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one week after you left

It was only a week after she left and the “feelings” started flowing.  I couldn’t control what was being written, so I just let it flow. 544 more words


Storytime: A Thousand Words Worth A Picture

Memories have a funny way of creeping up on you when you least expect them to. Once upon a time, I would spend many of my nights lying in bed with depressing songs playing on repeat in the background. 2,435 more words



My brother wrote this a year ago about our dad. I could describe him better myself, Jeremy captured him beautifully. He is an amazing, loving father and looked out for everyone. 1,537 more words


Living with EVA

Written by Sarah and Laura of Arthurwears

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Sudden hearing loss in a child can come as a huge shock. 1,584 more words

Hearing Loss

My Final Gift to my Father: This Burden

Unsuspecting subjects of the fates is what we become.  Persons wandering the land only to be shackled by a yoke fashioned in the randomness of life.  1,121 more words


What a Life to Take!

“He was such an amazing person”. Every time a person passes away, we hear this. I will admit that sometimes I wonder if people just say that to be nice. 308 more words

A Prayer of Lament &  Forgiveness 

How Lonely sits the city where silence now resides

The doorways are clean and empty, the water basins full

Yet, there are no ripples in the water… 344 more words