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Bereavement - Time Out

The last 11 months have been the worst of my entire life and I have struggled to understand how my heart still beats, how I manage to get out of bed, to get dressed and to function. 118 more words

Empty Nest Syndrome

As every mother knows we raise our children and know at one stage that they will spread their wings and off they go. Now don’t get me wrong I am fine with my own company, in fact it’s quite nice to have some peace and quiet. 226 more words

The Inquest - The Fall Out Week

After falling apart on the night of the Inquest I have struggled, really struggled since, I am experiencing flashbacks, sleepless nights, the fatigue has returned and I feel like I am back in the early stages again, minus ‘The Fog’.

Bereavement - Mothers Day

My 1st Mothers Day without Anton. In fact it was my 1st Mothers Day spent virtually on my own, I only got to see my youngest son and that was briefly, the other boys were busy, and sent flowers in the post. 75 more words

Bereavement - Triggers

Triggers, reminders call them what you will, they have the ability to appear out of nowhere and completely floor you, they can take your breath away, make you feel faint and make you cry. 162 more words

Bereavement Months 6 - 9

The fog is still with me and now I was fast approaching ‘The Firsts’. The first Halloween (Anton loved handing out the treats), the first Bonfire Night, the first birthday without him, the first remembrance parade and the six month anniversary of losing him. 289 more words

Bereavement Months 3 - 6

Fog, fog and fog. Yes I still live in the fog. Three months in and it’s still intense, it’s still unbelievable, but there has been a fundamental change. 224 more words