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Why doesn't sugar make adults hyper?

Actually, it turns out that sugar does not make anyone hyper. This is a myth.

..and this is a fairly uninteresting article about it:

Sugar doesn’t make kids hyper, and other parenting myths… 100 more words


Sugar....Honey, Honey

Do you ever wonder if you are about to get in over your head with something?  Ignore that little voice that says, “that’s probably not the best idea”.   317 more words

Jangan Jemur Sugar Glider

Sugar Glider adalah binatang yang sangat lucu. Sugar Glider saya singkat SG aja yaaa… adalah binatang Nocturnal. Apa itu binatang Nocturnal. Yaitu binatang yg aktif pada malam hari. 78 more words

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Sugar Glider – Pre stamped Envelopes -Australia 1980

Sugar Glider – Pre stamped Envelopes -Australia 1980

Australia issued a set of Seven Pre stamped envelopes on Animals on 30 Apr 1980.

Sugar Glider –  The Sugar Glider is most common of the Petaurus (flying) Possums in Australia being found in most forest country habitats. 35 more words

Thermal imaging try-out

I was lucky enough to be able to borrow a FLIR thermal imaging camera for a night, last November. I didn’t go far, just in the bush around the house. 154 more words

Making Friends

Making friends used to be much easier for me, back when I was young and naïve. The setbacks, traumas, abuse, betrayals, and rejections I experienced as an adult changed that, and I was not so eager to meet someone new. 682 more words