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The Brazilian Birthday Gift

Oh my… I just realise I have made a birthday thread on my blog and it feels like it’s getting annoying. BUT THIS IS THE LAST ONE, PROMISE. 469 more words

Glory Blory

Sugar Baby - Hidden Sugar Daddies

As a sugar baby – hidden sugar daddies are always on my mind.

Well what can I say about Elliot. He is a rather good-looking man in his late 40’s. 455 more words

Sugar Baby

Professional At-Home Aftershave For Women With Dr. Severin

Dr. Severin is a company dedicated to developing, producing, testing, and proving high quality aftershaves for women. Every woman wants that soft, smooth, and perfectly shaved feeling after they go through a hair removal process like shaving, laser, or waxing. 10 more words

Sugar Baby -Finding Sugar Daddy's

As a Sugar Baby – Finding Sugar Daddy’s is the goal. Of course, there are many ways to find a sugar daddy like through work, meeting at a bar, gym etc. 326 more words

Sugar Baby

Sugar Cane

So, in a strange twist of fate, I have decided to become a sugar baby.

It’s no mystery to anyone who knows me, that I struggle with body image and eating. 1,344 more words


Pour Some Sugar On Me...

You guys…I got…sugared!

No, I’m not using some weird euphemism.

Sugaring is (allegedly) the less painful version of waxing.  I wouldn’t know as I have never waxed before, however, when my new roomie brought up sugaring, I knew I had to jump on board.   832 more words


Sugar Daddies and Babies

I have dabbled in the sugaring world and one thing that I notice is that it reminds me of the “old-fashion dating” here is why: 219 more words