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Gudetama Cookies

Gude, tama! gude, tama!  Gude, gude, gude, tamaahhhhh.

Meet Gudetama.  Many of you know him, many of you do not.  He’s a lazy egg, and my object of obsession for a good year or so now.   197 more words

Cookie Corner

Flawless Cut Out Sugar Cookies

Guys I started a diet today, it’s the worst.  For the last month or so, I have given into my cravings of queso, cookies, queso, gummy bears, queso, adult beverages, and queso and it has been glorious.  535 more words

Jans Green Cookies

1 cup softened butter
1 cup shortening
2 cups powdered sugar
2 tsp. vanilla
Cream all the above with mixer till smooth (2 or 3 min) 131 more words


Busy Rollin

I had stress management class today and we talked about experiences where we got to show ourselves compassion. I haven’t written mine yet, but I’m going to soon and when I do I’ll let you read it. 405 more words


Juice Review: Zookie from Confection Vapes

Fetti-Pop has to be one of my top favorite juices.  It’s not necessarily because of the flavor itself, or the packaging, but a combination of how everything pulls together to form a very unique vaping experience.   411 more words

Juice Reviews

Jabba the Coconutt

Cherry Coconut Sugar Cookies

What screams “First Day of Fall” more loudly than coconut?  Well, almost anything, really, but still!  I’m still going to commemorate this year’s autumnal equinox with one of my favorite baking add-ins:  coconut!   763 more words

Funfetti Sugar Cookie Cheesecake

I’ve always wanted to live in one of those neighborhoods where you’re surrounded by a fantastic group of neighbors who actually become your friends. I never really had that growing up, and I began to wonder if it was one of those fictional things that only happens in stories… until we moved to our new home in South Saint Paul. 392 more words