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recipe replicate II,

Back again, actually I made this recipe before the last posting…

again one from  myfavoritepastime.com  Buchty Dough Recipe

Gradually add the beaten egg, knead in the mixer about 8 minutes… 281 more words


We Kombucha Mucho!

Kombucha: a gelatinous mass of symbiotic bacteria (as Acetobacter xylinum) and yeasts (as of the genera Brettanomyces and Saccharomyces) grown to produce a fermented beverage held to confer health benefits…

483 more words

Commemorating 400 Years Of American Colonial Oppressionism -#1619

The Real Birth

of the

American Nation,

August 1619….


and the worlds first,

and oldest

drug epidemic

not tobacco,


Azucar y



and slavery

History, Archeology, Science

Type 2 diabetes: These three foods could help to lower blood sugar - what are they?

Type 2 diabetes is a condition that causes a person to lose control of their blood glucose levels. The risk for diabetes increases with age, making diabetes common in older adults. 28 more words

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Nailing the Nail Care

Everyone has a nail story. Here is mine.

Yes, Essie, the renowned nail brand, and Instagram craze is pretty and Jinsoon‘s stylish nail enamel bottles with exquisite shades are enticing, yet these are in my wish list. 348 more words


Cotton Candy Crunch

No. Those words don’t go together. Crunchy cotton candy is just sugar, right? Which, okay, that’s pretty much this cereal’s whole deal. Hey, so all the boxes of Cap’n Crunch still say “Crunch-a-tize me Cap’n” on them. 37 more words


Afraid of food

I have always loved food and eating! I admit that the foods that I love most are not always the healthiest – I love a good, messy cheeseburger and as I discussed in… 383 more words