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SWEET TREATS: Vegan ice cream dreams

Yes, you read that title correctly, vegan ice cream. This is inspired by my foodie hero Gwyneth Paltrow, her vegan ice cream, this ice cream… 202 more words

Dairy Free

Green Tomatoe Chutney.... oh soo much cheese has now been eaten

I LOVE chutney and the likes of Branson Pickle, but I know they are really just a jar of sugar. So I made my own version with agave syrup and it tasted really good!   192 more words


Watermelon, Goats Cheese and Basil Salad

With the hot season not too far away, here is the perfect refreshing, summer salad! It is roast beetroot, watermelon and goats cheese (with basil, walnuts and other goodies) Recipe below! 109 more words

Sugar Free

Upside Down Fiction

I always thought my struggle would be with cancer, as my family is rife with it. And here I am diagnosed at 41 with type 1 diabetes. 277 more words


Thank heavens for small mercies - Nature's Choice Milkshake

We are going through a full lifestyle change at the moment. We are all going gluten, dairy and sugar free. It’s been crazy to get Sky not to ask for sweets / juice / ice cream the whole time. 208 more words

Healthy Eating

Chicken With Onions 

Over the holiday, my oven turned off. I had all my food prepared and ready to pop in the oven and we were expecting guests for lunch as well. 151 more words


Raw Chocolate Macaroons (dairy, sugar, nut, grain free)

I just can’t stop making and EATING macaroons! These batches of like 15 never last more than a couple days and I don’t really even give them to other people. 275 more words