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What to expect as a SD — She’s clean

She’s clean

She will most likely be clean shaven everywhere. She will be free of STIs, after all its in her best interests to stay that way. 96 more words


It's Time To Get Whipped!

Have you always been hesitant to waxing? DON’T BE! It’s time to for you to try the most pain-free waxing experience from Whipped Sugar Wax and Body Scrub Salon 360 more words

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What to expect as a SD — She’ll be a liar

She’ll be a liar

You can pretty much count on her being a liar sooner or later in your arrangement.

One of the benefits of a arrangement over a more traditional dating relationship is that you set the amount of involvement between the two of you. 135 more words


What to expect as a SD -- She's not an escort

She is not an escort

Or maybe she is. Either way you better figure out pretty damn fast.

Some girls look at this as compensated dating no different than if you had asked her out at a bar. 201 more words


What to expect as a SD -- She's more experienced than you

She will likely be more experienced than you were at her age

The generation(s?) of girls sugaring today grew up in a era where oral and anal sex typically weren’t considered “sex” and started sucking cock and taking in the ass at a fairly young age. 132 more words


When you see hair, it's time to lay bare.

Lay Bare Waxing Salon, is the first unwanted hair removal specialist in the Philippines providing waxing services, using cold wax only, that fits our mommy budget.   554 more words

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