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Expect the Unexpected.

I keep meeting guys now. It’s unbelievable. I read an article once that claimed a woman who is seeing someone gets asked out more than one who is not. 307 more words

New Chapter

Sorry For The Eulogy

So sorry I wrote a fuckton in my Introductory Post guys! But I felt like I needed to be thorough and if I wasn’t no one would take me seriously. 24 more words


How I Started Sugaring - Introductory Post

I have to say that posting anonymously was what intrigued me the most when I decided to “take the plunge.” Because the subject matter I’m about to discuss is a lifestyle that has gained popularity, short of becoming a trend but still poses as a detriment to one’s reputation so most individuals involved choose to remain discreet. 4,934 more words


Feeling a little lonely.

It’s 8pm as I start this post. I have a million things running through my mind. First I need icecream. Second how much I want Mr. 305 more words

Get Over It

Same girl, same road

One thing will never fail you: people don’t change.

They’d like to, I’m sure, but change is hard, and most people won’t do anything hard anymore. 445 more words

Sugar Daddy

The return of SA

My experience on seeking arrangements havnt been the finest so it’s clear to say iv stayed away from the site for months, however today I received a text from a sugar daddy I had spoken to briefly back in November. 208 more words

Call Girl

Moving forward.

Mr. English and I are moving along nicely. I sent him a short video last night if me in lingerie. He begged me for more but I only had the one and wasn’t willing to make more. 295 more words

Sugar Baby