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Interviews with Monster Girls Episode 7


There were some good moments and some information about how society is adjusting to demis in this episode. Sprinkled in amongst some incredibly lame or dull moments. 248 more words

Succubus Madonna sings 'Happy Valentine's Day'

A succubus is a demon in medieval folklore who appears in dreams and takes the form of a woman in order to seduce men, usually through sexual activity. 139 more words



My name is Matue and I am the author of this blog. Let me clarify. I am a succubus. We, who live in legend, would like to greet you, little ones. 25 more words


Nutcracker Part 3: Girl of Your Dreams.

Every culture seems to have a sense of danger about the feminine. I’m a mythology nut, and I don’t think there’s a culture without at least one monster of a seductress. 1,181 more words

UNBOUND #6 - Hypnotic Slivers

Our latest incubus series UNBOUND is selling like magic cake on amazon.com.

Go get your own demon and get a passion filled Valentine DAY

STRICTLY 18+ READERS… 481 more words

~ tommy bruschi's broken heart ~ 2


There I was, everything changed, but everything still the same. I couldn’t swing solo rent on the mid-town love nest I had shared with Jill and, hypnotized by the delusion of ever-after, I had given up my old rent-control bachelor pad. 2,733 more words


Oops! Sorry! We'll Do The World Series After I Tell This Tale of Horror ...

It was like a scene from a cheap horror movie except … it was real! I wasn’t dreaming! At least I didn’t think 364 more words