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Interview: Ferry x Canvas Conversations

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Teamwork is key in any sort of collaboration – and when we sat down with homegrown musicians Namie Rasma, the vocalist of Canvas Conversations, and Ferry (real name Jean Low), the synergy between the two artists is almost electric. 643 more words


How to give user sudo less access to command

Edit the file /etc/sudoers:

Cmnd_Alias JENKINS_CMDS = /bin/systemctl start jenkins, /bin/systemctl restart jenkins, /bin/systemctl stop jenkins, /bin/systemctl status jenkins

This will give jenkins group access to commands in JENKINS_CMDS

Defining FreeIPA Sudo Rule - Part 6

Step 1: Create FreeIPA Sudo command groups

# ipa sudocmdgroup-add linux-dev --desc="Development User"
Added Sudo Command Group "linux-dev"
Sudo Command Group: linux-dev…
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Audit sudo docker usage


grep -E "sudo:.*docker.*exec.*" /var/log/secure | grep -vE -- "(-u|--user)"
grep -E "sudo:.*docker.*exec.*" /var/log/secure | grep -E -- '(-u|--user)\s*root'


One way to secure docker is to allow users to run it with sudo. 209 more words

iTunes loves BT headphones

I never used iTunes for music management and playback. Except when I absolutely had to and that was to manage my iPod Touch back in the day. 468 more words


Find used files in /etc/sudoers.d/

Sudo, when given the #includedir /etc/sudoers.d/ directive, will read files in that directory.

According to its man page, it does not interpret files whose names include a dot or end with a tilde ~. 33 more words