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Ingham - La Dolce Vita

Ingham embodies ‘the sweet life’ in more ways than one! It’s a thriving sugar town in FNQ (Far North Queensland) and is the service centre for many sugarcane plantations. 498 more words


Trinidad, Cuba - cobbled colourful streets, horsies & some great little bars!

(by Freda)

We did a good bit of research on where we’d venture in Cuba other than Havana, and decided to leave Vinales, Verdero, Santa Clara and other such popular locations. 592 more words


Sugarcane's Sweet Juice of Success

Strains of sugarcane can be genetically engineered to improve biofuel production, all while maintaining or increasing juice production, a new study suggests. By inserting disruptive DNA into sugarcane, researchers altered lignin, a polymer that is found in plant cell walls and is one component of wood. 25 more words


Lift Irrigation Scheme from 3 KM River to 5 Acre Sugarcane Farm with Rs. 10 Lakh Loan

India is leading sugarcane producer in the world and is widely cultivated in India. It is a tropical crop and its ware requirements estimated at 1100 mm to 1500 mm per Ha. 470 more words

Glades area farmers say environmental groups spread misinformation and are anti-farmer

This photo shows an EAA rice field after it was flooded by rain in June.


In the latest round of discord between Everglades Agricultural Area farmers and environmental groups, the farmers have called the Bull Sugar and the Everglades Trust “anti-farmer,” and accused them of spreading misinformation. 715 more words


Who wants to taste Sugar Cane?!

Ms. Heidi brought sugar cane for the children to taste what pure sugar tastes like.

Most of the children with family from the islands already were used to it. 27 more words


In the garden 

Good morning friends. Have a pleasant day☕️Earth belongs to all living beings :)

Help the helpless 🐶🐱🐮🐰🐒🐿🐤🐝🌳

Have a compassion ❤️

Baby Ojloo in the garden :)