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Ties that bind...

In supplication I surrender my will to your desires

Lead me by the ties that bind and extinguish my burning fires

Blindfold me and strip me bare, have me kneel before you as you sit there… 390 more words

Erotic Fiction

Friends with benefits.


Not long ago I hooked up with an old friend that was eager to suck my she cock, taking the fat cock deep inside her warm mouth folding her lucious lips around shaft making my cock hard and ready for her tight cunt. 61 more words




You came into my life like a meteor crashing to earth

Changing everything I’d known from the time of my birth

I never thought it possible to ever find love, 479 more words

Erotic Fiction

The Importance of Sucking

I’m writing this from a cafe near my house instead of from the comfortably window-adjacent table at my house. I had to get out to be able to concentrate. 476 more words


Adele Is Only Saying “Hello” To Me

BY Tapan Trivedi

I am pissed right now, not because it took my babe Adele 1113 days to finally release a new single, I know since I am a true fan and marked each day with a tally on my wall, but because all of these phonies on Facebook and just about everywhere else saying they are in love with Adele. 280 more words


Oh hi. 

Hello there.

I was just relaxing, and I found my thumb.

14 more words


Passenger seat

He sat there
in the passenger seat
There was no drive
in mind
No life changing
Her hand slowly
rubbed up his
strong thigh… 161 more words