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How Do Sugar Gliders Learn How To Fly?

They go to Flying School, naturally.

(Andrew Y.)

Got Cantaloupe?

“I would like to submit Jake the Sugar Glider for the world to see! He loves licking his cantaloupe as seen here! Have a super Cute day!” -Heather S. 14 more words

My Four Adorable Stress Relievers

I’d like to introduce the absolute best stress relievers for helping me cope with cancer…well, the four best.

Herbie – my Papillon (aka My Precious) 137 more words

Breast Cancer

Toesday Sugar Glider ACTION!

Actually- two Sugar Gliders for the price of one! Mama SG is chowing down on MMMMM, Mealworms! And then Bebeh SG is chowing down on, well, Mama SG.

Gliders at home

Sugar Gliders (Petaurus breviceps) readily take to nest-boxes and they have featured on this blog a number of times before. But we never tire of viewing remote camera images of these little creatures, and nest-box sites are a good place to record them. 138 more words


7 Exotic Pets That Are Legal To Own

Want a pet, but looking for something a bit more uncommon than a cat or dog? There are a number of “wild” animals that people keep as pets — take a look at some of the more common ones, and find out whether they’re legal to own in your state! 603 more words


Day 1: Bringing Your Sugar Glider Home

Congratulations! You’re now the new owner of an adorable bundle of sugar. Your cage is all set up, your diet is made, you have a stash of scented blankets prepped & you’re ready to start bonding with your new sugar glider. 406 more words