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Benji shoots his teeth out, turns seven, and holds a sugar glider.

Ben’s front teeth were so wiggly over the last couple weeks. At one point he came home and his tooth was so wonky, he looked hilarious. 473 more words


DIY Wheel Cost Breakdown

I’ve seen people say things like it costs $10 or $20 to make your own wheel.

I don’t know how they are making them or if they are safe or not but, assuming you have to buy all of the materials, it’s most likely going to cost you more than $10 or $20 to make a safe wheel. 639 more words

Sugar Glider

DIY Sugar Glider Wheel Update

So, a few weeks ago, I posted a wheel tutorial but I noticed a couple of days ago that a lid of one of the wheels was cracking a little around the bolt. 454 more words

Sugar Glider

Sugar Gliders: Need To Know Info!!!

“You Have a sugar glider?! They’re so cute!” , is a typical reaction I get when people see me with my pouch and Lily( My sugar glider).   810 more words

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Lily: My First Sugar Glider Week One

Good afternoon to critter fans alike,

I adopted my first glider a six month old female standard gray named lily.

Now I understand, most people recommend getting a glider at the baby stages of their life because once they  hit six months they are full blown adults. 115 more words

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New addition

Honestly, I’m just posting stuff here so that it seems that I’m active and the blog appears when people search for a sugar glider wheel tutorial. 155 more words

Sugar Glider

DogDaz Zoo: Sugar Baby

onlylolgifs: Adorable Sugar Glider Trevor eats orange and falls asleep