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Suda 51 Teases A Sequel

Suda 51 is working on Travis Strikes Again No More Heroes. But it seems that might not be the only thing he is working on. He sits down with Famitsu teasing something else is coming our way. 88 more words


Suda 51 On Travis Strikes Again & Killer 7 Remaster

Suda 51 sat down at GDC 2018 to talk about Travis Strikes Again No More Heroes  and Killer 7 Remaster. Something I didn’t even know was being made. 483 more words


Travis Strikes Again No More Heroes Gameplay From GDC 2018

Travis Strikes Again No More Heroes is at GDC (game developer conference) 2018. What that means is that we get to see gameplay of Travis and Badman as they fight there way through the system check it out. 12 more words


No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle Review

Its vibrant and unique personality transcends its limited gameplay and powers the game onto greatness

In a way, designing a game, like building pretty much anything from the ground up, comes down to doing a lot of little things right – or wrong – and then finding a way to integrate them nicely – or poorly – to form a single glorious – or disastrous – package. 1,288 more words


Travis Strikes Again No More Heroes Gameplay

Travis Strikes Again No More Heroes is something Suda fan are looking forward to as it has been awhile since we have seen Travis. But we know very little of this great assassins return. 40 more words


Game Review: No More Heroes

In case you didn’t know, I’m kinda, sorta, maybe, somewhat, little bit of a geek. Yes, back before every IP had a billion dollar universe and Comic Con was actually about comics(Dana Gould’s joke, not mine), Being a nerd was a stereotype. 1,183 more words

Game Review

Jumping the Soapbox: Games of 2017 (Part 1)

I tend to play a lot of video games whenever I’m procrastinating on whatever movie review I desperately need to get finished, or whenever I need to settle the existential panic of the world collapsing around us in some horrifying slow motion train wreck that many of us have been cheering on for terrible reasons and everyone else is trying desperately to prevent.  2,884 more words

Jumping The Soapbox