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SSH.NET & echo | sudo -S

This is an extension on yesterdays post about getting the test harness to connect to vSphere.  I am going to show how to use SSH.NET… 675 more words

Rsync dengan Opsi sudo dan Perubahan Kepemilikan

Dulu pernah nulis manual rsync, tapi rasanya ada beberapa opsi yg belum saya tulis. Kali ini, saya butuh untuk menyalin folder dari lokal ke peladen di awan namun lokasi tujuan membutuhkan penggunaan sudo. 70 more words


Customize Root-Level Access Using "sudo" for a Linux User

Problem: How to add/delete user, then assign, and customize root’s privileges under sudo command for a Linux user?

  • Add a user in Linux
$ sudo adduser newuser
… 281 more words
Add User

Sudo: Great Power, Great Responsibility

This post should really be called How to modify the /etc/hosts file on a Mac but how do you resist an opportunity to hail Sudo? 140 more words


Install Mongo and NodeJs to linux server

sudo yum install mongodb-server

sudo yum install mongodb

sudo service mongod start / enable 

sudo chkconfig mongod on 

sudo service mongod stop 

sudo service mongod restart… 25 more words


List sudo for another user

If you want to get permissions for another user as root.

Run the below command

sudo -U  USERHERE -l

# Provided that sudo is installed and you are not already root, this script
# will run itself using sudo

dirname=$(dirname “$0”)
[ !

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