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Condemnation of the Sufi cult by the Ahlebayt (asws)

The Prophet of Allah (saww), being in the know of the hidden things said that after him there will be people who will adopt stealth and deceit and involve others in hypocrisy and waywardness. 1,153 more words


don't really give an owl's hoot...

you know what I really love          
the ones who are so biased
then mix it with a strong helping
of unbridled tunnel vision
unconsciously letting you know that… 85 more words


Starting Iron Rule 2 today...

Speak not against others in their absence.

Commentaries on the “Iron Rules” of Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan

by Pir Zia Inayat-Khan

Iron Rule 2

The second rule is: Speak not against others in their absence. 533 more words


O Marvel,
a garden among the flames!

My heart can take on
any form:
a meadow for gazelles,
a cloister for monks,

For the idols, sacred ground,

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Not Christian or Jew or
Muslim, not Hindu,
Buddhist, Sufi, or Zen.
Not any religion

or cultural system. I am
not from the east
or the west, not…

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