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Newbies in the Sugar World

I referenced an article that was posted on the SA Blog in my last post, the article  briefly highlighted what they thought were three problems with sugar newbies: 979 more words


The Crazies of SA

We’ve all come across the horror stories of SA, and perhaps its because I peruse a whole bunch of sugar blogs that I see a lot more horror stories from a woman’s perspective than from a man. 749 more words


Adventures in SA Land

I figured this would deserve a post of its own – I’ve noticed a whole bunch of oddities going on with SA and its quite interesting to note the different types out there. 307 more words


Back in the Saddle

Its been a long way away from the blog world for me – but I have continued to be a silent reader. The month of December was unexpectedly very hectic. 579 more words


Life Thoughts


I submitted a letter of concern to University since the building I live in is run by them. They immediately got on it. I submitted an Order of No Contact and the director of an important office for the University personally delivered it to the Old Guy himself. 583 more words


Is online dating a set up for failure?

It has been said, that you get what you are looking for, when you stop looking for it. When it comes to finding love nothing can be more true, and yet, so far from the truth. 287 more words


I Need A Hero

Seriously creeped out right now. This is why I need a man! For security!

We have this 60 year old who lives in my hall. This guy has been following me a lot lately. 519 more words