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Explaining the unexplainable… You wake up at 4am drenched in sweat…

You wake up at 4am drenched in sweat. Other people tell you reality takes a minute to hit but for you it punches you fresh in the face… your partner is dead. 467 more words


Twas The Night Before Christmas

As with any defining moment in your life, you can reflect back on the time known as before, and the time called after. Christmas Eve 2016 is that moment.

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Soul Management: sudden loss!

Everything in human life,

except our spirit and love,

is perishable!

But sudden loss can take you

totally by surprise!

A sunset is fabulous while it lasts, … 55 more words


goodbye, too soon

I am confused. Bewildered. So, so angry. How could this happen again?

This time, the sudden loss of my dad didn’t shatter as much as the sudden loss of my mom and uncle. 238 more words


From the kitchen of Mama B

It’s the 2 year crapiversary. Words cannot express how much my Mama and Uncle are loved and missed. Sometimes when the missing gets to be too much I retreat to the kitchen for childhood comfort food, always found in my Mama’s recipes. 69 more words