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Too public to be true

Well, this is part of the job isn’t it? The further you get into the relations, the more personal it gets. And strangely enough it shifts to this very strange side. 187 more words


Artistic sugaring - part 8

Here is the end of the story. A happy end. Relatively.

The party was fine, the bet was (hopefully) won. I had some hard time pretending not to know my barely dressed photos have been sent all over, but to his credit he never allowed any rumour or sign of it brought up. 212 more words


What is in it?

Tell me if there is anything that catches your eye here. It does to me, but I can not understand what is so special.

Maybe there is nothing and I am just losing the grip?


A Couple Bad Stories

I want to write about a couple bad stories. The first one is about the first escort client I ever had. He is the worst person I’ve ever had sex with. 1,738 more words


Is it really that bad?

Just tell me is it really so bad?

I had a discussion with a friend recently. She claims it to be a total no-no. Too extravagant and completely unsuitable for a decent girl under any circumstances. 93 more words


Wax On, Wax Off

For those of us who can’t sit through threading, or cringe at the thought of plucking, we usually turn to quick route of waxing when it comes to maintains bushy brows. 297 more words


Accepting sugaring

The lifestyle I have is a very delicate issue for me. Whatever the time passed and whoever I talk to. This is the actual reason for having this blog and trying to talk it over. 286 more words