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"Year of No Sugar" by Eve O. Schaub

Year of No Sugar by Eve. O. Schaub (2014) 

My Notes & interesting thoughts from this Book:

  • 1 soda a day translates into 15.5 fat pounds gained a year.
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Mom's Birthday 

I try to make Birthday cakes for my family when I can, so this year I planned ahead.

I’ve wanted to try making Sugarveil fir a while now, but it’s so expensive I’ve usually just passed over it. 440 more words


Salt substitute

I have always loved salt. But, as I got older I began to pay dearly for it. I would overdose on it. My body wouldn’t be able to handle any more of it and my lower back would start aching (kidneys.) My ears would start ringing (tinnitus?) and feel plugged up. 509 more words


In my bones

There is magic in my bones.

SUGAR The Four Poets No. 6

Now available at  k | f | b

Fraisier Cake - a three day affair

I knew this bake would be intense, I mean it’s 34 steps and multiple recipes within recipes. But this was something else.  From cellulite-y crème pâtissière to making my own marzipan the challenges just kept on coming. 893 more words

Citrus Peels, Ginger & Rock Candy

I don’t do many sweet or confectionery items, as I am more of a saucier, than a confectioner. I have always had this thing about candied fruits, & love candied ginger. 2,269 more words

Holy addiction Batman!!!

Don’t let the photo fool you, this blog is anything but sweet. In one of the many rants I listened to from my good friend Jane this week,  she mentioned that Mary, the older of her two stepdaughters, has a “sugar addiction”.   1,216 more words