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Too little to offer

Did you ever notice that there is a lot less items a woman wears than a man? Besides most of our outfit is not necessarily taken off. 257 more words


Wild thoughts continued further...

Here I am again with the same weird stuff. Having thought about the men majority in a threesome I am now considering the opposite option. 199 more words


10 Strange Sugar Baby Headlines

Found these on Seeking Arrangement

1. Please don’t kill me in my sleep

2. Better than Arby’s.

3. Not trying to get kidnapped btw

4. A mess, but cute… 37 more words

Sugar Baby

Jealous about the bra

Every time I see something like this I have to fight my jealousy. No seriously. I know it is all staged. I know she won’t go anywhere like this, except for maybe the final part of the date. 232 more words


Straight to the Point

This sugar baby’s profile is very direct and straight to the point.

Sugar Daddy

Size matters

What do you think of a dramatic size difference within a couple. Oh, I mean it is their business, of course, but I have recently had a date with someone, who is so much bigger than me (which is not a big deal really, but not by that much) that I was shocked indeed. 118 more words


Welcome to The Sugar Cube

Hey everyone, welcome to The Sugar Cube. As this is my first post I’ll start by giving a brief overview about myself. I am tall, redheaded, young and attractive with a bit of a wild streak, according to my Seeking Arrangement profile. 187 more words