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Food Labels: Read Them Carefully

Ideally, we should avoid packaged foods. Realistically, that is not practical. Therefore, make it a habit to read fully the nutritional labels on packaged foods. And it is extremely important to know what all those terms mean. 13 more words


Snack Food Goals For Healthy Twist

Maintaining your health when you have a sweet tooth is not always simple. However, Marty Sands believes that he’s discovered a way: by starting his own organic snack food manufacturing company. 633 more words

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Forget What You Know

Being lied to by our government officials is another unfortunate experience by the everyday American, but such can be said of someone from any country I suppose.  1,884 more words

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Polyurethanes from Alpha Glucan


 Number/Link: WO2018/017789

Applicant/Assignee:  Du Pont

Publication date: 25 january 2018

Gist”: Polyurethanes containing poly alpha 1,3-glucan

Why it is interesting:  80 more words


100 Days Healthier Me - Day Sixty-Seven

I eat too many sweets. I have stated this before, and I will state it again. I eat too many sweets. A few days ago, my roommate mentioned he had cookies. 515 more words

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Life Might Throw You A Curve Ball............But You Can Turn That Game Around!

A few months ago on the blog I shared a little bit about my diabetes diagnosis, Sometimes Life Throws You A Curve Ball , and I just thought I would take this opportunity to give you all a little update on myself. 303 more words

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Muddling Through The Nutrition Mire

With so much information swirling about regarding the “proper” nutrition, it is often difficult to know what guidance to follow and what guidance to ignore. My advice: stop listening to Gym Bro at your fitness center about more protein and low carbs. 15 more words