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Healthy Oat and Wholegrain Brown flour Bread

If you haven’t been able to tell so far, I’m a pastries/desserts person (ie. I prefer sweet to savory). However I can never eat my beloved baked goods without feeling guilty and unhealthy afterwards because of the high sugar, butter, and yes, calories. 694 more words


Oil Free Bread Spreads

May 29, 2017

At yesterday’s cooking class, we had a discussion on what to use as a spread on bread, in place of butter or margarine. 758 more words

Cooking Classes

Tofu Breakfast Scramble

This tofu scramble comes together in a snap for a quick and easy breakfast (or dinner!) It’s low-fat, protein packed, and loaded with veggies to sustain you throughout the day. 193 more words


Wrapping up my sugar free May (yes, early!)

The challenge

I had a goal to go sugar free for May, hoping to head into June (and life from then on) looking and feeling better than I ever had before. 1,041 more words


Apple Carrot and Sweet Potato Salad

Forget the coleslaw! This simple salad is a fresh, crunchy delight: healthy, full of flavour, delicious, yet easy and quick to make. And there is no need for claggy mayonnaise either! 250 more words


Our Weekly Menu

Our weekly menu is ready for our first week of summer vacation!! After a particularly busy weekend of traveling, we are ready for some delicious southern comfort food.   274 more words

Easy quinoa, almond + oat granola.

There’s nothing I like better than starting my day with a bowl of berries, topped with greek yogurt and lashings of crunchy, nutty granola. So, inspired by a delicious breakfast pot I ate after enjoying some morning rooftop meditation at Google Campus, I recreated my own quinoa, oat and almond granola… and boy was it tasty. 213 more words