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The younger the better?!

Well, it really depends. It is not the case when we are talking about wine. But when you are a wealthy man, between 60 and death, I can see how that could be true. 1,174 more words


I want this

To hell with the manners. :) I do want this. And I am sure I’d find a lot of comprehension from all around.


Halloween Sugar Babies

Halloween is still a few weeks away and there are some sugar babies already prepared with their costumes. Here are a few interesting ones that I have come across. 24 more words

Sugar Daddy

Too public to be true

Well, this is part of the job isn’t it? The further you get into the relations, the more personal it gets. And strangely enough it shifts to this very strange side. 188 more words


The Splenda Daddies

A splenda daddy is defined as a man who strives to be a sugar daddy but just doesn’t have the funds to pull it off… 97 more words

Sugar Daddy

Don't Judge a Sugar Daddy by What He Drives

You meet a potential sugar daddy and you notice that he is not driving the newest Mercedes-Benz, Audi, or BMW. Instead, he is driving just an average car. 210 more words

Sugar Daddy

Artistic sugaring - part 8

Here is the end of the story. A happy end. Relatively.

The party was fine, the bet was (hopefully) won. I had some hard time pretending not to know my barely dressed photos have been sent all over, but to his credit he never allowed any rumour or sign of it brought up. 212 more words