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There's hope for a third installment of No More Heroes!

You may remember a small cult classic titled No More Heroes, originally released, along with its sequel on the Wii, with the original also finding a home on the PS3 eventually as well. 219 more words

No More Heroes Review


Well, I just finished my last review over a month ago (sorry for the delay), so let’s complete this review to end all reviews for the Nintendo Wii once and for all! 5,308 more words


Shadows of the Damned | Developer Interview

These days it’s tough for a new video game to stick out either because of the bigger games taking up the spotlight or because people just aren’t interested in new IPs at times.  2,279 more words

Developer Interview

Killer Is Dead (PS3) | REVIEW

The direction a video game can take is something that never ceases to amaze me.  Of course as a player I may have an inkling as to what will be bestowed upon me in an experience given the particular genre of a title or the hype that surrounds the development studio.  2,416 more words


The Silver Case Comparison: PS1 VS PC

By popular… by semi-popular… okay, because three people asked me to, sheesh.

PS1 opening, original resolution.

(PS1 Title Screens)

(This is how you select between the main chapters and the journalist chapters.) 28 more words

Gaming Obscura

The Silver Case -- A New Phase For Japanese Adventure Games On PC?

I found the time to try out the demo for the PC remake of Suda51’s The Silver Case, which got me to look at a trend that seems to be increasing on PC these days — visual novels and Japanese adventure games. 551 more words


The Silver Case demo is on Steam. For real.

As some of you may recall, around eight months ago, I was bandying about the notion of a fan translation for this little crazy game. 239 more words

Gaming Obscura