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Ladies, did you ever think about piercing your belly?

I mean the beauty of it is questionable and is out of the scope of my inquiry. 101 more words


Undercover Sugar Daddy with Guest C.J. Asher

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Have you ever found yourself wondering how you should be setting the foundation to your special relationships?

Wondering when to bring up the amount you want or should you wait for him to bring it up? 245 more words


Fuckity Fuck

Though he kept bringing it up, I didn’t pay too much attention whenever Simon began his date talk. As soon as the subject came up I played the interested party and cursed the tyranny of distance with him. 1,004 more words

Sugar Baby


This is not something I enjoy talking about. Nor is it something I am proud of. I’ve written enough about sugar daddy experiences at this point to make this post. 438 more words

Tan without any white traces

Whatever everybody else can see, I only have one jealous question: how did she manage to get her tan without any trace of bikini?

Ok-ok, I know the answer. 79 more words


My First Sugar Traveling Experience

Being a 21-year-old university student, I like many others am always struggling to make ends meet.   What’s more is when you have the workload that I have during the year, as most other students have, you yearn to get away on a really awesome vacation when you have some down time. 1,034 more words

Sugar Baby

My First Time Cuckolding as a Sugar Traveler

I am a 23-year-old Sugar Baby, and I recently decided to try a Sugar Travel site. The site I was on had so many great offers to join various Sugar Daddies on a free all expenses paid trip. 1,433 more words

Sugar Baby