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Beauty Favourites February 2015

Wow , another month down ! Where is this year going ? Spring and summer will be on us before we know it :)

February was another month of new beauty discoveries and falling in love with a drug store brand which will be a separate post . 511 more words


Beauty Rules I Live By

Looking after yourself is the key to many things, including a good complexion, strong nails and shiny hair. To keep myself in check, I live by a certain set of rules that I’ve picked up over the years either through suggestions, things I’ve read or things I’ve tried. 535 more words


sudocrem is life

So I know its a bit of a revolting subject, but I suffer pretty badly from rank skin. Last year, around September time, my body decided to go into meltdown just in time for my final year of uni (cheers) and I developed an awful skin condition which still goes undiagnosed by the so-called professionals of various doctors surgeries/walk-ins in Sheffield. 471 more words


Get rid of spot OVERNIGHT (forreal)

Hello everybody! Yes,you have read the title right,OVER NIGHT. Im serious. I don’t mean over three nights,five or even two,I mean literally TONIGHT!
I will tell you it is NOT expensive its £2 in tesco! 34 more words


When The Spot Has Got to Go: 6 Simple Stages

Spot popping; you shouldn’t do it. You know that, your entire family and friends have told you that…. but they’ve been there for weeks, these little lumps that are slowly getting bigger and becoming the only thing that you can look at in the mirror. 763 more words

Emergency kit at home

Kalo punya anak kecil dirumah pasti deh adaaaa aja kejadian macem-macem. Ya jatoh lah, kepeleset, kegigit, berdarah, etc etc etc. Gitu juga dirumah gw, Alenka ada aja kejadian sesuatu padahal udah kita jagain hati-hati. 431 more words


Sudocrem Antiseptic Cream 125g For

Their ice cream was a very special type of ice cream- they would dip their ice cream in that hot chocolate dip- you know, the kind that hardens onto the ice… 294 more words