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Wonder if I shall start a series of posts about common misconceptions I face. Or shall I just pour this into this blog (and thus on my poor readers). 242 more words


Say yes to the dress

Well, I have finally made a move and agreed to try one day.

It has been a totally weird date, because I knew I should say yes and still I was somehow uneasy as if I was offering something bad. 250 more words


waxing my wife


My wife allows me to wax her on camera. though, I don’t feel she trusts me with Hot wax.

how to wax at home, 242 more words

Looking back

Didn’t I say that I love corsets?

I still think they are beautiful. Both with the dress to go out and with the lingerie to stay in. 177 more words


Desperate Measures: My Experience Becoming a Sugar Baby

This story turned out to be a really long one. Just be prepared.

Fair warning: I’m an idiot. Please do not do any of the things I did. 2,667 more words



There seem to be quite a few people reading this blog now. And I have a question to you all. What do you think about (excessive) styling. 70 more words


Nice try

Well, dear R., it did not work. Your suggestion was nice and I hoped it was going to work, but you, men, are so worried about your bits that as soon as I tried, I was stopped on the spot. 53 more words