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First Spring Desserts of the Year

I am finally putting an end to my long hiatus! April has been a pretty crazy month for me and it’s not over just yet but I thought I should seriously take the time to post the two dessert recipes I made at the beginning of the month! 829 more words


Maple Cookie Bark

Hey guys. I’m alive. Hooray! Haha. In seriousness though, it’s been a crazy semester. I’ve officially been promoted to the ranks of second semester college senior! 438 more words


Sugar Cookie Cupcakes

Imagine biting into a sugar cookie. Soft, chewy, slightly buttery but just sweet enough not to make your teeth hurt? Now put that in a cupcake form. 350 more words

Key lime cheesecake in sugar cookie cups

More Easter baking this weekend. Tried these out for the first time and was semi happy with them. The filling turned out deliciously but I have to admit I missed my usually graham cracker crust to go with my cheesecake. 9 more words