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Easy Special fried rice

This one is more for older babies and toddlers as it’s got a fair amount of soy sauce in it so the salt content is too high for a 6 month old. 299 more words

Sugar Free

Strawberry Power Milkshake

I’m allll about simple. Anything with under 5 ingredients is my jam.

Without further jabbing, here you go.

  • 2 cups almond milk (add a dash of half and half if you’re feeling naughty)
  • 14 more words
Sugar Free

Baby Greens Breakfast Salad with Fried Egg and Herbal Overdose Dressing

Start your day off right! A rich and yolky fried egg with herbaceous basil cilantro dressing on a base of fresh greens − if your tastebuds could talk they’d be thanking you! 449 more words


Stopping Sugar; Shopping for Shoes.

Last Tuesday, I was chatting to a friend about how she had cut out sugar in a bid to reverse the steady decent in to death-by-cookies that a history degree initiates. 199 more words


Mackerel and sweet potato fishcakes

Mackerel is a pretty cheap fish but I’ve been guilty of not using it for anything other than mackerel on toast! So today I’ve tried something a little different and loved the results! 234 more words

Sugar Free

7 days in a row 

7 out of 9 days, with 2 to go I’ve done 10000 steps.

Also 16 days of less than 80g of sugar per day.

I feel fine, if a little lightheaded at times, probably the bacteria crying out for sugar, well guess what you ain’t getting it


Gluten free bread


320g self raising
60g buckhweat
10g chia seed
2 tea spoon psyllium husk
2 tea spoon salt

50g butter
1 egg yolk

350ml “milk” for me = 50ml cream and 300ml water… 188 more words

Gluten Free