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Known as the Dominican Succubus, the Ciguapa is a supernatural being living in the deepest mountain regions of the Dominican Republic. She is said to have dark brown or blue skin complete with eyes blacker than the depths of the abyss. 135 more words

Lost Guide To Creatures

Succubus Delilah

“If I’m not here tomorrow, promise you won’t forget me.” –Delilah’s request to Nobuyuki on the night of their first meeting.

Delilah is the main female protagonist of  1,386 more words


Poem - Succubus ...by Osalam Wosu 

To sleep I do lie with stomach void
And mind so full

To awaken I hope

But my nightmares so pull

At the hem of my sanity… 122 more words


I've chosen not to

I’ve chosen not to wear my grief and despair

like shards of broken glass or snapped razor blades

on my less-than-me person

I’ve chosen not to hurt others although my pain has…

136 more words

'Succubus Blues' (Georgina Kincaid #1) by Richelle Mead

I want to start by saying I loved and adored the Vampire Academy and Bloodlines series by Richelle Mead. So it would be safe to say I held very high hopes and standards for this series. 411 more words

Jess Franco's Succubus - A look into it's US Cinema flight

5-16-69, Chicago

Jess Franco’s Succubus was one of the few serious hits of the Arthouse/Sexploitation wave in the Late 60’s not least due to a wonderful advertising strategy by AIP, who were still at the top of the game and had the Trans-American sub-division to unleash the spicy films. 814 more words

Episode 1 - Professional Freelancers

     Blinking on and off was an only slightly dysfunctional digital clock sitting on the bedside table. As the display flickered on and off, a click could be heard noting it was probably just a loose circuit as the clock still read the right time. 2,322 more words