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Day 78: Meltingly!

 Hubby came home from work today and I must have looked a right state. I was on the last rep of the Sufferfest’s ‘a very dark place’ and the place was so dark, I wasn’t communicating and waved for him to come back in a few minutes!  129 more words


From Base to Build

I’ve completed the base phase of my training programme. Specifically the TrainerRoad Traditional Base Mid Volume plan.

Base training is high volume low intensity training to improve aerobic fitness. 402 more words


Things you learn on a turbo trainer during a long session, whilst suffering with a cold

Yesterday I spent 1hr 40 mins on the turbo trainer.


This is the longest session I’ve completed on a turbo trainer since 1997, when I rather foolishly did 2hrs 45mins during a heavy snow. 327 more words


The Joy of Suffering

My husband recently formed an obsession with cycling.  By obsession, I mean thinking about it 24/7, talking about it during every waking hour and doing something cycling-related morning and night.   317 more words

The World Of Work

Post Tour of Sufferlandria 2015 recapped and catch up on past training

Sorry for the delay its been a busy for weeks and I have not posted much. Well here it is.  Before the tour I completed a few actives and after the tour I just redone my Functional Threshold Power (FTP) test. 2,108 more words

Triathlon Training

Turbo trainer: 10 reasons to love it

I don’t like the turbo trainer, I don’t hate it quite as much as some people do, for example I don’t hate it enough to risk life and limb cycling on frozen and dark roads for the winter. 268 more words


Tour of Sufferlandria 2015 - A Review

Well, the Tour of Sufferlandria is over and I have fully recovered. It felt great to have a break from base training. There’s nothing quite like really pushing yourself through an interval, over and over, and over. 841 more words