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Succubae bordered in blood red

…Or at least in the crimson which served as blood red in the horror flicks of the ’60s and ’70s. 106 more words


“Hello, angel,” the succubus purrs “You look dashing.”

“I’m wearing your clothes, you big possessive dork.” the angel sniffs “None of them actually fit.”

“It’s cute. I like it.”

Writing Prompts



Oge hadn’t been home in years. She’d always found it strange that they’d decided to think of the house with blue walls as “home”. 891 more words


Men, Transwomen, and Soul-Sucking Succubi from Hell

Guest Writer: Clarissa Kent, Succubus 

A lot of men seem really worried that being attracted to a transwomen will cause them to be gay, or that it’ll somehow make them less of a man. 527 more words

When the Lights Go Out

The power is off, but she is still here. Wind and wet snow drive at my windows. The miniature crystals still melt from my hair. My hands feel a slight burning from the sudden shift of cold to warm. 266 more words


Building on My Own

She’s the Dark Goddess, the great lady, who will not play second-fiddle to anyone. I’ve made many attempts to express some trivial deference towards others, but to no avail. 478 more words


Aural Milestone

Oh, does it make me smile when I can hear the sounds of lovemaking gently emanating from below my waist. That’s right: I’ve begun to hear the wet, erotic movements that Catherine makes against my flesh. 238 more words