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Real Talk about the Unicorn Frappucino 

Spoiler alert: it’s not coffee

Hey friends I’m back. Back and full of sass. (If you’re an Eminem fan please know his song “Without Me” is playing in my head as I type). 787 more words


Do Soda Taxes Really Work?

In 2014, Berkeley, California became the first city in the United States to pass a tax on sugar-sweetened beverages. The goal was to cut back on consumption—and eventually, to help chip away at rates of diseases like obesity and type 2 diabetes. 698 more words

Health Food Drinks Killing us?

Sugar-sweetened beverages like Coke and Pepsi are a source of excess calories leading to weight gain linked to obesity , diabetes and heart disease. A can of Coke, for example, has 33 grams of sugar – the equivalent of about eight teaspoons. 450 more words


Soft Drinks Raise Risk of T2 Diabetes and LADA

LADA is latent autoimmune diabetes in adults.

This new study is out of Sweden. The potential disease-inducing soft drink dose was 400 ml or 13.5 fl oz per day. 194 more words


Sugar: The main ingredient for obesity

Added sugar is the worst ingredient in the world. Half glucose/half fructose, sugar will be your enemy, especially if you are obese. Fructose is metabolized by the liver, regardless of the amount you ingest. 285 more words

Healthy Tips

Financial Conflicts of Interest, Food Industry Funding, and Evidence on Sugar-Sweetened Beverages and Weight Gain

The longstanding influence of food industry funding on nutrition research, researchers, and professional societies threatens the credibility of nutrition science. So much research is sponsored by industry that health professionals and the public may lose confidence in basic dietary advice. 203 more words


Coca-Cola's century old strategy to influence perceptions and policy

Coca-Cola is a marketing machine.

It’s in the company’s DNA. Go back to its roots in the 1880’s and 1890’s when the company’s pharmacist founders were asking the question: how can we get people to buy a product whose main ingredient is one of Earth’s most abundant elements – water? 772 more words