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Sudan dies

The last northern white male rhino Sudan takes his last breath

The 45 aged rhino succumbs to age related illnesses at the olpejeta conservancy in kenya


The last white male rhino succumbs to old age age illnesses

The last male northern white rhinoceros took his last breath on Monday at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya . 34 more words

RIP, Sudan

This video provides interesting information on the loss of the last male Northern White Rhino, Sudan.



Fire Fingers

When Harambe was shot, the gorilla, I felt nothing. Zilch. Too many people were eulogizing the dead gorilla-like he meant something to them. Their words were laid with so much emotion you’d think on occasional Sundays they would grab cold pints with the chap and watch premier league highlights. 1,188 more words


Newsday: refugees in Israel

yesterday morning (wednesday 21st), 5.11-5.17am, 5.33-5.42am, 6.07-6.16am, 6.33-6.42am, 7.07-7.17am, 7.33-7.42am, and 8.07-8.16am, on bbc world service radio
newsday (presented by julian keane and lawrence pollard) leads with … 187 more words

Equality at last, as last male ‘Northern White Rhino’ dies.

SUDAN, THE LAST surviving male northern white rhino has died, after months of poor health, his carers have confirmed.

Whilst there has been an outpour of sadness across social media, mainly from intellects, scientists and animal-lovers, some striving for complete and utter equality among all beings have been equally vocal. 212 more words


And Eulogies Later...

It’s 5:30 in the evening.
There’s plenty of light near the horizon,
Summer is setting in,
And I’m not quite used to it yet.
It’s too early for dawn it seems. 393 more words