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Stop pretending that sugar is healthy

Nothing like getting knocked on your ass by illness to stop the blogging action, eh? Anyway, let’s get back into it.

It looks so wholesome, doesn’t it? 281 more words


Van bitter tot zoeter-dan-zoethouders

Over smaak valt niet te twisten. Onze smaakbeleving is niet alleen genetisch bepaald en leeftijdsgebonden, weet Dr. Evelien Rozema, maar bijvoorbeeld ook afhankelijk van onze darmen en onze neus. 552 more words

Unsafe Treated Golden Jumbo Raisins

How do we identify the raisins are treated, manufactures will extract essences “dextrose” from original raisins. What is dextrose? Dextrose is simple sugar that is made from corn and is… 7 more words


Triple Sugar Iron Agar (TSI)

The TSI is a multiple test medium. Its a slanted medium with a deep butt that is used to further investigate Gram-negative microorganisms. It differentiates the microbes by their ability to ferment glucose, lactose and/or sucrose with or without the production of gas and production of hydrogen sulfide. 383 more words

Sucrose Industry: Global Market Size, Growth, Trends, Share and 2022 Forecast Report

Sucrose Industry 2017 Market Research Report first off opinions the primary statistics on Sucrose such as its classification, utility or technical technology. The record after explores world then China’s pinnacle manufacturers of Sucrose list their product specification, capacity, Production value, and need part etc. 489 more words

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