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School Days

School is something that mostly all teens in America dread. I, myself, hate school with a passion. I honestly hate it with everything in me. We have to wake up early, we’re expected to be on top of everything, make tremendous grades, have friends, and be nice to everyone. 617 more words

Butt Head

You’re such a shitty butt head.  You smoke and that says much more about you than you are ready to admit about yourself.  Other people see through you but they let it slide.   299 more words

Things aren't "hard"

If you don’t want to be a lonely outcast you might consider shutting your flapping trap about how “hard” everything is.  Things aren’t “hard”.  They may take a lot of effort, have unpleasant aspects, or require that we do things we don’t enjoy doing but that doesn’t make them hard. 347 more words

Always Have a Plan B

One of my main goals in life is to have enough money so that I am never trapped in a job or a situation that I do not want to be in. 372 more words


I’ve been pretty lucky in my life so far to say that before last week, I could honestly say I could not remember the last time I’ve felt betrayed by a friend. 761 more words


Trek Across America Redux: Day One

Date: March 19, 2011

Start: Oxford, OH

End: Kansas City, MO

Distance: 582 miles

Quote of the Day: “No matter where we go, we’re going to end up in Tennessee” 780 more words


I fear for the world

I loathe this man … and that’s really all I’ve got to say about the topic.

Okay … well, that’s a lie. There’s a lot more I’d love to say, but I’d also rather not be fired for flying off the handle at someone who obviously lacks the ability to entertain another person’s perspective on an issue and who uses god to justify being completely ignorant and bigoted. 47 more words