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Nutrition and Recovery

I drank last night. Aside from feeling like I let myself down, I’m not going to beat myself up about it. I made a mistake, it’s over, hopefully I have learned something from it. 588 more words


Five-Minute Summer Cherry Limeade That Rivals Sonic's

Both sides of our family have a history of traditions in the kitchen. In 2013, Matthew’s mom, Chris, created a cookbook of recipes from her branch of the family. 394 more words


POST 1....the night it began

After a night of shamefully eating probably about 30 biscuits, as well as sweets and anything else that I can find that is laden with sugar, I have decided to cut out sugar, refined sugar. 245 more words


Biscotti pan di stelle - senza stelle...

As I have written in my earlier posts, Italian eat biscuits or croissants for breakfast, so I would like to share with you one of my kids favourite ones…. 147 more words

Biscotti Al Cioccolato

Misplaced Missives #115 - Candy Coated Cruelty - JG

All you give me is candy coated;
Wrapped in sweetness and sugar.
I savor the decadent flavor,
Horrible for me and horribly addicting.
Even wise to what it disguises – 147 more words

Free Verse

Salt or Sugar: Best for Scrubs?

Hello fellow junkies!

This week I wanted to touch on a topic that many of you probably never thought twice about: which is better for skin scrubs, salt or sugar? 250 more words


My Body Revolution...

To bring you all up to speed, over the course of three years I had managed to go from an unhealthy seventeen stone and slimmed down to a much more respectable weight of eleven stone seven pounds. 1,298 more words