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"Navel: Siobhan, Part 3" October, 2009

His tongue slowly trails down between my breasts and towards my navel in such a way that it sends chills up and down my spine. He pushes his fingers deep within me with one hand and flicks and pinches my nipple with the other. 1,595 more words

"Instep: Siobhan, Part 2" October, 2009

When I awake in the morning, I am alone. Nothing is left of Jerry and the hotel room is quiet and lonely. Not hours before, the room was filled with life, sex and ecstasy. 885 more words

"Thirst: Siobhan, Part 1" September, 2009

Hunting has become harder in the 21st Century. Not that my victims have specific protection against me and those like me. Rather, the use of security cameras and security systems, alone, can be problematic. 2,281 more words

Current Information

I think it would have been pretty obvious after reading the title of this site but I am still going to get it out in the open that my relationship with ‘her’ came to an end. 524 more words

Spirit Lover

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(For those who have already read the previous incarnation of this blog i.e. The Spiritual Journey Of A Man And His Lady Spirit, please don’t tune out just yet. 372 more words

Spirit Lover

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A snowflake, tumbles from on high, spinning…spinning, until it lands ever so softly…

“Julia. Come on, we’re leaving.” 353 more words



Should you ever visit the embassy, there, on the border of the Wildlands, a starched and sensible tour guide will undoubtedly tell you that the green room holds no significance. 122 more words