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ownCloud v8 to v8.0.2 update: KILLING DEBIAN SOFTLY

I talk a lot about ownCloud v8 (Community) on a Debian 7 installation. I own one of these installs myself. Recently, there’s a new v8.0.2 update and there’s a… 242 more words

Graphics and Croutons

Oh boy I’ve had a busy couple of days! Awhile back, I think I mentioned this, I installed xfce linux over top my chrome os. I used crouton and I actually much prefer this to a dual boot since I can switch back and forth at any time with just a few buttons and everything stays put as it was. 235 more words


Part 1: Setting up TeamSpeak on a VPS on Debian 7.6 Wheezy

Many VPS owners do not allow DDOS prone or high resource processes to be run on their server.  Things like game servers are prone to ddos and use up lots of processing power.   160 more words


Yala Continued

…After the leopard sighting and many hours out in the midday sun we were all ready for pineapple, watermelon, papaya and banana on the beach. Unlike all the other beaches we have seen so far, this one was very different “Do not walk left or right because of dangerous animals…” OWE? 138 more words


Yala National Park

WE HAVE JUST HAD THE THE BEST DAY EVER… a very long 18 hour day and still awake but only just!

3:45am this morning we were up and half an hour later we were on the road (with the best seats again)! 387 more words


Debian mounts USB as read only (mounts it as root)


I installed Debian 8 and my USB mass storage becomes inaccessible. It was mounted as root, so my user (any user) has no rights to write it. 70 more words


Editing the sudoers file in Redhat based systems

If you have ever freshly installed a CentOS or a RedHat based system then it is quite possible that you have encountered that you cannot execute system level commands, even when you use sudo. 386 more words