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Yes, Sucking is Frustrating

I’m sure it happens to everyone. You step out of your comfort zone (maybe you felt adventurous or someone forced you) and then when first start, it’s like “ugh, I hate myself” and “why can’t I get this right?” 178 more words


Crazy Georgia pt.3 2/2

Me: “You are the best, stand up.”

Her: (Still sucking)

Me: “Stand up!”

Her: (Sucking more passionately)

To myself: “She’s not hearing shit. She’s in her zone.. 246 more words

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What Is That Sucking Feeling?

I continue to practice taiji and qigong, and every morning I do seated meditation on my sofa with my cat in my lap—but the practice that’s really got me wondering what’s gonna happen next is my standing meditation practice. 1,340 more words



Nirvana or ‘snuffing out’ is the state of enlightenment achieved when karma and craving are extinguished – clearly nothing at all to do with the Seattle grunge scene. 653 more words

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Introducing: The Womanizer

Ladies, there is a new product that I want to tell you all about called the Womanizer. (Yes, I know that the name is a bit of a turn off). 245 more words

Sucking Loudly

I love my pacifier. Babies like to suck things. If it’s not a pacifier, then anything else will do. Our feet, our toys, the buttons on your shirt, your nose, our hands, your hands, and anything that comes within grabbing distance. 312 more words


Sucking robot arm wins Amazon Picking Challenge

A robotic arm that combines a suction cup, a “two-fingered” gripper and a 3D depth-sensing camera has won Amazon’s latest warehouse bot competition. 705 more words