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My uh ahh Belongs to Daddy

The Associated Press ran an article this weekend by Sarah Skidmore Sell about a topic I thought I’d reported on before but don’t seem to have done—Sugar Daddies. 277 more words

Women's Fiction

Back to the Start

I probably would have laughed if someone told me that he would be calling himself my ‘boyfriend’ after just four dates. I honestly didn’t know what I wanted from this relationship, and now, eighteen months on, I still don’t know what I want. 969 more words


The sugar bowl.

It’s been a year since I’ve last posted, and in this time, things have changed drastically for me. After becoming increasingly disillusioned with the lack of money I’m able to make within the constraints of my retail job whilst studying, I have become somewhat of an entrepreneur. 541 more words


Going Coconutty!

Ever since last summer, and receiving Sugar Baby’s Aloe Sailor body cream in a pass the parcel in Ibiza (click to read more!), I have been obsessed with coconut and pina colada scented body products. 793 more words


How it all began

Over the course of the next while I will be sharing my story, it may not be the most interesting one but it has re-awoken the writing beast inside of me and that in itself is a miracle. 504 more words

21st Century Dating

I Spent Years Living As A Sugar Baby And Here's Why It Made Me A Better Person

1. Developing your personality is key.

There is a relationship out there for everyone so remaining true to yourself is important. For many, the term Sugar Baby brings to mind the image of a tall, thin, blond, bombshell, but I was someone who didn’t fit that description (I am a bombshell of course, but not your typical Instagram model). 564 more words

Giving up my sugar...

After meeting with Dave* and making things “official” we decided to actually get together outside of his Ranger Rover.

I was working as an event planner and was working till around 7 then he suggested I come to his place afterwards. 638 more words