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The Rubik's Cube Twist

The Rubik’s cube has made a resurgence in our local elementary schools. The boys received a Rubik’s Cube a handful of years ago but it was shelved until recently. 318 more words


Slow Start

Entering the day slowly
with the luxury of a holiday
Sudoku challenge,
radio informing in the background

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Boil Me Down

I am a lot of things. Depending on the situation and previous conversation you could get any number of answers to the typical “making small talk” questions. 675 more words

Should it be a 5 or a 6?

I am reading a book. My son sits next to me playing a game on the iPad. I pause to look at how adept he is at navigating the game. 247 more words

Everyday Moments

Easy 4x4 Picture Sudoku for Kindergarteners - Christmas!

Practice cutting and math skills on this Christmas themed sudoku puzzle decorated with holiday themed gingerbread cookies.

Download (pdf)

Age 5

Let's start with Sudoku!!!

Do you know Sudoku? It’s a puzzle invented in 1979 by the American named Howard Garns. Its first name was “Number place”. The most popular modern Sudoku (a 9×9 square) first appeared in Japan. 23 more words



I don’t like puzzles because….. they’re puzzling. I need to be REALLY bored to put my mind to one. I’ve always felt like I could be doing much better things than playing a little game on the second last page of the newspaper. 365 more words