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Lingerie set

Oh I love this set. Seemingly plain and yet having a touch of style.

I like the strip of body in the middle. It makes the top visually lighter (but in this particular set it also makes the bottom of the bra heavier, which is not so exciting). 201 more words


As simple as that

I’ll just ask one simple thing: what do you say?


Sex on the sand

A funny experience I have had recently. To start with, Daddy and I had plenty of the beach of our own. Technically it was not closed in any way, but I have not seen a single person over all that time we have been there. 251 more words


Kissing him

This may well cause some of you to laugh, but it is a recent discovery for me. I have always aimed at something a lot more intimate (and mostly lower positioned) for teasing him and turning my man on. 96 more words


Blast from the past

Sorry all. Just saw this photo and got such a vivid memory of doing similar stuff.

Why do men believe it is at all possible to do homework like this? 34 more words


Back from the sky

It is nice to be elsewhere, but there is also time to get back, pumpkins.

I am sorry for all comments I have not replied to and for all posts I missed. 56 more words


Wish you were here

I hope this post gets through. Like I said there is something strange with the connection. I am having troubles logging in and replying. So if this post goes through, let it serve as my testimony of being fine and spending my time with Daddy. 92 more words