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Let It Burn

“And we’re caught up in the crossfire of Heaven and Hell…

Today was a tough one mentally. Depression hit hard today and I’m not too sure why.

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Home Stretch

After a long day at work yesterday I left Vegas for Phoenix for the extended, Thanksgiving weekend. I packed quickly that morning and left straight after work. 723 more words


We Have A Code

Dave told his gf about us. I knew he would eventually. He kept going back and forth with his guilt trips. He said I brought out an emotional response in him, a way he’s never had before. 231 more words


Those Green Eyes

Those green eyes, so sweet yet so sinful.

Full of beauty and naughty innocence. I’m sitting hear thinking about you kneeling before me as you take my warm,hard cock into my mouth slowly. 118 more words


"Always On"

I’m sitting at Marybucks (Starbucks) coming off of a long day at work. I’m fucking pissed for a number of reasons…but I like it. I have this bitchy, fuck you attitude right now; the poor keyboard feels the wrath of my acrylics as I pound down the keys at what’s gotta be like 60 words per minute. 978 more words


The Mind/Body Connection

I have been sick now for about a month.  Or maybe more like two months… At first I thought it was a smoker’s cough (started in Las Vegas).  1,138 more words

Daddy Issues

"Welcome To Vegas": My Dinner with UE :)

(A bit of a long winded tale, but I was excited. I tried to edit it down a bit)

I wake up about 4:30pm to the sound of a text. 1,404 more words