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Goodbye, Mr.F

I think Mr. F has written me off. Have not heard back from him since I e-mailed over a week ago. Can’t say I’m upset, though. 75 more words


Seeking (word) arrangement 

It’s hard to put up a SA account when there’s so many “do/don’t” blogs on what works in profiles and what doesn’t, all the while trying to be yourself and not sound like a recording 😒


An Update

It’s been a busy, emotional few days lately.

Mid last week I found out my grandfather is in the hospital. He hasn’t been doing good for the last year or so now. 504 more words


Gettin Paper...

So close to having my major credit card and VS store card paid off!! Then I can knock out my kohls card and apply for a car loan! 24 more words


How I Met Failed Pop Star on Sugar Daddy Site - and other findings

Even after a century of emancipation, being a kept woman is a popular lifestyle choice – as proven by Sugar Daddy sites, such as SeekingArrangement, that offer “mutually beneficial” “relationships” between the hot and the rich. 1,660 more words


Who Wants to be a Sugar Baby?

Who wants to be a sugar baby?

My good friend recently signed me up to a sugar daddy/sugar baby dating website as a joke. At first I was pretty upset because I was worried that someone I know would see my profile… but this fear subsided once I took the time to browse through the sugar daddies, at first glance they look very harmless and many of them really are. 520 more words


Seeking Arrangement

A moment of your time Kind Sir;

As of 2015, I am available for exclusive long-term “sugar” arrangements.Now, this isn’t for everybody. Certainly not for the faint of heart.  274 more words

The Business