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Neurons’ sugar coating is essential for long-term memories

How the brain is able to store memories over long periods of time has been a persistent mystery to neuroscientists. In a new study, researchers from the Centre for Integrative Neuroplasticity (CINPLA) at the University of Oslo show that long-lived extracellular matrix molecules called perineuronal nets are essential for distant memories. 507 more words


Pregnant moms and their offspring should limit added sugars in their diets to protect childhood cognition

A new study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine has determined that poorer childhood cognition occurred, particularly in memory and learning, when pregnant women or their offspring consumed greater quantities of sugar. 500 more words


Nutrition: Impact of Sugar on Good Bacteria

If you typically have a cold glass of orange juice first thing before eating breakfast, you may want to rethink that habit. Juices, particularly fruit juices, are very high in inflammatory sugars and contain none of the fiber of fresh fruit which slows the absorption of those sugars. 310 more words

Feel goods

Today I faced my demons and tried to eat well. I was mostly successful which felt good, but I felt triggered at times and had fleeting thoughts of going to buy fast food or carbs. 525 more words

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Food Labels: Read Them Carefully

Ideally, we should avoid packaged foods. Realistically, that is not practical. Therefore, make it a habit to read fully the nutritional labels on packaged foods. And it is extremely important to know what all those terms mean. 13 more words


Snack Food Goals For Healthy Twist

Maintaining your health when you have a sweet tooth is not always simple. However, Marty Sands believes that he’s discovered a way: by starting his own organic snack food manufacturing company. 633 more words

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Forget What You Know

Being lied to by our government officials is another unfortunate experience by the everyday American, but such can be said of someone from any country I suppose.  1,884 more words

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