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Lair of Vampires and Succubae

Portraits in paint and other media by
R.S. Pickman.
Warning: If you dare enter, you may witness scenes not meant for mortal eyes. 127 more words


Love Ain't Nothing But Sex Misspelled

With apologizes to Harlan Ellison.

Jeremy was her first real boyfriend. They’d been holding hands while walking to the bus stop after school for a month. 2,405 more words

Short Story

Whatever Happened to Eva?

Eva had lost count of how many men she’d slept with, but then this was never about keeping score. She rarely encountered Asmodius, her own seducer, the master incubus who launched her on this sad and lonely path of revenge, since she had fallen so deep into her own abyss, she required little encouragement to continue the descent. 1,347 more words

Short Story

The Catacombs

Deep within the forsaken tombs:

The world is cold. The tendrils of the ever-present fog creep around my feet as the starved fire slowly wanes to ash and ember. 276 more words

Captian's Log

The Downfall of Eva

The Sensualization of Eva was said to be from a Hellish source, her virtue up until that time being considered above reproach. But he was charming to the extreme, if… 306 more words

Short Story