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Quick and Easy Gluten Free Naan Bread

The free bread basket you get in restaurants to quench your hunger – I know, sometimes it isn’t even free – is usually just that – a hunger quencher. 501 more words

Gluten Free

Grilled Figs with Goats Cheese, Proscuito, Honey & Thyme

I never really got figs until this summer, they looked pretty, but I found them a bit bland in taste. But oh boy am I in love with them now! 580 more words

Egg Free

Food ideas from my kitchen..

This weekend I revisited one of my own recipes and made some roasted cumin wholemeal spelt flatbreads, this time with some nigella seeds and some fine semolina to replace some of the flour.. 323 more words


Shakshuka risotto...

Yes, you read that right…it’s a mix of Middle Eastern and Italian influences in one bowl of lovely!

I don’t eat rice very often, but when I do, I want it to be luscious fat sticky grains. 429 more words


Shawarma spiced vegetables and chickpeas...and why you should be a Fiesta Friday co host..

This is the kind of food I could, and do, eat daily; packed full of root vegetables and garlic and spices, it’s the kind of thing you’ll find in lots of food publications as something new and exciting at the moment….in my kitchen it’s an old favourite :) … 591 more words


Homemade baked beans for this week's fiesta! 

Today it is my honour to be co hosting Fiesta Friday again, along with the lovely Julie from Hostess at Heart – check out the fabulous bread she’s been making recently – we hope you will join us for the party, join the chat, and see what everyone is bringing along :) … 452 more words


My butternut squash vegetable bhaji..

I do love a bowl of beautifully spiced gorgeous vegetables, and recently I’ve become more and more adept at throwing together my own dishes based on all of the Indian recipes that I’ve made and read and eaten, so this was one of my recent creations..having been overwhelmed and a bit scared of recipes with great long lists of spices in the past, I now find that I absolutely relish them; I just love knowing that I’m adding so much flavour and goodness, and I love knowing what I’m doing! 498 more words