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Sucker Punch (2011)

Director: Zack Snyder

Cast: Emily Browning, Vanessa Hudgens, Abbie Cornish, Jamie Chung, Jena Malone, Carla Gugino, Jon Hamm, Oscar Isaac, Scott Glenn… 108 more words



This was a hard one to write. While watching Snowpiercer I was simultaneously thinking “this is really good” and “what is this movie?!” It is somehow campy without seeming so, and quality without the traditional signs thereof. 561 more words

Science Fiction

Filmography: The Z to A of Zack Snyder

Zack Snyder has a brief filmography so far, but an exciting one nonetheless. His career has not been without its detractors. Indeed, many see his films as little more than overwrought popcorn mobiles, with little thought for grace and beauty, and less for story and acting. 223 more words


Dream Games I'd Love To See Happen

Everybody has their favorite studios, studios that make games that one enjoys greatly. But every single gamer out there has had those moments when we think  “what if x studio made y?” 1,364 more words


Day 2 of Returning to Singledom

If you thought Day1 was hard, let me introduce you to Day2.

Day2 was not the sucker punch, I thought it would be. It was like watching a sunset and realizing its not a sunset, its a wildfire burning toward you. 388 more words


Guy Gets Beaten Badly After He Sucker Punched A Stranger

This guy picked the wrong guy to start a fight with. After he sneaks him with a punch to the throat, he gets a brutal beatdown courtesy of the guy in the green shirt.

Ann Enjoy..


This Week... Music For the Soul

Video of the Week: Begin Again

A movie about two down on their luck individuals in the music industry, who team up to create a great album in New York City. 227 more words

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