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Menaklukkan Pasar Melalui Riset Ekuitas dan Perilaku Merek

Menaklukkan Pasar Melalui Riset Ekuitas dan Perilaku Merek

Penulis : Darmadi Durianto – Sugiarto, Tony Sitinjak

Penerbit: Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Harga : Rp. 45.000,-

Fenomena persaingan di era globalisasi akan semakin mengarahkan sistem perekonomian negara mana pun ke mekanisme pasar yang pada akhirnya memposisikan pemasar untuk selalu mengembangkan dan merebut pangsa pasar. 72 more words

Gramedia Pustaka Utama

Short trip to Jeddah

I’ve been to Jeddah once during Hajj season, but got no chance to see what’s near the hotel.

30th November 2014, I had 1 free day to walk around the city. 349 more words


Gfted Basketball Goon

This was done as an add-on art piece for the Peche x Gfted tee we came out with last year.  I was in Indonesia and I was going insane from the culture shock.   52 more words


Dj Panda

So a friend of a friend commissioned this piece. Lucky dude had it done for his birthday.  Bedroom steeze.

Spraypaint on pre-painted wall.



Custom mural (Stellar Skateboards residence)

This piece was a joy to do.. There’s something about trees that just makes me feel like I can do what I want with them even though they represent being static and the virtue of patience. 16 more words


Eazy E (as part of the "Seven" exhibition)

As part of the Seven exhibition I held in 2011 at the Grey Door Gallery.  The exhibition explored the ways in which figures in history had passed away from living and breathing a certain sin of the seven deadly sins.   75 more words


Sakuras and Mockingbirds.

Acrylic on MDF.. Painted for my beloved brother and sister (Ibi Farrell and Lizzy Mayne) who are expecting a baby girl in the next few weeks. 58 more words