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— Omaya is woken by Tina, who wants him to try on something new! —

Omaya woke in the morning because Tina was jumping up and down on him. 223 more words


On the Taxonomy and Subjugation of Succubi

Excerpt From

On The Summoning and Binding of Daemons

By Celestina Blackwood

Arch Adept in Necromantic Studies and Conjuration Magick

Know you of the mysterious and fabled Succubus? 614 more words


Secrets of the Succubus Revealed

Excerpt From

Hidden Secrets of the Daemonic Realm

By Elspeth Fairfawn

Summoner and Enchanter

Let me tell you now dear reader, and delver into forbidden and blasphemous mysteries, of that most wondrous and beguiling of creatures, the Succubus. 624 more words



A succubus (plural – succubi) is a species of demon representing the sin of Lust, using their seduction tactics to lure their prey into a false sense of security before killing them. 763 more words


Day 193-195

D&D Update! This is a long one.

Alyn sighs, taking in Elzeni’s tired appearance after her battle with the cultists.

“I’ve secured a warehouse off the market. 2,535 more words


Some People Using Magic To Try To Summon An Entity?

I went to bed late and I woke up several times without voice recording my dreams and I woke up suddenly at the end and I got out of bed too quickly, and so I forgot most of my dreams except for barely part of a few dream fragments. 371 more words

Dream Journal