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Simple Chocolate Cake | Dessert

My dad has been itching for a chocolate cake. Like a solid chocolate CHOCOLATE cake.

So here it is, the basic start to a fabulous chocolate cake. 153 more words

How I Reduced Sugar In My Diet 

Hi Everyone!!

In this post I’m going to talk about how I dramatically reduced refined sugar in my diet.

I recently watched a video from a fitness centre in Ireland that said that eating high protein and loads of green vegetables at every meal would stop sugar cravings, in addition to taking a spoonful of cinnamon every day. 628 more words


Another Warning for Diet Soft Drink Drinkers

In this week’s natural news headlines, find out why consumers of diet soft drinks have another reason to be concerned. Also learn about the link between consuming animal protein and a serious health condition. 19 more words



Cutting out sugar isn’t easy, but the health benefits are exponential—and they kick in almost immediately after you rein in your sweet tooth. Here’s exactly what happens. 1,300 more words


I Make Videos Now???

I could write a massive blog post about this but for the sake of brevity (something I have never been good at, mind you!) I’ll get to the point. 118 more words



Ahhhh, sugar…oh, how you make me feel good and give me a jolt of energy…and then leave me feeling gross and tired.  I can’t say it is sugar that has gotten me, ahem, a bit chubby, though it hasn’t helped, that’s for sure.  781 more words

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Stimulants and Stress

For a lot of people on the spectrum, myself included, the experience of autism can be described as “life with the contrast turned up”. The highs are like a tsunami of molten chocolate, the lows like skinny dipping in the Antarctic, and the transitions between like one of those amusement park rides that where you shoot up in the air then drop back down. 270 more words