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Buttermilk sourdough loaf...

This loaf came about from pure experiment because I had some lovely lively starter and wanted to do something different with it, plus I have always got various cartons of buttermilk to hand nowadays, and so this idea was born. 613 more words


Toasted rice green tea...

I drink a lot of green tea, and I’ve tried many many types and flavours, and my favourite is definitely ‘genmaicha’, a Japanese green tea with ‘genmai’ or roasted rice. 378 more words


Roasted persimmons...

I don’t have much imagery for this post, in fact, I can only offer you one photo; but I can elaborate verbally about this dish and hope that I capture your imagination… 266 more words


Kisiel miętowo-mandarynkowy - Mint & mandarin pudding (vegan and gluten free)

Sezon mandarynkowy w pełni! Są coraz słodsze, bezpestkowe, a skórka aż sama odchodzi <3 Mandarynki od zawsze kojarzą mi się z Bożym Narodzeniem, kiedyś pojawienie się ich w sklepie bazsprzecznie oznaczało, że święta tuż, tuż. 288 more words


Chicken & Chorizo Casserole

This casserole may not look like much, but boy does it taste good. I was a little curious about the mix of ingredients, they didn’t struck me as going together, mainly because of the curry leaves, but it works. 285 more words

Gluten Free

Falafels cooked in a aebelskiver/poffertjes pan..

I’ve made falafels many times before, always oven baked because I could just never bring myself to fry them! I’ve also seen posts from people using a poffertjes pan to cook falafels, and other patties and Indian cutlets, and decided it was time for me to finally treat myself to one. 429 more words


Bananowe muffiny z cieciorki - Banana chickpeas muffin (Vegan, sugar & gluten free)

Ile to już było przepisów na desery na blogu? Z dużym prawdopodobieństwem desery stanowią połowę wszystkich przepisów. I wiesz co? Według niektórych desery to najważniejsze dania w ogóle. 353 more words