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Death row inmate gets 5-10 years for punching lawyer in court

HOLLIDAYSBURG, Pa. (AP) – A man on death row in the killing of his girlfriend in 2004 has been sentenced to 5-10 years in prison for sucker-punching his lawyer by swinging his cuffed hands during a court hearing. 106 more words


Hick's Law - Food for Thought...

Hick’s law, or the Hick–Hyman Law, named after British and American psychologists William Edmund Hick and Ray Hyman, describes the time it takes for a person to make a decision as a result of the possible choices he or she has: increasing the number of choices will increase the decision time logarithmically. 52 more words

Four in February - Week 3 Update

Just joining us? Catch up with the previous posts: intro, week 1, week 2.

This week was a touch tumultuous. It started with an ice storm that threatened to completely derail my attempt at this challenge but has ended with the goal very close to realization with one week to go. 1,293 more words


Movie Reviews 210 – Sucker Punch (2011)

Director Zack Snyder already proved he could make movies look dazzling with some of the most ambitious CGI and special effects in some of his earlier movies like Watchmen and 300. 641 more words

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Catholic School Bullies: The Mouth of the South

The son of a bitch was now in my sights. Twenty minutes ago, he thought he was funny, doggin’ me out like he did, but now it was my turn. 1,081 more words

Punched in the Gut

I finally heard back from the eating disorder treatment center. They told me that they can’t help me, and suggested a psychiatric unit instead.

Bulimia Rocks! /sarcasm