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I love your profile and what you are looking for
My name is *****, I am originally from Melbourne and just moved back
Love to have fun, chill, be spontaneous and spoil…

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What made me want to be a SB

I was on my way home from my 8-5 minimum wage job and I heard on the radio they were interviewing a sugar baby who had been struggling through life and had signed onto a website called seeking arrangement to meet older wealthy mean. 130 more words


Welcome to my life

Welcome to my experiences and stories of my life as a sugar baby.

All names will be changed for the privacy of myself and my sugar daddies and potential sugar daddies. 23 more words


Waxing Or Body Sugaring? Learn The Pros And Cons

Learn all about waxing’s closely related cousin – sugaring! It provides us with the same results as waxing does but is made up of different substances that aren’t as sticky as wax and make it easier to wash off! Hmm, Interestingggg.


Healthy Consuming Low/No Sugar Recipes

Diabetics and people that are watching their weight are usually essential to steer clear of delectable sweets including cakes, brownies, cookies, pies, and other confectioneries. However, a few of these folks have turned to low/no sugar recipes that are sugar-free, lower-sugar, or are baked with all-natural sugar substitutes. 368 more words


Top Hair Removal Methods

It’s been a long harsh winter and you’ve yearned for your time in the sun. And on the beach. And in a bikini. It’s finally upon us–spring! 687 more words


How to get baby smooth, hairless skin!

SUGARING. Thats how!

I have been waxing and performing waxing services for 5 years now. It isn’t my favorite thing to do, nor is it my favorite thing to have done. 347 more words