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Better sudo messages

There is a nice feature to increase the “usefulness” of your error message when a user enters a wrong password.

Just add to /etc/sudoers the following line: 174 more words


"sudo" required for all Ionic Framework and Cordova commands

I am building my first Ionic Framework app. So far, Ionic Framework is super fast to setup and performs really well. We’ll se how it performs once I have started using a lot of images and content in the app. 165 more words


Linux tutorijal 10 - sudo i gksudo

U ovom tutorijalu govorim o komandama gksudo i sudo.

Open Source

Install Rails the correct way on OSX: common errors

Maybe one of the things that are really hard for a beginner is installing (in a correct way) frameworks, gems, databases, etc. Here is a guide for correctly installing Rails, which is a web application framework with rbenv. 789 more words


The Importance of Standard Processes

In my regular job, I manage a network security engineering team for a Fortune 50 company with over 200,000 employees. We work hard to develop standard processes so that we work smarter and more efficiently. 528 more words

Raspberry Pi

Run graphical tools with root permissions safely in Ubuntu

1. Using GKSu :

GKSu is a library that provides a Gtk+ frontend to su and sudo, so it’s allows you to run a graphical… 251 more words