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I recently heard a very meaningful sermon on the life of Ezekiel. A missionary was speaking to a room filled with Bible college graduates. Young people just beginning their journey for Christ. 977 more words


The Positivity Paradigm

When existence has been characterized by suffering for so long, it can be difficult to comprehend what life without it could look like. The concept of a positive, happy, well-adjusted person who lives a fulfilling and happy life seems so foreign to almost be unreal. 1,060 more words

Jesus' Church

By Natalie Hardt | February 2020

How well does your church reflect the
characteristics of the Apostolic Church:


A Revolution

Here is a revolutionary activity: listen to people who experience suffering beyond your reach. Do not try to put their experience in your categories. Stifle any cliché responses. 139 more words


The Gift of Suffering

A Tale of Grief

Several centuries ago, there lived a wealthy man reputed to be the greatest in the ancient Near East. He was so rich he had multitudes of livestock, thousands of camels, and a vast number of servants, as well as a large family of ten children. 1,037 more words



Photo by Jesse Gardner on Unsplash

Trying it Again

I know, I know, I should have been seeing a psychologist along with my psychiatrist long ago, but I’ve never had a good experience with one. 258 more words

Dissociative Identity Disorder