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The Hotel - Chapter 2

Room 704

The elevator ride up to the 7th floor seemed to take but a second. The conversation that had begun at dinner was flowing just as smoothly now as it had in the dining room below. 2,620 more words

Prajapathi, her navel (II)

Prajapathi, warm goddess,
On the bed forbidden to me by your
Fruitless marriage, when I
First freed you of your arresting robes
And feasted – like first man – 119 more words

Erotic Poetry

Good Morning

Amber roused from her sleep, she could tell that it was still early. Her husband was laying beside her, still very much asleep. She thought to herself how lucky their marriage was to have worked out. 787 more words

Learning to Suck

After years of being told that I have to be perfect when I write, I found myself reaching a point where I couldn’t get anything done. 626 more words

I'm ready

I remember it as if it were yesterday. As we walked into the house, I felt my body preparing for what was yet to come. He told me to get comfortable while he put on some music. 342 more words


Prajapathi, after sucking

I told you, don’t moan,
I told you not to make slurpy sounds
When you run your mouth over my dick,
And you were hurt that I said so, 185 more words

Erotic Poetry

On Your Kness (Cocksucker)

I recently ran an ad in a Swingers Magazine advertising myself as a cocksucker looking for preferably straight or bi guys looking for a no reciprocation blowjob. 1,869 more words