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Words I Love #8: Australia Edition

Having just watched a fortnight of Australian Grand Slam tennis, which is two weeks in case you didn’t know this odd word far more popular in England and Australia than here in the U.S., I am reminiscing about our half-year spent Down Under.   399 more words

Sue Glader

I Yam Who I Yam


I’ve been thinking a bunch about how we judge each other.   And how we have built-in infrastructure that does it in the most cruelly effective way.   236 more words

Sue Glader

Dawn of the Dead

(Emerged from the back of my fridge this morning. Was steak at some point.)

On this, the last day of October, I rejoice.

No, I’m not a huge fan of Halloween.   443 more words

Sue Glader

Defining Ourselves

Something amazing happened to me last night.  During a track workout, no less.

The fact that I even wrote that sentence is so odd, because I don’t usually do track workouts.   619 more words

Beautiful Things

Finding the Sweet Spot

This is a story of renewal, perfect for the Spring.

This tree you see endowed with so many glorious orange orbs was, not so long ago, a barren and unhappy thing.   460 more words

Beautiful Things

Words I Love: #6

Lamprocapnos spectabilis, known as the Bleeding Heart flower

I don’t really fancy labels.  I’m not speaking of the paper kind, but of the kind we affix to each other.   327 more words

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Things I Love, And I Don't Know Why #1

I love using something all the way to the very very end.

You know, squeezing that last little ooze of toothpaste.  Or putting a bit of shower water into the bottle of shampoo to make sure you’re getting the last bits out.   416 more words

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