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Introducing SUGARHOUSE

Interview done for Let It Happen

I recently had the pleasure of catching up with SUGARHOUSE, aka the lovely duo Connie Craven and Charlie Sinclair.

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SUGARHOUSE // Love Anyone Else [single]

Sickly-sweet pop duo, SUGARHOUSE, unveil a soliloquy of young love to re-forecast your English summer. Love Anyone Else is released on cassette via Sad Club Records… 102 more words



A fun, vintage-spiced track from boyfriend/girlfriend indie-pop duo SUGARHOUSE, appropriately being released on cassette tape this coming Friday (May 5th).

‘Love Anyone Else’ is the debut single from SUGARHOUSE, and is an enchanting listen from start to finish. 101 more words


Sugaring Season in Vermont

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Here in Vermont, we have a wonderful opportunity for a sweet spring ritual. We feel the sun getting stronger, snow begins dripping off the roof at just a hint of sunshine, our shoulders start to relax as we realize we’ve made it through another winter, and it is time to make maple syrup. 1,297 more words

Green Mountain Timber Frames

Bad Habbits

This post is going to go out to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Danger

Not only does the show danger to ones health with a bad habit of smoking; but it also shows the bad habit on littering which is a danger on the earth.

Chocolatier of Fishy Business.

Bonneville Trout are schooling again! I ramped the studio into wax production and pulled 6 new trout and delivered them to the foundry for rough-casting. They will eventually swim in the new Wilmington Courtyard in Sugarhouse, connecting the street of Wilmington to the Hidden Hollow riparian nature trail. 453 more words

Public Art

Happening upon Hidden Hollow

I got trapped in a cliche this weekend. Imagine, stumbling on a little hidden wooded oasis in the middle of a vibrant gentrified social center. Even the name is earnestly unironic: Hidden Hollow. 257 more words

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