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It was amazing

The trip was indeed something. I have never had so much fun and such fantastic sex.

Anyway, I am back. Fine and happy. Thanks to all, who wrote me. 19 more words


Sorry... :)

This was an offer I could not refuse. To stay and to get the most…

I am still here for a few more days and totally have no time for the blog.


Good news all of a sudden

Dear all, I am sorry to say that, but I am off for the weekend. My lovely SD asked me to accompany him. And I agreed. 56 more words


He Said No :(

By Guest Contributor Taylor B. Jones of The Sugar Daddy Formula

“I can’t afford it at this time.”

“Why does it have to be so transactional?” 999 more words


Private corner

There is something that I do keep well guarded from all possible intruders. However passionate he is and whatever our feelings are I still have my own corner where no men are allowed: my make-up table. 29 more words


Too much for the allowance

It has proved to be a very kinky discussion. There is something I want so desperately that I am nearly ready to give anything for it. 144 more words


Waiting time

I bet many of you have been there. Everything sorted and arranged, you are trying to do your best and to appear as a shining star, but… Nobody is there. 202 more words