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Clover sucks a stranger in the cinema

I was in the cinema when he sat next to me. It is one of those cinemas where they have double seats, and he settled down with a bottle of water. 664 more words

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Clover sucks Chad for mummy

Oh Chad. I will never forget my shift with Chad.

Chad was the second of the football team. Eight incises of hot circumcised cock and a face like a ten year old in trouble with teacher. 903 more words

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Should I swallow cum?

Look at this girls. This is a penis. One of my favourites. If like me you like giving him oral, learn to swallow. So here are my thoughts. 826 more words

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Clover watches the headmaster use Miss Akin

I watched from behind his curtains as she came in. Miss Akin. I hated her. One of those teachers that just likes to talk to you as if you’re scum. 990 more words

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Clover 2: my elderly neighbour sucks me to orgasm

The next day I couldn’t concentrate on anything. I veered from excitement to horror. I was going to let an OLD Man suck my titties. But I could trust him to do only that AND he was paying me… 983 more words


Clover 3: Kevin sucks my titties

The day that changed my life was probably about two days after Henry Jones had sucked my nipples.

They were still bruised. They ached and throbbed and tingled and contantly REMINDED me of his hot, toothless gums gnoshing on me. 854 more words


Introducing: The Womanizer

Ladies, there is a new product that I want to tell you all about called the Womanizer. (Yes, I know that the name is a bit of a turn off). 245 more words