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Nintendo Switch: Good Games, Weak Launch, Bad Presentation

After a couple months of waiting, we finally got to learn more details about Nintendo’s new handheld/home console hybrid, and it’s still looking to be a decent console despite the less than stellar presentation and a weak launch line up. 659 more words

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No More Heroes Sequel

While we were seeing what games would come out for Nintendo switch fans were surprised Suda 51. The man is best known for No More Heroes as fans have been asking him to make another. 34 more words


Day #362: Let It Die

It feels impossible to say anything about a Suda 51 game without also making some sort of comment about the man himself. I suppose this is how he prefers it, seeing as everything he creates, for better or worse, has his signature all over it. 904 more words

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Review: LET IT DIE

Lets try to survive LET IT DIE

Alright so honestly, this game wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be for a free to play game. 217 more words

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Grasshopper's Latest is Surprisingly Free to Play

Stylistic, bloody violence is a Grasshopper Manufacturer staple. Between well known creator Suda51 and Killer is Dead director Hideyuki Shin, the studio has plenty of experience when it comes to slicing and dicing enemies in blood soaked fashion. 384 more words


There's hope for a third installment of No More Heroes!

You may remember a small cult classic titled No More Heroes, originally released, along with its sequel on the Wii, with the original also finding a home on the PS3 eventually as well. 219 more words

No More Heroes Review


Well, I just finished my last review over a month ago (sorry for the delay), so let’s complete this review to end all reviews for the Nintendo Wii once and for all! 5,308 more words