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The best poster I ever made

From the archives of law school, a little something I made to hang on the wall. It seems appropriate right now.

Stupid People

This website sucks

Okay, so my promise to you (probably just myself) is that I’ll write and post something everyday.

I don’t care what it is. And at first I expect it to suck. 42 more words


Why Do We All Suck So Much?

I have to ask, why do we all suck so much? And the only reason I ask this is because for starters, I feel like I can speak as an authority on general suckage because I am the way that I am. 500 more words

Why do I like sucking Him..

When I first started to realise that submission to men or women was that important to me, it quickly became important for me to test the theory and understand what I liked or didn’t like. 443 more words


Seven and still sucking his thumb

By Daisy Florin

The baby comes out of the womb ready to suck, its tiny, toothless mouth as powerful as a Hoover and, more often than not, clamped onto your nipple. 1,005 more words


Chapter Seven: Gone Golfing

I mean…you can call it golfing if you just go and hit balls at the range right?

This was the extent of my exercise today.  I’ve been having some stomach issues the past two days and it’s been a bit wobbly, but after about 3 today I finally felt better and I met up with my dad to hit some golf balls at the range.   125 more words