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New Publication: Man and This Mysterious Universe

An earlier book by Brynjolf Bjorset (Shamcher Bryn Beorse) is now available in paperback and kindle. More info HERE at the book’s official website.

MAN AND THIS MYSTERIOUS UNIVERSE: the authorized edition… 320 more words


Man and This Mysterious Universe by Shamcher Bryn Beorse

Now Available in paperback and kindle. This is the book that Inayat Khan had encouraged Shamcher to write. He combined three different works, “Human Destiny,” “The Reach of the Mind,” and “Man, the Unknown” into one surging symphony. 53 more words


"Distribute or Destroy" now Available

Shamcher’s first book, Distribute or Destroy, is now reprinted and available in paperback or kindle. Find out more here at the website for the book… 103 more words


The Message of the Mathnawi

The story of man’s spiritual ascent is indeed fascinating. First he came into the clime of inorganic things passing into the vegetable state. Many years he lived in the vegetable state, and forgot the in-organic state because of the opposition between the two states. 155 more words

Sayings & Quotes


Embedded in the way we move
is the spirit of all Creation.

From top to bottom,
in all directions,
is the movement of the Spiral. 27 more words


What forgiveness is...

“A sufi holy man was asked
what forgiveness is.
He said,
– it is the fragrance
that flowers give
when they are crushed.”

– Unknown



“You can bring a hundred scholars to me
and I can defeat them in argument,
but bring one idiot in front of me
and I will lose.”

– Nasruddin