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Selma's sweet potato, courgette and paneer fritters...

I have drooled over endless posts and recipes and photos of all sorts of vegetable based patties and fritters, and I’ve even bookmarked most of them, but never actually made any; I’ve always feared that they look so good and are so wonderfully edible that if I made a batch I would just eat the whole lot in one go! 296 more words


Homemade rose harissa spice mix..

There’s been so much going on in my kitchen recently I literally have 6 posts in draft and more to add…it made it hard choosing a post for today so I hope you like the one I picked ;) … 297 more words


Aubergine, spinach and buckwheat dip on ribbons of carrot & courgette..

I’ve been playing around with some new grains recently, including buckwheat. The first time I cooked it I decided to use my little pressure cooker and sadly I managed to completely overcook it! 146 more words


Hemp seed butter and hemp seed & parsley dressing..

Have you ever tried hemp seeds? Forget any association with the cannabis plant, these won’t affect you in any odd ways!

I like hemp seeds (I always buy them hulled), they have a lovely nutty flavour, and adding a sprinkle to any dish adds a great extra flavour but also much needed protein for a vegetarian like me :) … 267 more words


How 3 "Naturally" Skinny People Eat! One of them was once 80 lbs overweight!

These first 2 people I witnessed who were naturally skinny were my Grandmother and Her Sister.

Even as they aged, they stayed the exact same weight. 500 more words

Apples And Diet Coke Diet

What would feed me..Kellie? ...the series finale & round up..

Can you believe that this guest post series has been running for over six months? I’m amazed, I didn’t really have a plan when I started it, but I probably didn’t expect it to go on for so long, and with so many amazing posts! 1,404 more words