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Raging Wars Against a Passive Enemy.

I haven’t posted in a while and I should apologise for this super long discourse but I want to express my views on an issue that has been brought to the fore in recent times. 1,337 more words

Triple Sugar Iron Agar (TSI)

The TSI is a multiple test medium. Its a slanted medium with a deep butt that is used to further investigate Gram-negative microorganisms. It differentiates the microbes by their ability to ferment glucose, lactose and/or sucrose with or without the production of gas and production of hydrogen sulfide. 383 more words


Sucrose Industry: Global Market Size, Growth, Trends, Share and 2022 Forecast Report

Sucrose Industry 2017 Market Research Report first off opinions the primary statistics on Sucrose such as its classification, utility or technical technology. The record after explores world then China’s pinnacle manufacturers of Sucrose list their product specification, capacity, Production value, and need part etc. 489 more words

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Sucralose - The Zero Calorie

Sucralose is an artificial sugar and is now is mostly recommended by medical practitioners. The other most commonly used artificial sugar is Aspartame. Since Aspartame is now being linked to its carcinogenic properties, sucralose has gained the desired popularity. 111 more words

An investigation suggests Big Sugar hid evidence of sucrose’s health effects

The real truth about sugar isn’t very easy to swallow.

It’s incredibly difficult to avoid sugar in your diet. Globally, we generate over 170 million metric tons… 802 more words

Understanding Carbs

We’ve reviewed proteins and fats as energy sources. The final energy source seems to be the most controversial; carbohydrates. While some athletes load up on them, other fitness experts try to avoid them all together. 730 more words