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The inevitable

Like I have already written, I am trying to accept the simple fact that all my sugaring relationships are ultimately about having sex. My SDs are considering me as a nice and simple way to have a good shag and even though we do spend quite a lot of time not in the bed, it is still the goal of nearly every date. 129 more words


Wake up tease

Huh, it turned out there is a funny thing I enjoy. This is teasing him while he is partially asleep. Just tried it and it is a great fun and he gets up ready for action. 198 more words


Good morning

Good morning you all.

I just wanted to share this with you. It is often a problem for me to get up, but despite all that it sometimes turns into the beautiful bright sun, cozy bed, tempting Daddy and amazing breakfast afterwards. 9 more words


The wake up

It is this daunting feeling of being on my own. Not always. It is fine when I do wake up in my own bed. But it is sometimes very intimidating to wake up alone when your Daddy is gone. 116 more words


Training tool

Well, this is serious. I have just got a call from my Daddy asking if I figured out how to turn round on him. I thought he is not serious or he is going to forget, but apparently he is very anxious about the trick. 105 more words


Make it easy

Funny as it is I am experiencing some difficulties with a particular issue. My Daddy asked me to turn around while I was sitting on his laps. 118 more words


Shave, Sugar, Wax

I highly doubt that self-done hair removal qualifies as anybody’s top pastime, unless you’re one of those weirdos who finds solace in digging at the odd ingrown hairs (Uh what?! 1,348 more words