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you wear a knit sweater
and black gloves when we meet;
we have tea in a rose garden

we do not think, we
reap words selectively on park benches, 92 more words


10 Good Reasons For Sugar Daddy Dating

A growing percentage of​ females openly admit to​ prefering the company of​ an​ older guy on a​ date, rather than same age or​ younger. The present day Sugar Daddy is​ a​ far cry from his 20th Century counterpart, who would be more inclined to​ keep such a​ relationship totally private, enjoying clandestine meetings at​ secretive venues. 727 more words

How to beat sugar cravings

Hi everyone,

Today’s post is the penultimate one in the sugar mini-series I’ve been doing and I’m going to cover what to do when the sugar cravings strike and you don’t know how to stop thinking about chocolate, or cake, or both if you’re like me. 1,455 more words


What I Learned From The Movies About Sweet Sugar

Last night I watched Brief Encounter, a 1940s movie based on a play by Noel Coward (he was a producer) and directed by David Lean. It starred Trevor Howard and Celia Johnson  (she received an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress). 196 more words


#41 - Sweet

I’m still trying to cut my sugar intake after summer vacation which was lethal for lots of my good habits :-P Of course, this cake survived nearly few seconds after I finished photographing it :)


Last day of my 7 day sugar detox

Today is the last day of my 7day (refined) sugar detox. And yes I must confess that I did cheat here and there because of the occasional eating-out habit, and by cheating I don’t mean overindulging in fast-food or any other fatty or calorie-loaded foods. 570 more words


Frozen Key Lime

Key Lime pie is such a sensational desert I had to include it. But mine is no-bake and raw vegan, so it’s naughty but very nice. 167 more words