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Asian Marc the Potential

So… I met another potential SD today. We messaged a bit on SA about a week ago, said he wanted to meet up for coffee when he was back in town (he travels a lot for work). 826 more words

Week 12

I have barely been on the site. If I’m honest it’s due to being disheartened by the amount of escorts on the sight and the amount of men wanting sex for money. 274 more words


First Year Done

I’m feeling very glad that I have completed my first year at University. The stress of exams and my 22nd Birthday have seemed to take up the majority of my energy and time. 17 more words


I signed up for a Sugar Daddy

I signed up for a sugar daddy website the other day. I say ‘a’ but really more like 7. Being the mature adult I am, of course I didn’t use my real name. 503 more words

The first one, E

I recently broke up with my boyfriend of 6 months. When we first started seeing each other, he was just supposed to be another fling. That tends to be my thing; I’m not one for commitment, and I’m not exactly the girl that guys think of as girlfriend material, but I can delve into that another time. 1,089 more words


A brief history on my experiences so far:

I first made an account on Seeking Arrangement (SA) the fall of my freshman year of college, soon after I turned 18. 374 more words


The staff is at lunch when the conversation turns to interns not making grades this semester. There is an alternate pool that looks like will be drying up if they let current interns go. 536 more words