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Butternut squash, sweet potato & carrot with my new spiced paste creation..an absolute taste sensation!!! 

Luckily I have friends that are happy to taste test my kitchen experiments…and this was one of my recent creations…

All I can say is, it was sooooooooooo good, it’s now become a kitchen staple! 682 more words


Pimp Your Veg part 3: it's in the pan...

Although there are lots of eggs in this post, let me clarify that it’s actually not about eggs, but about pan cooking vegetables, sometimes with the addition of eggs!! 619 more words


Making your recipes...Persian baked rice, Algerian spiced aubergines and spelt & rye sourdough bread..

I utilise so many of your recipes and ideas and sometimes I remember to let everyone know…like today!!

So, firstly, I introduce to you: spelt and rye sourdough bread from Ginger and Bread… 342 more words


Pimp Your Veg part 3: crispy crunchy oven baked vegetables  

Welcome to your weekend :) I hope you are enjoying my Pimp Your Veg series so far and have maybe tried roasting some veggies or… 560 more words


Rose harissa spiced nuts, butter & dukkah..

Having had fun spicing up some nuts last week, I then took things a step further..

I whizzed up some of the rose harissa spiced… 93 more words


Pimp Your Veg part 2: spices are your friend! 

If you have ever read any of my blog then you know that I love spices; these beautifully coloured aromatic powders have the power to not only nourish and heal our bodies, but to completely change any meal. 1,067 more words


Where has the time gone?

Currently my life revolves around getting my 6 month old to sleep in the day and through the night, getting through the days with my 3 year old not having too many tantrums and managing a household. 260 more words