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Watch "Husky teaches Sugar Gliders How to Hamster" on YouTube

Had some fun with my pets a while back and still get a kick out of it. My husky,Moon, was real gentle with Desi (the sugar glider) and was trying to help him learn how to roll in the ball. 7 more words


ACT Field Visit - Mulligans Flat

This weekend my parents invited me to visit Canberra with them. After a look around the National Museum of Australia, we headed out to a night tour at Mulligans Flat. 537 more words

Ecosystem: Woodland

Petaurus Playtime

Petaurus breviceps means “short-headed rope dancer”, which means sugar glider. And playtime has taken a new turn. Many people in the glider community recommend small camping tents as a safe place for gliders to play with their humans, zipped inside. 984 more words


And Then There Were Seven

I said no. I said it twice over. And then I said yes, and the three newest gliders arrived last night, bringing my total to seven. 1,629 more words


The Babies

Jake sent me this photo while I was at work.  Apparently, Reno was trying to be like AngelFluff.

Jemma climbing all over Reno.  And I still don’t know why my dog is on the table.  Ha!

Settling In

The littles appear to be adjusting pretty well to their new home, and the kids and I, at least, are thoroughly in love with them. Not so sure about the PIP, after last night lol. 863 more words