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Why do I like sucking Him..

When I first started to realise that submission to men or women was that important to me, it quickly became important for me to test the theory and understand what I liked or didn’t like. 443 more words


Chapter Seven: Gone Golfing

I mean…you can call it golfing if you just go and hit balls at the range right?

This was the extent of my exercise today.  I’ve been having some stomach issues the past two days and it’s been a bit wobbly, but after about 3 today I finally felt better and I met up with my dad to hit some golf balls at the range.   125 more words


Apartment for Rent

I was traveling for work when I had a break in the day and being the horny one I am decided to get online and see if I could get into anything. 591 more words


how to get rid of a hickey

waking up with a thing in your neck is not nice

especially when it is a hickey

and you have no idea how it got there! 21 more words


The Friend

I have this friend, I would say we are pretty good friends, but just friends. When we first met there was mutual attraction but we both decided that being friends was best for us, seeing how he was moving out of the country soon. 844 more words