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A Broke Investor: Story #2

Brian Tracy: “Mr. No Good At Pumping Gas”

“All people who are successful are excellent at what they do.”

Find out how this broke investor went from job hopping to business thriving. 494 more words


The most successful people in the most impossible situations are the ones who are sure they’re gonna get out of it, and they go on thinking that, even if they die trying. – The Mountain Story, Lori Lansens

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The 6 Types of Power All Successful People Possess. Which One Do You Have?

Successful people know that there are six kinds of power that you can earn in an organization and only a few of them are given by the company. 776 more words

The 100th Day Of 2018...!

Welcome to the 100th day of 2018. Today is April 10th and we have 265 days left for this year to take the backstage. We should be grateful to God for bringing us thus far. 701 more words


I Woke Up Accidentally

My cat sensed my restless at around 3:30am and decided to give me the final push from semi-consciousness to fully-awake by sitting on my chest. Thanks friend. 398 more words


Failure can simply be expressed as inability to do something that people expect you to do. Because of this, many people was dominated by their mediocrity. 505 more words

How to Begin Your Journey of a thousand miles

(Because it begins Now!)

I don’t think I have really heard about a success story that went so smoothly. Practically all the stories of successful people we see/hear around were met with bumps, struggles and stumbling blocks along the way. 576 more words