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Reciting selected lines of poetry after Friday Salaah

Question: After every Friday Prayer, people in our country recite the following lines of poetry. Is this permissible?

These lines read:
O Lord, I deserve not in Paradise to dwell…
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Ruling on reciting Al-Faatihah for the dead and otherwise

Question: Some people may say, “Let’s recite Al-Faatihah for the soul of so-and-so!” or “Let’s recite Al-Faatihah for Allaah to make such-and-such work easy for us!” People then start reciting Al-Faatihah. 103 more words


Desirability of observing the Sharee`ah way of Thikr

Question: What is the ruling on saying any formula of Thikr (remembrance of Allaah) in a specific number of times? How can it be impermissible while there are the two following Hadeeth:  167 more words


Repetition of the phrase: "Yaa Lateef"

Question: There is a group of people in our Masjid (mosque) who always repeat the phrase “Yaa Lateef” (O Most Kind and Gentle) 122 times after reciting Allaah’s Noble Names.  33 more words



Salaam and Greetings of Peace:

“The servant reaches a place in remembrance where the tongue reaches the heart, the heart reaches the spirit, the spirit reaches the inner core, and the secret core reaches the Light. 61 more words

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The idealist

What is the ideal world to you? What matters the most? Do you prefer to fight for a cause or do you choose to love for a cause? 143 more words

Syarïa, Haqïqa dan Tharïqa

Agama Islam mencakup aspek syarï’a dan aspek haqïqa, aspek luar (exoterism) dan aspek dalam (esoterism). Syarï’a secara harfiah berarti “jalan besar” (“ 1,005 more words