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Now asking you again. Sorry all – some things seem to contradict my understandings so much that I need a second opinion there.

Now it is about earrings as they are. 123 more words


Is it sexy?

Sucking his fingers… Something that has been picked up from a porn movies, where so many things are shown in such a way that they’d better be not shown at all. 110 more words


Swimming suit extremes

Speaking about swimming suits… Doesn’t this one look as if it was supposed to be a few sizes smaller in fact?

Not that I am considering anything of a kind, but it is usually nice to follow the trends. 24 more words



Playing a role of a toy is often a very pleasant experience, I agree. It does also have a few sides that I need to convince myself into. 273 more words


My fears

This is my nearly constant fear actually. Not the worst one, of course. Probably one of the funniest.

I am afraid to tear the bed and to get stuck with my heels there if I do not take it off. 112 more words


Advice needed

Dear all, may I just ask for your opinion on the above. I am confused as hell. The style is amazing, the colour is wonderful, the print is gorgeous… 19 more words


Escorting in the Modern Era

According to Merriam-Webster, an escort is a woman or man who is hired to accompany someone to a social event. But attempt to find clear-cut definitions of sugar baby/daddy or an arrangement from Merriam and you’re at a loss. 2,222 more words