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I no longer fancy Christianity ..so don't assume (part 2)

Hopefully you read part 1. See the link for it here:

I will continue with considerations and suggestions I have for religious people interacting with non-religious people or people in general. 1,226 more words

Food and poetry and Facebook.

Oh look! I created a Facebook page for my blog! WHY. WHY DID I DO THIS?! Because I don’t want to reply on possible comments on… 221 more words


Day 43

As of today I have exactly one more month in Japan, and just three more weeks of school (plus finals). If anyone has any suggestions of things I should do in Japan feel free to send me a message! 49 more words

7 Tips to Help Children Learn from Their Mistakes

While I was working on the computer a few days ago, Georgia (20 months old) wanted to sit beside me and do some coloring. I set her up with one of her favorite coloring books and a small lunchbox full of old crayons. 424 more words



I’m sad to say this, but I’ve run out of ideas! I am now taking suggestions. If you comment in my latest post (or this one), like, “I want to see more crafts/games with zebras.”  I’ll try to find a craft/game that involves zebras. 17 more words

Where's my camera

I haven’t touch my camera in over a month now, I still love her the same and she makes me happy, but I am at an inspiration down you might say. 100 more words


Purple and orange?

Need a little help here…
Does this purple and pink combo look better?

Or do you like the purple and orange together better?

I’m leaning toward the purple/orange because I like the contrasting colors but the purple/pink just looks so good together. 16 more words