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I’ve had a few things rambling in my head recently, none of which warrant a post by it’s self, so here goes… 328 more words


Updates -- Been a while

So I’ve been very lazy when it comes to keeping the blog updated on a regular basis. So here goes! 1,080 more words


Sugaring~ Yea or Neh?!

Yes that is my title, writing this while listening to boring presentation slides of prostate cancer.

How apt, remembered prostate to my unforgettable Sugaring session… so what is sugaring it is of natural products (water, sugar & lemon) mix together to get a Malt-like paste which is spread across area wanted to wax. 516 more words


Sweet Ontario

How Sweet it is! There have been a few changes in the world of Ontario Maple and at On The Bend Sugar Shack. If you recall from last November I had mentioned that the Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association was discussing rebranding themselves with the logo Sweet Ontario. 195 more words

Top 3 Sugaring Spots in DC!

Thanks to Google search, Yelp, and extensive comment reading, I was able to come up with the top three places to get a Brazilian Wax using the sugaring method. 265 more words


A Friendly Face Re-Surfaces

This past week or 10 days has been quite the interesting adventure on the sugar front.

Quite mysteriously, and the timing was quite coincidental, but I had… 581 more words


I May Have Found a [Insert Mythical Creature Name Here]

Fellow readers, they say that patience is a virtue. Today, well technically yesterday, I finally reaped the benefits of that patience, I think. I hope. 430 more words