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Bobbi Kristina To Be Sued For More Than $730,000

Even after being put on Hospice care, Bobbi Kristina is still being sued by a Georgia Motorist for $732,610.22. Back in January she was involved in a car wreck injuring the man severely. 58 more words

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I’ve Been Sued in Federal Court: What do I Do?

Being named as a defendant in a lawsuit is always stressful. This is especially true when you received notice that a federal lawsuit has been filed against you. 146 more words

As Bobbi Kristina's Health Condition Worsen, Nick Gordon Legal Issues Begins, He Is being Sued!

Nick Gordon the boyfriend of Bobbi Kristina is being sued for the worth of Bobbi’s Kristina Estate.

According to TMZ Reports:

Bobbi Kristina was the victim of a nefarious plot by her boyfriend… 184 more words

Actress sued for intensely staring at man through television!

One of Chinas most successful actresses, ‘Zhao Wei’ (who appears in the prime time TV show “Tiger Mom”) is being sued by a man because she ‘stared’ at him causing him “spiritual damage”. 25 more words


Why Property Managers want to be named on Property Owners Insurance

A good percentage of landlords think paying for insurance is a cost of business that their property manager should absorb. There are insurances that property managers should carry, but here we are talking about liability insurance, particularly for what might happen on their property. 520 more words


Off-Duty Cop Is Suing The Game For $12 Million

Come July, you can expect a new standard for release dates in the music industry. Obviously illegal downloads have become rampant these days, and while part of the issue lies in the readiness and availability of the internet, another part is simply because there are different standards when it comes to release dates for new music around the world– thus, for example, something may become available earlier in the UK then it would the US. 257 more words


EU Opens Investigation Into Amazon's E-Book Business

The European Commission opened a formal antitrust investigation into Amazon’s e-book business on Thursday, opening yet another front in mounting EU scrutiny of America’s global tech giants. 359 more words