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There is something elusively wrong in the excessively open lingerie. I am really struggling to explain it clearly, but the main message I am trying to push through is the absence of any secret, any hidden story. 329 more words


Hello Sugar Bowl!

I realize now that this is quite overdue. Here I am writing and posting all these articles, but you have no idea who I am. For all you know I could be someone who has no idea what they’re talking about and who has never even ventured into the sugar lifestyle. 506 more words

Sugar Baby

Costume play

The pic above is far not the first thing one may think of when talking about the costume- and roleplay. I find it funny so far. 226 more words


University sugar babies


Is university draining your bank account? Can you no longer afford smashed avocado? Would you ever consider selling your time to a ‘sugar daddy’?

Keely Liron investigates.


What can I do?

Girls, I am sure we all have those little secrets about what to do when a man fails.

The best thing is, of course not to push him and let him calm down. 148 more words


Wearing fishnet

Having jumped into this kind of life, that involves a lot more teasing and using my natural beauty I am often tempted to cross the fine border between teasing and being too much of a hoe. 107 more words


I was a prostitute

When I first entered the Sugar Bowl, I didn’t really understand and know how things worked in the SD/SB world. I read a lot of blogs and articles in an attempt to understand more, however, there wasn’t much information out there (which is the main reason why I decided to start up this blog). 806 more words