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Events, and Oct. Drawing Challenge: Day 22

Had a good time at the Club Necromancy costume party last night. The front room’s DJs spun a great mix, and the art was well received. 73 more words


Why Erotic Art?

And most especially, why erotic females?

I’ve been creating erotic art since I was a child, it’s not my only thing, but I love the human form and I love sexual, sensuality in art. 280 more words


The Dipping Bread by AM Roselli

It happens at the Fondue Palace. Near the cheese fountain. Two lovers twirling their long forks suggestively. He’s been ignoring his inner voice all evening. “Something is very wrong with your date, John.” The very same voice that only hours before implored him to escape out the back door. 326 more words

Feature Issues

TSW: Chapter 42 - Love is Blind

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Chapter Forty-Two – Love is Blind

“So, Eldrian’s been hanging out with this girl pretty much non-stop. I have no idea where Deena went.

2,099 more words

Exploring Khundrukar

We begin with our protagonists using the orc-made tunnel to reach the surface and circling around to the natural chimney in time for their rendezvous with Sev and Meepo. 2,643 more words


Exhibition, Drinks, and Live Performances Tonight

I’m showing at the Crocker Art Museum,
216 O St, Sacramento, California 95814,
tonight, Thursday October 12th, 6:PM to 9.
There’ll be drinks and live performances. 21 more words


TSW: Chapter 41 - Demon Danger, Double D

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Chapter Forty-One – Demon Danger, Double D

It had been a couple days since the Christmas fiasco with Tyreth and Noah, and despite the fact that their lives may have become much more complicated due to it all, Eldrian decided to go about his business as he always did.

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