that you check to see who your children’s friends are. That’s because their friends influence them a great deal. 1,169 more words


How to Stop Being Negative

Negativity is the number one mind killer

Why do we have negative thoughts?

We basically have negative thoughts because the human mind is synched to think. 567 more words


Beauty of Simplicity

My article about “Maturity’s Measurements” spoke about the human misconception of maturity (how people consider maturity to be and what it actually is). This write-up of mine shall talk about another human misconception that’s “SIMPLICITY”. 420 more words


Finding harmony...

Sometimes keeping quite is the only solution to everything we go through.

Arguing doesn’t help anyway.

So, keep calm,be stable and find harmony within yourself.

The Power of Choosing Self-Esteem No Matter How You Feel

I held a Crayola-scented plastic box in my two small hands, organizing my helter skelter mess of a craft center. My mother poured a random assortment of useless objects into the box and told me to label it “Miscellaneous.” 757 more words


Hungry Venezuelans turn to Colombia for a plate of food 

People of Venezuela are starving. Not the government delete , who have already stockpiled all the food they want. I’m talking about the middle-class as well as the vast numbers of people in the working class who are responsible for electing President Maduro. 221 more words