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Durand Sued for Not Paying Taxes

Durand was sued AGAIN for not paying his taxes and lying on his tax return. He works for Missouri but he constantly tries to scam or not pay his bills he owes Missouri!

Hide Yo Wife: Man Sues R. Kelly For Alleged Affair With Wife

Husband claims not only the crooner was having a sexual relationship but gave his wife an STD.

A Mississippi cop is taking R. Kelly to court for allegedly having an affair with his wife. 98 more words


How the California Bar Actually Grades the First Year Law Students' Exam

I’ve made a few posts discussing California’s First Year Law Students’ Exam (the “FYLSX”), noting that I failed my first attempt by a fraction of a percent when the Bar applied a grading formula different from that which was advertised, and then, using the knowledge gained of their altered grading scheme, passed on my second try so spectacularly that the Bar… 617 more words

Crazy Lawsuits #5

8-year-old New York Boy is Sued by His Aunt for a “Careless” Hug

I laughed so hard and is probably my favorite lawsuit I have read. 126 more words

George Soros, You Make Me Sick! Overthrowing, Warmonger YOU!

April 20, 2017


When a person like George Soros has millions upon millions and still uses taxpayer monies to overthrow governments, something is really wrong with this picture. 567 more words

George Soros

Judicial Watch Sues Department Of State For George Soros Open Society Records & Communications

Judicial Watch announced today that they have filed a FOIA lawsuit against the State Department and the USAID.

.@judicialwatch & @TomFitton want to know why your tax dollars are going to George Soros' Open Society Foundation.

452 more words