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Easy Woman (explicit)

I am easy

Take me out for a night-time drive.

A secluded spot you only need to find.

Kiss me, touch me, fast or slow undress me. 303 more words


Diana Longtree


by Rawclyde!


Diana the ghost

with the horizonless brains

she’s got the most

railroad track & smoothest trains


Diana Longtree

a floating miracle… 72 more words

Love Peace & Freedom

Hunters: Chapter 8 (b)

The second half of Chapter Eight of Hunters! Split in two posts due to length. Tricia find her old master Hinge’s victims in a Seattle morgue, and flashes back to the London Blitz and the night she rebelled against him. 3,156 more words


Phantasms of Night

Allergic To E Challenge

I received a challenge from my blogger friend Barrira at UNHEARDUNSPOKENCOGITATIONUM to write a paragraph without the letter E in it.  Please visit her website and enjoy the dynamic poetry she shares with the WP community.   264 more words

Hyperion Sturm

Contacting the Collective

A question often asked, is how to find a succubus that you like. A common view is that some sort of ritual must be used, and it is often complicated. 730 more words


Do I Have Spirit Kids Now?

This is a subject that many may not believe is possible.  In fact most would think is fantasy at its worst.  However those that deal with spirits and the occult in general know this is posssible and does happen.  366 more words


Shadowfae by Erica Hayes

If you want to read a book where the characters either think about or have sex on every other page, this is the book for you. 159 more words

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