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[VTxTT] Đã khuya (1)

12h30′, đêm tịch mịch đang trôi…

‘A,xin lỗi đã làm phiền, anh có phải là thầy Trần Tường của trường nội trú King World đó không ?’ 854 more words

Đoản Văn

Welcoming spring flowers and houseguests

It’s April! Spring has sprung! By which I mean, temperatures are still mostly in the 30s and 40s, and when it creeps into the 50s it’s usually accompanied by rain or mist. 167 more words


sudo, gksudo, pkexec and Graphical Applications in *buntu

This one is inspired by How To Run Gedit And Nautilus As Root With pkexec Instead Of gksu on WebUp8.

When you need to perform a task outside your home directory you need to have access to root. 522 more words


How to add a user to sudoers file?

You need root access to add a user to the sudoers file. Enter as root user:

# su -

and put in the root password. Then use this command… 39 more words


First therapy dog visit

In February – blizzardy, blizzardy February (and YES, spellcheck, “blizzardy” is a word, it’s like you’ve never even been to New England. Are you based in San Francisco? 403 more words


ownCloud v8 to v8.0.2 update: KILLING DEBIAN SOFTLY

I talk a lot about ownCloud v8 (Community) on a Debian 7 installation. I own one of these installs myself. Recently, there’s a new v8.0.2 update and there’s a… 242 more words

Graphics and Croutons

Oh boy I’ve had a busy couple of days! Awhile back, I think I mentioned this, I installed xfce linux over top my chrome os. I used crouton and I actually much prefer this to a dual boot since I can switch back and forth at any time with just a few buttons and everything stays put as it was. 235 more words