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Wall Street creates a 34,500 acre sugar cane plantation in Puerto Rico…and LIES about it!

On September 19, Gov. Garcia Padilla shocked all of Puerto Rico with the announcement that he was “leasing” 34,500 acres of public land to the owners of Don Q Rum. 681 more words


When Sugar reigned supreme

I recently learned of the new series #Queen Sugar via a friend’s social media feed and the overall synopsis and review reminded me of my childhood in Bim (that’s Barbados for those who don’t know). 818 more words

Cutters II

A couple of more “cards” from the tarot sequence. The first incorporates some imagery of carnival, juxtaposing the festive aspects with the back-breaking work of sugar cane cutting.  34 more words

Visual Stuff

Queen Sugar

This book blew me away. I listened to the audio version on Hoopla (all hail the library) and found myself more than once standing stock still in the kitchen, or my living room or while washing my hands, forgetting whatever I was doing and just listening intently. 153 more words

Library Books

tea at night

raw honey

cane sugar

green tea

earth borrowed elixir

heaven stolen nectar

complementing residual peace

one humid wednesday eve

for my sorrows


The Other Mauritius - Lost in the cane fields

The logic of the fields were that they formed a regular grid.  I could walk one direction, turn left, later turn left again.  One more left and I would eventually intersect my path and be able to head for home.  370 more words


Permaculture Pixs

Southern View/ w Tumeric Leaves

Yucca Plant

Chaya Leaves and Flowers

Chayote Squash Vine

Egyptian Spinach

Malabar Spinach

Lemon Grass

Bonito Root

Black Sugar Cane

Taste Of The Ranch