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An Exploration of my Uncanny Youth

Between the ages of 12 and 16 I was an odd, loud and rather selfish young adult. I was fascinated with blood, I wore ridiculous clothes from Hot Topic, and I shaved my head. 1,020 more words



“Suck it,”
you say it
between clenched teeth.
The pleasure
of my touch
more than you can handle,
and my tongue
licks your shaft. 146 more words

Sucking and having fun anyway ...

As a runner you know that there will be run days that do not go as planned. Not. At. All.

Today a few of my friends and I ran the Hollywood Half Marathon. 264 more words

A Piece Of Me

I'm Failing

Not gonna lie, obviously my hill-walking-photo-taking adventures are in short supply. I’d like to be that girl, the one who casually cruises on up jagged mountains with a light display in the sky around her; who can carry ten tonnes of camera equipment without flinching, and crave only a pot of fruit as I labour on up toward the summit. 118 more words


Sucking My Thumb?!?!

I m in my friggin 30s and have just started sucking my phone for the first time in my life. Never sucked my thumb as a child/baby. 86 more words

How to Stop Thumb Sucking

When Asher was a baby I tried desperately to get him to take a pacifier, and it worked…for a while. As soon as he discovered his thumbs, all bets were off. 854 more words

My Life

Your Script is Terrible.

Was that mean? I’m sorry to say, it’s true.

It’s a lousy script. The characters, they’re flat boring and predictable. The plot!? Trite! Your script has second act problems, sooo many second act problems. 715 more words

Writing Education