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Prayer: In Our Unbelief (Mark 9.14-29)

Based on Mark 9:14-29, Jesus healing a boy with a destructive spirit. If you’re using this in a group setting, consider having one voice on the regular print and all voices on the bold print.  165 more words


Done With Sin

When you decide to live for Jesus, it is indeed a huge choice with potentially painful consequences. Jesus promised that the world would hate His followers because it hated Him first. 164 more words

Cane Plantation

Cane Plantation

P-O, France, 2018

“The distinction between the one who inflicts sufferings and the one to whom they are inflicted is only a phenomenon and does not reach the thing in itself (…). 112 more words


Pain and Suffering

Think about people dying, kidnapped, tortured, disabled, raped, etc. Is it fair? Why would an all-loving and all-powerful God permit all these things to happen? 577 more words

Suffering for Someone Else’s Benefit

I enjoy watching Joyce Meyer’s program, Enjoying Everyday Life, on my Roku. (Did you know she has her own free Roku channel?) She recently did a sermon series on the Book of James, which is the first book of the Bible I memorized, so it’s near and dear to my heart. 315 more words


What part do we play in our suffering?

We’ve been trying to reach out to an older couple that we met when we lived here before. There is much about their life that is tragic and we yearned to be of service to them.  400 more words

Karpman Triangle

What Happens To The Words You Never Say?

What happens to those words
From the depths of your heart?
Those words you never say
Not even to yourself

Do they leech you from within… 73 more words

Thought Spaghetti