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Bulleh Shah as a women's rights activist

Women have faced discrimination and biases in social, political, familial and economic life since time immemorial. Women are, in common with men, rendered weak. They are made slaves to their persons.There persists the idea that women must always be protected and guarded from all the rough toils that dignify the mind. 1,125 more words

A Dervish at the door!

Few can give the shock treatment a Sufi dervish is capable of.

Not concerned with the intellect, or written words, a Sufi master will teach a lesson through the most unexpected manner, through a commonplace story, rather than choosing big words and complex ideas. 189 more words


Another Take on Muslim-Christian Violence in Africa - Professor Hussein Solomon

Another Take on Muslim-Christian Violence in Africa

By Hussein Solomon

RIMA Occasional Papers, Volume 5 (2017), Number 6 (April 2017)

Despite lecturing political science at the University of the Free State, I do occasionally give lectures on Islam to students in our Faculty of Theology. 604 more words

720: SUFIs

“A warm welcome to Zingcreed, the Christian/atheist blog that considers life and religion in all its manifestations.

Whirling dervishes, with their acts of worship consisting of a fast spinning dance, have always seemed special to me. 269 more words



I cannot imagine the anguish of Mohammed as he witnesses the depravity of those followers lost in the dark hypnosis of jihad. It’s not at all what he had in mind. 734 more words

Madonna set to visit Konya, adopted home of Sufi mystic



Her interest in Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi, a Persian Sufi mystic who settled in Turkey, brings international pop star Madonna to the mystic’s adopted home, a Turkish newspaper reported Thursday. 244 more words

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