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The Threesome (part 1)

Well… it finally happened. Early on, when I first started seeing E, he asked if I would potentially be interested in a threesome with himself and his previous sugar baby, M. 525 more words

Post 8 - Day 9: SD proposition

Quick update: a potential SD who told me he’s really busy at the moment with a deal in progress in a different part of the country  basically offered to fly me down to meet him. 98 more words


Post 7 - Day 9 : Salty Daddy Alert

While newly navigating thé sugar bowl, I’ve been messaging à couple of Guys. There’s maybe two I quite like and look, no idea of their ideas but if its purely à SB/SD relstionship, I’d be just happy having meals and tickets paid, no need for extravagant gifts or allowance. 386 more words


Post 6 - Day 8 : Quick Update

Hello to the wonderful few bloggers who have been reading, following, commenting. Your comments have all been helpful and eye opening :)

I’ve been a little overwhelmed lately so thus the lack of posts. 379 more words


Ex-Hubby's Karma Cake Is Fully Baked (G-uno)

Some of the karma cakes we bake for ourselves fall neatly into that rare category of having a cake you don’t particularly want to eat. Cheating on your wife, and breaking up your home to start a life with a woman who is two years younger than your youngest daughter produces the kind of karma cake nobody’s emotional digestive system wants to digest. 414 more words

SugarDaddy GO

Can we have a Pokemon GO version but for sugaring? Where we have to find Sugar Daddies and vice versa to “catch them all”. I found 2 at Starbucks today. 58 more words


How To Write A Profile Text That Will Attract The Sugar Daddy You Want

This is another really important step towards finding the best SD suitable for your goals. Your profile text needs to include just the right amount of information about you… 373 more words