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Drip Irrigation

A drip irrigation system introduced to Cape Verde by an FAO project helped boost the island’s horticultural production from 5,700 tonnes in 1991 to 17,000 tonnes in 1999. 32 more words

Praying to the Jade Emperor or Pai Thnee Kong

Praying to the Jade Emperor or Pai Thnee Kong
From Wikipedia:-
The Jade Emperor (Chinese: 玉皇; pinyin: Yù Huáng or 玉帝, Yù Dì) in Chinese culture, traditional religions and myth is one of the representations of the first god (太帝 tài dì). 421 more words


Riding Elephants in Chiang Mai

The day after Alex and I petted the tigers, we rode elephants at the Baanchang Elephant Park. This park rescues and takes care of elephants that were previously used as loggers (actually illegal) or in circuses. 452 more words

Adventures In Southeast Asia

How to Warm Up For A Challenging Yoga Pose + An Update About My Site

Whether in an alignment-based yoga environment or a flow-based one, there is often a single posture that is the most challenging of the class. In the jargon of yoga teachers this is called a “pinnacle pose.” As we guide you through your practice, we keep this pose in mind and prepare you for it so you have the best chance of success when we get there. 761 more words

Workshop: A Deeper Look At A Specific Topic

Sweet Like Sugar Cane

Like I said before, I miss people hard. That said, reunions are one of my purest joys. Waking up at 4:45am bright eyed and bushy tailed can only mean one thing in my world–it’s a sweet reunion day []. 345 more words

Growth And Grace

Rooftops and Sugar Cane


The balcony is dotted with green spit stains;
the gush of monsoons will wash these away.
Women lean over, resting their bosoms,
loosely wrapped with yellow and milkshake pinks, 157 more words