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Echoes Through Time – Page 150: “Seduction”

Cru the Dwarf: Now with 70% more deviancy and fan service. Lora and Katharine are really hitting things off and page 151 promises to be even… 75 more words

Echoes Through Time

Sweet Shattered Heart

Waking into a new reality,
Where secret fantasy and clandestine connections manifest most malevolent,
Is this a dream? Or have I fallen once again inside my mind? 95 more words


Dreaming Demon's Delight

The days are lamentably long
The nights are foolish with risk
To all does time prolong?
When alone and un-missed

Grasping for your touch
My eyes beg you, insist! 48 more words


Flash Fiction Friday: The Conclusion of Inconclusive Evidence

This month’s flash fiction challenge was inspired by Cast Into Ruin’s song, Inconclusive evidence.

Walking down the alleyway with flickering neon lights glistening off of the wet street I feel frustrated and angry. 449 more words


Our New Website

Recently we’ve decided to start our own website away from WordPress to help reach a wider audience and to answer questions and share experiences. Our new site is called… 60 more words


Syfy's Bitten & Lost Girl preview

Canadian supernatural Drama’s


Official Site 

The series is based on a series of books written by Kelly Armstrong.

and focuses on a Pack of werewolves whose Pack leader is based in Stonehaven manor. 607 more words


L is for Lilith

I haven’t posted any fiction in a while. Here’s a short story.


              Jason held his infant daughter in his hands and asked her a question he hardly expected her to answer. 748 more words

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