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1999 Travels April 5


I spent the morning doing housework and cleaning, and meal preparation.

My friend T was coming to tea. He arrived about 4pm and took us out to see the block of land he’s bought in a nearby estate. 130 more words

1999 Travels

Powder Kegs filled with Sugar

The abolitionist movements on the mainland of Great Britain are widely accepted as smaller groups of, “thoughtful committed citizens out to change the world.” (1) 254 more words


Sweet On Cuba

You may not know it but Cuba used to be one of the most prosperous nations on earth.

The prosperity of the nation was transformed in the 1790s when sugar traders fled the slave rebellion in Hispaniola (modern day Haiti and Dominican Republic) for their much bigger neighbours. 529 more words


Murder in the Name of Sugar

Many academics agree that systems of slavery took on different levels of brutality depending on which region is under observation. This can be explained by three main aspects within the system.  339 more words


Black History 2017: Leadfarmer 73

In celebration of Black History 2017 I’ve decided to highlight a black youtuber that gardens every day. These are just regular folks with varying diets, with diverse growing methods and styles, and ways of saving seeds, propagating plants, preserving harvests and pest management. 159 more words

Life Is Learning

Down Under: Cairnes, Port Douglas, Mossman Gorge, coconut, sugar cane and... and... (XIV)

Nu ai vazut Australia daca nu ai vazut padurea tropicala si Marea Bariera de Corali (si… si… si….). Despre acestea urmeaza sa vorbesc acum, insa o luam incet, ca sunt multe de povestit. 750 more words


A close shave. Literally, but not for me!

If you want a shave, head or facial hair, and you are male, it’s easy peasy. There are road side stalls everywhere, where you can roll up and take a seat and have your depilatory needs attended to.  571 more words