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The pentose phosphate pathway and gluconeogenesis

The journey of glucose (fructose, mannose, and galactose) through glycolysis under anaerobic conditions is the process by which we transform some of the free energy… 373 more words


Is it just me?

I feel like, lately, i havent been myself and its really strange. I dont know how to deal with it completely but its more my friends that are struggling to come to terms with it. 282 more words

From the Intern's Desk: Blog 10 - Food Labels

Healthy Hints: Blog Ten: Food Labels

Hello again! I hope everyone had the chance to try out one of the snack recipes from last week. Today, I will discuss the importance of reading food labels. 282 more words


Energy from sugars: glycolysis

The first catabolic pathway we will analyze will clarify how we can extract energy from glucose and other sugars through an oxidative process. Glycolysis is a series of enzyme-catalyzed reactions that ultimately convert one molecule of… 280 more words


Glucose is what you need

What are carbohydrates and sugars?

Our body needs carbohydrates in order to generate energy for the brain. Our brain cells depend exclusively on glucose consumption and even when we do not exercise any physical activity, our brain consumes more than 2/3 of the carbohydrates in the bloodstream. 356 more words

Added Sugar

Get the Facts on Nutrition Labels

Did you know that March is National Nutrition Month? As part of my current Dietetic Internship rotation, I’ve been tasked with writing weekly nutrition newsletters for the staff of Mary Manning Walsh nursing home (where my rotation is). 820 more words


The Saturday Round-Up - Music, memories, kindness and a bit of a laff!

We are having a wonderful week with visitors from the past.. A friend of my husband’s from his college day who he has not seen since 1978 is here with his wife, also called Sally.  395 more words

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