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Visit From The Demoness

It feels like there is a jackhammer inside my head that just won’t turn off. The plethora of thoughts continue to attack me like a swarm of bees as I stare at the inside of my refrigerator. 359 more words

Creative Writing

A Gifted Psychic's Reading: Part 2

Author’s note: I recover more of your past lives.It came off much shorter, because there’s no need for introduction to your spirit guides.


The star child’s journey, continued – Dinosaur Age and Ice Age – Other incarnations of Ken that is not human, but progressively learning primitive bodies and brains before evolving into more human bodies – year unknown? 4,535 more words

A Gifted Psychic's Reading: Part 1

Hi, this is your reading. There’s too much to cover, so I have to break up in parts. I was hoping it would finish in 3 parts. 8,251 more words


A Gifted Psychics Reading: The Prequel (uncensored)

I think I gleaned enough information from your blog. It’s like, it’ s all there and your blog explained everything, and I figured what is the intent behind your questions in the first letter. 603 more words

An E-mail I'll Never Send

Dear J.,

Darling, I know you have fabricated an idealized external projection of your demented ego. You are the epitome of “class” in your opinion, there’s no doubt about that. 365 more words

Angry Email

EDSex-Files Valentine Special: Steve Mera Discusses the Incubus Phenomenon

It’s 3am. Suddenly you wake and notice the room is a funny shade of blue. You try to wake your sleeping partner, but can’t. All of a sudden you’re thrown back, your body completely paralysed. 119 more words