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Romans 6:16

What is a life? Have you ever wondered why one person’s existence ends up a certain way, while another’s ends up completely differently? Of course we start out in different circumstances, but how many of us have ever really considered the process of how we are weaving the tapestry of our own life? 1,432 more words

Fructose is Not Your friend

There is a very worrying additives in a lot of foods. And I think everyone should know.

Fructose: Fruit naturally produces fructose, sugars, that are not bad for you. 291 more words

In Conversation

Traveling diabetic #3


Jan here.

Care needed at the ‘Coffee Culture’ shops, where even the black coffee with ice has some sort of sweetener (sugar or syrup) added. 164 more words


Diabetes Mellitus : the sweet poison 

Diabetes Mellitus : is the condition in which you have high circulating blood sugar levels.

Types of Diabetes :

  1.  TYPE 1 : the pancreas secretes little or no insulin (beta cells unable to produce insulin) .
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Medical Articles

Are you using regular sugar with coffee or tea? If not , are you using alternative diet sugar?

Especially while actively trying to control weight: I do not use added sugars, except on occasion.

However, I do not shy away from natural fructose… 317 more words


Tasting Maillards

Often I have conversations with friends, some food professionals, and others just foodies who enjoy the culinary journey I am on. I try to explain the phenomena of why Italian and Japanese foods are so popular, so similar yet far away from each other in taste, yet so close. 1,752 more words

Life Cycles

New Process for Biodegradable Plastics Production Using Sugar & CO2

  • Polycarbonate is used to make drinks bottles, lenses for glasses and scratch-resistant coatings for phones, CDs and DVDs.
  • Current polycarbonate manufacturing processes use bisphenol-A (BPA), banned from being used in baby bottles and mots food contact plastics and highly toxic phosgene, once used as a chemical weapon in World War One.
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