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iDrive - Universal Cloud Storage & Backup At An Affordable Price

If you are in the market for a cloud storage solution that offers file backups, security, accessing older copies of the same files and a sync feature for all platforms at an affordable rate, then do take a look at iDrive. 130 more words


Spideroak after Sugarsync... is disappointing

Around four months ago, I moved from Sugarsync to Spideroak. I’d been using Sugarsync for over a year, and had been a keen advocate for the platform – indeed, I’d referred about 30 people to the service, and it had been my go-to cloud storage as that sector emerged, a few years ago. 1,055 more words


Why I stopped using Sugarsync

I recently switched from Sugarsync to Onedrive as my main cloud file storage service. Here is why.


Since I first tried it two years ago, I have been a fervent Surgarsync user and evangelist among my friends and co-workers. 360 more words


Tablet tale update for the beginning of June 2015

It is time to update my tablet tale. As a reminder I have been using, and am most satisfied with my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition, “the tablet with the longest name”. 591 more words

Aligning Incentives

One of the most important things you can do to optimize the chance of getting a positive or successful outcome is to align incentives at the beginning. 954 more words


Dropping Dropbox: Exploring alternatives

”For purely personal reasons I’ve chosen to abandon Dropbox,” Christopher Breen writes for Macworld. “But that doesn’t mean my desire to share files with others has likewise vanished. 163 more words


Thoughts on Privacy

Privacy has always been an important topic but has taken on increased attention in the last year. But first – what do we mean by privacy?  929 more words

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