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I've chosen not to

I’ve chosen not to wear my grief and despair

like shards of broken glass or snapped razor blades

on my less-than-me person

I’ve chosen not to hurt others although my pain has…

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The Summoning, a weird tale of queer supernatural romance and erotic horror

Part One

Bathed in the radiant and warm glow of innumerable candles, the witch Hecataea knelt at the centre of the magic summoning circle. Her black hooded robe hanging loosely about her as she worked her arcane craft. 3,200 more words

Short Story

On the Taxonomy of Succubi, an excerpt from 'The Summoning and Binding of Demons'

by Celestina Blackwood
Arch adept in necromantic studies and conjuration magic

Know you of the mysterious and fabled Succubus? Have you heard the lurid and salacious rumours, which enshroud their wickedness in a cloak of lies? 942 more words


Secrets of the Succubus Revealed, an excerpt from 'Hidden Secrets of the Daemonic Realm'

by witch summoner Elspeth Fairfawn

Let me tell you now dear reader, and delver into forbidden and blasphemous mysteries, of that most wondrous and beguiling of creatures, the Succubus. 758 more words