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What am I doing wrong?

Everybody is falling In love!!! I am not sure how these guys get the idea that they can just jump and say hey I want to date you. 200 more words

Sugar Baby

Be careful what you wish for.

I am not sure how this happened but I have five men in my life. I want to get rid off two maybe three.
First of all the 50 year old has now shown his true colors and he is looking for a relationship. 391 more words

Sugar Baby

How to make your date with a SugarDaddy a fun and memorable experience!

Going on your first date with a Sugar Daddy millionaire should be a fun and memorable experience. Follow the tips below and enjoy your date! 146 more words

Looking For A Sugar Daddy

And it's still game on

The surgeon has been contacting me, despite the fact that I shut him down and told him I was only looking for an arrangement and not a relationship. 373 more words

Sugar update

So I made it through two more dates with the surgeon. They were really great again, and everything was really looking positive. I’d even stopped logging into SA. 326 more words

Over whelmed.

Yes I have been away. Do not worry though my dearest best friends. I have (what I am still unsure how to categorise whether good or bad) news. 378 more words

Get Over It

The average girl, over the ultra-mega girl

Hello, my droogies. I’m taking a short break from programming to write this.

It was an interesting weekend. I have horses, so of course I’m thinking what everyone who owns horses is thinking all summer – where will I get winter hay? 423 more words

Sugar Daddy