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Graphic Photos: Mother Burns Little Daughter’s Hand In Horrific Attempt To Stop Her From Sucking Finger

According to a Nigerian lady Enemuo Nneka, who posted the photos on Facebook but didn’t disclose when or where the incident happened. She wrote.

“What a mother did to her daughter all because she wants to stop her from sucking her finger,is that not madness of d highest order?people shud pls desist from listening to advice of frienemies dat pretends to be friends,hearts of man d bible said is desperately wicked,u dont know if she harbors ill-feelings for u yet pretends to be a gud friend,it was her friend DAT adviced her to do such now see d result”


Sucking in Life

Sucking at Life written in bold shadowed letters

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Discovering How Much Failing Can Suck

Discovering How Much Failing Can Suck

 By Eric Dahlinger

Failure, I believe is one of the hardest feelings to face as a human being.  We are bombarded with messaging of “failure is not an option”, and on top of that I grew up in a society that almost wouldn’t let me fail, aka participation trophies and such.   510 more words

In The House Of God

For the most part, I just go to church on the major holidays like Easter and Christmas. It didn’t always used to be that way. Growing up, my parents dragged me to church every Sunday until high school sports and a part time job freed me from that weekly weekend boredom. 1,979 more words


My Girlfriend Mom Part 1

I was just about to leave work when I received Helen’s text.

“Hey Tom at airport it’s snowing, hopefully leaving soon, can’t wait 2 get red d 4 u”. 1,875 more words


The Art of Sucking Cock-Lesson One

When sucking dick, it’s important to remember one thing. YOU LIKE SUCKING DICK. If you don’t like sucking it, you should end this lesson immediately and return to your boring lifestyle. 929 more words