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Chocolate Sugar Crystal Geodes

A friend of my tipped me off to this and it’s absolutely incredible! ┬áStudents, Abby Wilcox and Alex Yeatts, of the Culinary Institute of America created gigantic chocolate sugar geodes with coloured sugar crystals, or rock candy inside. 107 more words


The world feels small to me

I love the movie Horton hears a who. The idea of a microcosm living in a subatomic world. It’s made me dream about our earth and solar system existing on something like a ball of lint. 46 more words


Believe in Nigeria?

National pride, patriotism, nationalism…..these sound like empty words in light of the current state of affairs in Nigeria. It seems like from one day to the next we never know how an ordinary citizen will cope with developments in the social and economic sphere. 420 more words

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Tea Time for Ants

Trees, shrubs and plants near our ground floor apartment encourage small creatures like tiny black ants and big black ants to invade our kitchen through the gaps in our back door. 113 more words

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