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Does Fructose Lead to Overeating?

New research suggests that there is a difference in the way the brain reacts to fructose when compared to glucose, with negative implications for our health. 393 more words



Congratulations to team members Joe Williams and Luke Batchelor for being picked up by the Arbor team. They make great boards and wheels, so head on over there if you haven’t already. 11 more words

Gula dan Diabetes Tipe 2

Di masyarakat, diabetes sudah dianggap identik dengan penyakit gula, atau penyakit karena kebanyakan makan gula, atau penyakit dimana kita harus membatasi konsumsi gula.

Kali ini, saya coba informasikan mengenainya “gula” nya. 427 more words

Dextrose: The Other White Sugar

In a previous post that I wrote entitled The Sugar (Does Not) Help the Medicine Go Down, I discussed how eating table sugar (aka sucrose) bothers my stomach even though it is allowed on the FODMAP diet and therefore I try to avoid it as much as possible. 644 more words

Ain’t it sweet – Which alternative sweetener is my best bet? (Part 1)

Maple syrup, agave nectar, coconut sugar, honey – the list goes on. These days, there seems to be a constant buzz around the newest and “healthiest” alternative sweeteners, since sugar is seen as the number one enemy. 1,015 more words

Create the Aura of Yours

Human body is composed of and remains functional with six foundation stones called ‘Dhatu’ in Ayurveda. These are Plasma, Blood, Flesh, Cartilage, Bones and Marrow. On these formed in good condition, finally Aura of golden glow is formed along with semen of the person. 646 more words