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Can you learn to love reading?

I have a young cousin who doesn’t like reading. She’ll open a book and read it to you, but after a minute you realise she’s making the story up or telling it from memory. 852 more words


107 Books Later, or, Nine Years and 5 Months with Glasgow Women's Library

I’ve been a member of Glasgow Women’s Library pretty much for as long as I’ve been in Glasgow.  Over that nine and a half years, I’ve endured the most brain crushing boredom of being paradoxically unemployed whilst in a full-job; sobbed with the grief of a failed relationship and skipped through the butterfly tingles of a new one; wept at the difficulties of breast-feeding; had half a dozen different hair cuts/ hair colours/ glasses;  delighted in the neighbourliness of our street; shed tears at the school gates on the first day of primary one and tried a plethora of different diet regimes but largely stayed the same size. 718 more words

Adult Fiction

Bazaar and Rummage (1982): Theatre Review

Last week (15th – 21st June 2015) was a busy time for the Witham Dramatic Club: it was another show week. Kristina and I helped erect the seated tiering on the previous Sunday (14th June) in preparation. 557 more words


Adrian Mole: The Cappuccino Years

Adrian Mole – The Cappuccino Years: Sue Townsen, June 11—15, 2015

My rating: ♦♦♦♦◊
Adrian’s latest adventure is set in 1997-1998; the longest gap between instalments but coming at an ideal time to read Mr. 325 more words

4 Star

What I Read on My Holiday

I’ve been away for a little while, holidaying here:

When I wasn’t promenading around the coast, I was sitting in a window seat, overlooking the sea, reading books, and relaxing like a sloth on a bank holiday. 384 more words


Childhood Diaries Long Gone and All Is Well

I had a good laugh when I read Nathalie’s post a couple of days ago, but was surprised at her surprise in discovering the schlock that existed in her diaries.   495 more words

At Issue

One From the Archive: 'The Woman Who Went to Bed for a Year' by Sue Townsend ***

First published in March 2012.

Sue Townsend is most well known for writing the series of Adrian Mole diaries, and is widely regarded as Britain’s ‘favourite comic writer’. 740 more words