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Sufi limerick

A man not fond of criticism,
Once stumbled upon mysticism,
If God is always here,
then there’s nothing to fear;
no need to live with cynicism!



Physically, resourcefully
The argument for quotas is clear,
The destruction is near
The supply is restricted
The people in charge cite
Chapter and verse
The money wields its stick… 78 more words


Thirsty Fish

Blinded by their own sight,

Deafened by their own hearing,

Numbed by their own feeling,

Dulled by their own cognition,

They fail to perceive their Source. 12 more words


Strings of Mind

Hey, Hey, God,
Take all the straight strings of my mind
and twist them
into a rainbow circle
and wear it
around the ankle above your feet. 104 more words

Pain's Treasure

Oh Traveler!
You think that pain is your domain alone
And there you are so alone

What you do not know
Is that pain,
bonebreaking, crushing pain, 108 more words

Bukhara to Tashkent, April 18th 2017

We have half a day in Bukhara today as we have to be at the station for our train back to Tashkent by 3 pm so decide to take a taxi out to the Bakhauddin Naqshbandi mausoleum this morning.  829 more words

True Worth

When I was young
I was taught
Love was a thing
To be won.

When I grew older
I worked tirelessly
To win the love… 200 more words