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Seriously, Sugar Puppies?

Hello my droogies. I hope you’re all thawed out. We saw a lot of snow here in East Tennessee – more than we usually see. Yours truly had his irrigation system freeze partially and ended up hauling six buckets of water up a hill to an otherwise-frozen trough. 520 more words

Sugar Daddy

My sugar escape route?

I’ve reached all of my financial goals and there’s a large part of me that wants to leave the sugar game behind. I’m interested in someone non-sugar and it’s hard to find the energy to put into being a SB when I don’t need to anymore. 231 more words

Sugar Baby

The Dreams

My face is throbbing. Bloodied and red. I cant feel tears but I know that I am crying because my sight is blurry. My hand is on the counter steadying my body as I start to clean up the dinner he just threw across the room. 192 more words

Domestic Violence

A perfect date

Last night was perfect. I went to a gorgeous (and little known) restaurant in the city that was virtually empty for reasons I cannot understand. It was beautifully decorated, lots of mood lighting in the way of golden lanterns and pendant lights. 388 more words

Sugar Baby

The Real Sugar Daddy

I haven’t talked about sugar for a while. There is zero to report now however for a while I was actually seeing someone I’d classify as a real sugar daddy. 635 more words


When you see a past pot on tv

Holly cow! I have completely dogged a Bullet!

I’m not going to name what show but iv just seen a scene with him, his wife and kids. 95 more words

Sugar Baby

rookie sugar baby

Okay so Im a new sugar baby and I have no female friends let alone any that are sugar babies. I have so many questions! Im just looking for some girls or gentleman that would be kind enough to help