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From failure to...

Having complained about the mess on the last date I was eagerly waiting for him to compensate me for that. There is little he can do about the ankle (thankfully it is not as bad as I thought), but the rest needs to be dealt with. 123 more words


A new BDSM experience

There is a friend of mine who has recently shared a story (well, at least that is when I found it – the story seems to date back to some 6 years ago) about the BDSM experience. 363 more words


Proper preparations

I never thought this could happen to me, but it just did. My fanatically careful preparation should have warned me, but nope. I nearly screwed. 395 more words


It was amazing

The trip was indeed something. I have never had so much fun and such fantastic sex.

Anyway, I am back. Fine and happy. Thanks to all, who wrote me. 19 more words


Ace of Pentacles


I don’t remember when this exactly happened or what I asked the deck when I did this reading, but I recently pulled the Ace of Pentacles in a reading. 622 more words

My Introduction To You

Hello there! This is my first blog, but I really wanted to share my continuing experiences as a sugar baby and answer any questions you may have about the lifestyle. 661 more words


Sorry... :)

This was an offer I could not refuse. To stay and to get the most…

I am still here for a few more days and totally have no time for the blog.