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Some interesting facts from Suda 51's Killer7 on its 10th birthday

It’s 2005 and some of the best games of the generation are about to be unleashed upon the world.

Resident Evil 4, God of War, F.E.A.R., Shadow of the Colossus, and Psychonauts are just a few of those now legendary titles, but there’s one more. 1,058 more words


Suda 51 Hopes To Release No More Heroes 3 By 2040

In a recent interview with GamesReactor, legendary developer Goichi Suda “Suda 51” (No More Heroes, killer7, Killer is Dead) hopes to revisit the… 150 more words


The Art of Grasshopper Manufacture: Suda51 on industry limitations & creative freedom

First off, you should buy this for the artwork. There is some brilliant artistry on display.

From Killer Is Dead to Shadows of the Damned to Sine Mora to Lollipop Chainsaw to No More Heroes to Killer7 to Flower, Sun, & Rain to The Silver Case and back again, this has something for everyone. 1,075 more words

Kill The Past

GameLab 2015 Speakers rooster (@Gamelab)

GameLab is likely to be the biggest gaming-related event in Spain, or at least the one that garners more international attention, and part of that is due to the increasing quality of their speakers. 756 more words


Turbine Philosophy #4 - Sounds pretty good to me

Seems like I’m the only one who hasn’t written anything related to music on this blog thing, so let’s get to it. Although, when it comes to music, my technical perception and my conceptual vocabulary aren’t as keen as those of my colleagues, what I’m about to show you comes from the position of a layman admittedly, but one who enjoys appreciating musical works. 1,241 more words

Turbine Philosophy

Turbine Philosophy #3 - The day 2014 forgot (or simply ignored)

In July of 2013, Japanese cinemas saw the debut of a compilation of short films as part of a project in which “Japan” was highlighted being its general theme. 1,334 more words

Turbine Philosophy