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Sly Cooper: An Appreciation

Recently I wrote an article about games that I hated as a kid but would greatly enjoy now (it can be found here) and it inspired me. 748 more words


Ass Whopping & Blackeyes - #SuckerPunchChronicles

Hey there you crazy beasts,

So today I decided to share my chronicles as an amateur kick-boxer/savateuse. It will be sort of guide/storytime post as a woman in a combat sport. 448 more words


InFamous: Second Son review - Neon Heat

Title: InFamous: Second Son
Alternative title: InFamous 3
Developers: Sucker Punch Productions
Publishers: Sony Computer Entertainment
Genre: Action-adventure
Engine: In-house engine
Format: PS4 (reviewed)
Release: 3,328 more words


Sucker Punch Review: I Hate Zach Snyder

Beware of spoilers if you haven’t seen this yet. Also beware of anger. Lots of anger.

Sucker Punch came out in 2011 and I saw it a couple of years after. 1,472 more words


The Best Animation Tricks of the Trade

In this GDC 2016 session, Riot Games’ Alex Lehmann is joined by 5th Cell’s Amy Drobeck-Jones, ILM’s Jean-Denis Haas, Sucker Punch’s Billy Harper, Epic Games’ Jay Hosfelt, and Phoenix Labs’ Simon Unger as they explain the best tips and tricks for improving your craft as an animator.


Mirror's Edge: Point of View

I’m writing an article on Mirror’s Edge at the moment – once it’s all drawn up I’m hoping to send it off to a journal and get it published. 1,101 more words

Video Games & Narrative

What Are They Up To?

As time marches on, I’ve found myself thinking of what’s coming down the pipeline from various developers. Some have been more up front than others, but here are three of my favorites who have been quiet for varying chunks of time. 521 more words