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Too Soon Spirited Away

Too soon, two months, today- child spirited away.
Veil of tears, wailing moans, allayed by One True Throne.
Child of love, gift of light, sees now with heaven’s sight. 39 more words


Four Practical Steps for When Devastation Hits

We all face times in our lives when things are so intensely difficult, it’s almost too much to bear.

Whether it’s the loss of a job, a loved one or an unexpected devastation that shakes you to your core (like the senseless tragedy in Orlando this past week or the tragic death of the two year old child at Disney), the pain is sharp, deep and very real.   278 more words

Life Lessons


Grief, what a mind game it is. It is the most intense, deep emotion I have ever felt. One minute you are focusing on what’s next in life (because, let’s face it, what else can you do?), the next minute you are completely losing it on your living room couch, or your car, or in front of the pizza shop. 1,049 more words

"Don't Judge a Book by its Cover"

From the desk of the ASG

It has been a frantically busy few months and coupled with several periods of mourning has not left me with a lot of time for anything. 684 more words


It is with a heavy heart that I write this post, we lost a part of our family this weekend.  Cooper, one of our nearly 10 year old Yorkies, got sick suddenly and is now reunited with my sister, who is undoubtedly singing him nonsense songs while cuddling with him. 332 more words

Living with Loss

People say grief comes in waves. In shock, especially with sudden loss like with losing my Marky, the world is turned into a nightmare within the split second it took the police who showed up at my door to tell me that the love of my life was found dead in the street that afternoon… and I did not find that grief came in waves. 1,119 more words


To Choose Pain

Written Oct 11:
It’s been a long week. Most of my stuff has sat in storage since Drew died three years ago. And before that, probably half those boxes hadn’t been opened in years. 956 more words

Learning To Live Again