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Sorry For The Eulogy

So sorry I wrote a fuckton in my Introductory Post guys! But I felt like I needed to be thorough and if I wasn’t no one would take me seriously. 24 more words


Top Hair Removal Methods

It’s been a long harsh winter and you’ve yearned for your time in the sun. And on the beach. And in a bikini. It’s finally upon us–spring! 687 more words


How to get baby smooth, hairless skin!

SUGARING. Thats how!

I have been waxing and performing waxing services for 5 years now. It isn’t my favorite thing to do, nor is it my favorite thing to have done. 347 more words

The return of SA

My experience on seeking arrangements havnt been the finest so it’s clear to say iv stayed away from the site for months, however today I received a text from a sugar daddy I had spoken to briefly back in November. 208 more words

Call Girl


Hello Ladies and Gentleman.

First, I want to say that I will be posting twice today, because I couldn’t update yesterday. Secondly, I’d like to say that hair removal is a personal choice, and only your choice. 433 more words


Everything You Were Too Embarrassed to Ask About Hair Removal

Bikini season only means one thing—it’s time to grin and basically bare it all. If you’ve skipped a few waxing sessions and aren’t quite there yet, you’re not alone. 808 more words


NEW FAVORITE: Strip Manila's Strip NO SWEAT

Hello, hello. So Strip Manila has a new treatment for everyone. Who doesn’t want to get rid of that dyahe-move when you raise your arms and you see that icky sweat marks on you sleeves? 314 more words

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