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For those who use Ubuntu on a regular basis or fiddle with it a bit and find that there is that one command that you need but cannot remember it, 34 more words


Log of sudo commands

I recently discovered that a user on a server had accidentally killed my program. Many users, including me, on this server have sudo permissions. So, I guess the kill was carried out by using sudo. 100 more words

Enable sudo without password in Ubuntu/Debian

You probably know that in Ubuntu/Debian, you should not run as the root user, but should use the sudo command instead to run commands that require… 197 more words


Quick Tip: SUDO timeout

So, you’ve been playing with your Ubuntu distribution around, and suddenly you require sudo privileges in order to change or install a special feature. Thus, you enter your password and grant that privilege access to your computer. 340 more words


Debian Installation

When I setup a Debian server there’s a few basic things I do to get it online.

First steps boot from the netinst CD and follow the installer. 391 more words


How To Edit the Sudoers File on Ubuntu and CentOS


Privilege separation is one of the fundamental security paradigms implemented in Linux and Unix-like operating systems. Regular users operate with limited privileges in order to reduce the scope of their influence to their own environment, and not the wider operating system. 2,385 more words


User Management dan SUDO (Super User Do)

A. Manajemen User

Pada sistem operasi yang sebagian besar pengoperasiannya dilakukan dengan command line, contohnya Linux, pasti memerlukan manajemen user. Karena suatu komputer tidak hanya dapat diakses oleh 1 orang pengguna saja, maka manajemen user sangat diperlukan. 616 more words

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