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The Classes and Categories of Auliyaa (Saints)

1) AQTAAB (Singular Qutub)

There is one known as Qutubul Alam. He is also referred to as Qutubul Irshaad, Qutubul Aqtaab and Qutubul Madaar. In the Realm of the Unseen his name is Abdullah.There are seven other Aqtaab who are stationed in seven different regions of the world.One in each region.Each one is known as Qutubul Aqleem..Five… 523 more words

True Sufism/ Tasawwuf


He ascended the throne of the Mongol rulers in Tabriz in 1295, after which time the dynasty in Iraq and Iran became Muslim and sympathetic to the Sufis, but he continued to allow for Mongol customs.   71 more words


Torque the question

If you are old enough to make small talk, you have been asked, “Where are you from?” But things have changed. In a world so small we can whip around it in a matter of hours, the idea of coming from somewhere seems outdated and irrelevant. 134 more words

From The Counsellor

On Signs on the Horizons by Michael Sugich

An extremely brief synopsis on … Signs on the Horizons, Meetings with Men of Knowledge and Illumination by Michael Sugich

I read this lovely book today. 204 more words



a Sufi ritual involving listening to music, often with dancing

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people who live by begging

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