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I'm No MacGyver...Right Tools Do Make A Difference

“Back in the day, my car was having some issues. Nothing major, but nonetheless, issues that I had to resolve. Since I was young, my dad taught me to be self-reliant when it comes to maintaining and fixing my automobile. 814 more words

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Who Should Teach?

There are teachers, and then there are good teachers. Most teachers have a desire to become a good teacher, but what types of qualities are needed to reach this goal? 693 more words


The Life of a Teacher

Many think that teaching school is an easy, laid back 8 to 5 job with summers off. However, ask any elementary school teacher like Shari Duddy… 722 more words


Top High Schools in New Jersey

The public high schools in New Jersey have been using a new rating system recently. Rather than making a judgment about a school based on the test scores of a single year, the results for a four year period of time are compared. 687 more words


Top Middle Schools in New Jersey

The middle school years are some of the most important and formative. During the two to three years a student spends in middle school they are likely to determine what type of vocation they desire to pursue, set their sights on college and develop skill sets which help develop their lifelong work ethics and habits. 645 more words


The Common Core in New Jersey

Prior to 2010 the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards were used as a way to measure what students should know once they complete their 13 year education program in the public schools. 691 more words


Teaching Styles for Elementary School Teachers

Elementary school teachers like Shari Duddy understand the importance of incorporating a variety of teaching styles in today’s classroom. Because student’s learning styles differ, it is important to choose teaching styles that are appropriate for each group of students. 679 more words